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Are we holding this shit?

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no but the pictures are funny

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Only until binance lets me sell then I'm moving 50/50 to BNB and ADA. Fuck this turk scam.

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double spend

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yes, but my prediction is a very short dump/pump march 11th when staking unlocks. We hit another bug before then it's lights out.

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if you want to catch the igration from centralized BSC back into AVAX, then buy

if you hate money, sell

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You can already sell faggot

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After selling during that crazy rise, I bought a small stack at 72k sats. Gonna sit on it for the foreseeable future.

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I'm stuck staking it, diamonds hands even though I have no choice

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I think it’s odd that this guy has a really symmetrical face, that being said he’s still a roach but I love the fast transfers and low fees. Anyone know if it is worth delegating a stack?

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not if you had withdrew the tokens from binance before the cucking, you still cant deposit them back

terribly weak shilling effort roach get stuffed

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definitely a handsome man, no shame in admitting that

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Are you actually retarded? They opened the deposits like 2 days ago

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Are you dumb? Deposit is back now. Sell all you want idgaf. But we all know you won't cause you are a pajeet fudder.

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post proof faggot

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Yes we are, if you can't see the potential then I'm afraid you might be retarded

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Anyone telling you to hold is an ICO bagholder waiting to get out as soon as their coins vest.

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Just go on Binance and check the deposits. Can't login right now

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yeah right
fuck off roach

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A lot of these fudders probably have a bigger stack than you kek. Keep accumulating this coin is eventually going to $1K+

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dont show me the ui you retard show me the transaction of you depositing, the ui was always there the problem is the error you get when you try it

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people holding are already staking. they'll call you a fudder at the first chance they get.

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how this turkshit can be the next BSC?

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The button isn't greyed out anymore but when you click on it the deposit screen doesn't show up kek
I'm guessing this trick is the last dose of hopium thrown to avax holders, it created the last spike where they could jump off the sinking ship.
Long term stakers are definitely kill

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This. When AVAX crashes to 5 cents all the ICO buyers are going to get raped.

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low effort rakesh, really low effort

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another roach? its like you have a nest here wtf

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Are you sure you have your tokens on the X-Chain? Plus, there are exchanges other than binance where you've been able to sell for the whole week

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So... I transferred WETH to the avalanche chain to buy AVAX on pangolin... but I apparently need AVAX to buy AVAX. What do?

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Olay Kumar

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i really feel sorry for the people that will fall for your scam
at least we will stop seeing all those avax threads on march 11th when you will be able to dump

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Why are you so vested in this?

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for the lulz retard

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Buy it on an exchange and transfer it to your wallet. Or someone could gift you some.

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reminder that centralized 3rd world coins want to be the next world bank, and AVAX is standing in the way. Thank you.

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Obvious winner, Many tards will neck themselves in a year despite all the writing being on the wall.

Imagine falling for arguably the lowest effort fud campaign this board has ever seen lmao

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this still the only Decentralized Blockchain that actually scales?

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Nononono anon, Avalanche is vaporware double mint chain do not buy and do not farm on Pangolin

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why decentralization is so important?
I can understand security and scalability but also why this? explain to a newfag pls..

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Decentralization is the purpose of crypto, it's what makes crypto Lindy

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your discord eurotranny samefagging is bad, and you should feel bad

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Just staked
Get fucked

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so no one can't wreck the network

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Strong buy signal.

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So jews can get fucked.

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centralized = jew banks
decentralized = everyone
now I'm starting to understand

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Because you bypass Banks and Governments, I guess. Say I buy something from you, I can just send Bitcoin (or whatever) to your wallet, nobody else is involved, just you and me.

Centralized shit involves another party, Binance or whatever, who act like a Bank plus the Chink Government etc.

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>fractional NFT ownership
another pioneering thing from the god of AVAX

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Kek, been in bitcoin since 2017 and I don't remember these

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so yeah to sum up
decentralization = freedom

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PNG price:
0.39111 AVAX

Holy fuck lmao I thought buying in at 1/5 avax was a bum deal

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You still might be. Sorry about being trapped by the turkish rugpull

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>buying BNB when up 600% in last weeks.
Anon, I can see you've been around.

Buy high sell low

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ZERO is better

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with BSC being so dominant I don't see BNB going down any time soon

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why can't I buy this on Binance.us

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emint is so hip

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For some reason the only place you can buy avax in the US is OKexchange or something like that.

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ok coin?

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Anybody willing to toss me a few pennies worth of avax so I can buy AVAX pangolin? I tried to buy on okcoin (in US) but they won't seem to let me transfer off.

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Yes it's

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I would but am balls deep staked

>> No.29150314

Do we have a choice not to? Thanks staking.

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its a long term hold

2023 $2k

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Can someone explain to me, like I'm a retard because I am, how to do this and why?

I thought all you needed was the ability to buy Avax

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You need AVAX to swap on PNG regardless of what tokens you are swapping

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The real value is the issuance of deterministic contracts based on the data of many devices.
The capitalization of these technologies is a necessity of the industry. The jews always win


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Pangolin is valued fairly. Avax is just breaking records of undervaluation.

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How to get those bonus blocks, that everyone is taking about? Is it like an airdrop?

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>it only goes up
kek, you haven't been around for long have you?

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100% staked, sorry

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Why do you pretend to be an oldfag when this is very very obviously your first bull run ?
BNB's pump isn't even CLOSE to 2017 ATH pumps
Whats the point of lying about who you are on an anonymous board ? Genuinely curious
Do you hate yourself to the point you can't even be you anonymously ?

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which exchange are you guys using

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PNG, Binance, and Validation network

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It's a lot more than just that, but yes.

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screw your 2023 predictions. 2023 will be the next bullrun. We might as well buy the 2022 dump if you're doing this

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Mate, it's up over 10x in a month. It's going to come crashing down, don't gamble with your money.

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they won't let me buy Avax

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Very delusional. Stay away from crypto before you get burned fag

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