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How suicidal is he right now?

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i hope this tranny kill himself

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why would he be? He bought bnb most likely

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none because there are still retards that pays $100 per swap

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very, the only way to fix the gas price is for ETH to drop below 600. they're fucked.

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He is probably picking his boogers and staking them on his PC

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>very, the only way to fix the gas price is for ETH to drop below 600
I can make that happen

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He has such a skinny neck. He would be so much more handsome if he gained weight and got a bigger neck.

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Oh no he only has 650 million in Eth, I bet he's thinking of roping

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His project is fucking dying. His life’s work is crumbling before his eyes due to his own ineptitude. Surely it must be taking a toll? He probably has nightmares about the CCP and CZ.

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i wouldn't bet against his autism

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hopefully this will make him hurry up and actually do some work instead of just jetting around doing talks

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You are retarded if you think Eth is dying

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There are soo many retarded fucks on here. Biz is low iq ever since gme bs. All these layer 1's coming out can be successful but none will kill Eth.

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Pretty sure he's said from the start that he doesn't give a shit about price. He's probably devoting 80 hours a week trying to fix gas fees

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the twink needed the motivation

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yes, now remind me when ETH 2.0 is due for release?

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Retarded ETH fanboys. It’s finished. You’re finished. You’re relegated to the dust bin of history you dumb motherfuckers.

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He should buy the BNB dip

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hes likely dumping bits from different wallets and putting it into bnb. hes not dumb, he just succeeded and wanted to enjoy his life. cz will take it from here until the next western einstein makes something.

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It faded faster than it came. Was nice while it lasted, I made a few bucks out of it.

Time for new projects.

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hopefully he does. let all the jeets get rugpulled on pancakescam, as long as it helps lower the gas fees.

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Who do you think is keeping ETH high?

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imagine thinking bnb pumping will kill eth. Need I remind you the vast majority of the cryptosphere is built on the ethereum network? For the eth reign to come to an end would require years if not decades of devs creating brand new shit on binance chain and hoping no one ever traded ErC-20s ever again which is not only unlikely but completely retarded.

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They can swap to the more performant l1 without rewriting a single line of code.

It's over mEthheads

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PoS in 2 months, yes wow eth dying

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Please remind me the current eth ATH and where eth is right now?
can you also check how much institutions poured in eth? thanks

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Supreme levels of cope detected

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what more, chinkoids are so delusional they think devs will actually put their projects on CCP-chain that can be shut down whenever Beijing wants

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Vitalik doesn't really care, and he shouldn't imo, but as an investor denying that the whole dapp ecosystem might be dying is delusional. Maker,SNX,AAVE,Compound,UNI.. they are all bleeding, and what's worst, they already started doing so when it looked like avax's pangolin could work.
Just compare tendencies at defipulse.com vs defistation.io

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its literally pumping right now

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