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Let's see those pre Aug 1st portfolios bros

Think I'll be alright by the end of august?

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Why aren't you holding any BTC?

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You're gonna be rich anon

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Everything looks good apart from iot. Sorry you fell for that meme OP

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I don't think BCC will be worth anything and I don't want to risk selling any alts if they do happen to moon. BTC is great but I'm trying to get more with alts until I have accumulated 21 BTC worth.

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Is Status any good? From what I read about it, its only a messaging platform.

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I hope so. If I make it big I'd really like to open a black light themed bar. Hire some cute bartenders and actually start enjoying life for once.

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looks solid, maybe a bit too heavily invested into golem tho

IOTA is goat tho

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The threat of competition does concern me with Golem. I bought in at .11 and really (want to) believe in the tech

Interesting fact I am actually the guy who set the bottom for GNT since may :D

Shorted my whole portfolio this weekend for a free 6000 iota!

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Lambo soon

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>he thinks his 10 btc portfolio makes him a whale


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Can someone explain why to hold iota?

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The only whale I know is your mum

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so you are now a life long bag holder


someone needs to be the capstone of the ponzi i suppose.

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We are.. USDt marines

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>*sniff* *sniff*
You guys smell that? Ughh.. gross...

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Will I make it to 2018?

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Muh superfast day to day micro transactions
Normies gotta scan qr code and go, no waiting around for their morning coffee

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did i fall for memes?

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you'll make it with 234.41 less dollars

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and is most if /biz/ on smartphones?

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>he bought lisk

Should we tell him the bad news?

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Going to the moon this week.

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My portfolio is normie tier.

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Holy shit. When BTC and BCC tank after the fork completes and the alts plummet it is gonna be so fun to watch /biz/.

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what a man

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That's not how alts work lol

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FREE TIP: Buy MBRS now, get free DOM and TOV in August.

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am I the only one who actually listened to the BitBay shill? 250k here

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This was dope

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10.3k ARK
13.3K SAN
1.3K ANT
14880 TRST

--Sub-1 000 USD value bags--

11871 BET
52 FCT
28 NMR
6100 ARDR
,23 BTC
7800 CFI
13 XMR
2500 XEL
1004 DCORP
314 USDT
800 RLC
1100 ADX
4500 MUSIC
10000 RBX
1500 ESP2

Total value 27.3K USD
-1K USD / 24h

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Why so much SAN?

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never mooned

good enough for bitfinex

idea behind coin is good

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You get get free KYS now by buying ROPE.

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crypto summer-child, all coins acquired in the past 3 months, feel free to comment/rate/h8 -- interested in what you think.

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Too much ether

Too many shitcoins

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Oh shiiiiet you fell for the Bancor scam. Sorry for your losses

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you have some beautiful bags,

more IOTA, more SHIFT.


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IOTA still better than having a blockchain linearly exploding in size....

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I'm gonna make it

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Wtf is ECC. ElectriC Cock?

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You already made it larper now get the fuck off biz.

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idk I kind of enjoy the shitshow

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big if true

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Looks really grim

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I'm all in on ETH. Wish me luck.

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>no Lisk
Enjoy missing out when it's the first to hit the lighting network

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i thought burst was literally outed as a scam

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Everything looks good apart from ARK. Sorry you fell for that meme OP

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>i thought burst was literally outed as a scam
got anything to substantiate that?

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It's not a scam, but the network was severely compromised for over a week due to two concurrent attacks - a DDoS and some sort of exploit against the biggest pools on the network. I bought a hard drive to mine it but I no longer have faith in it because of the severity of the attack and lack of mitigation.

t. Arklet

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nope, just from what i read about crowetic on here and bitcointalk

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Guess it's a good thing I didn't go full retard a few weeks ago, I was planning out a 300TB build, almost pulled the trigger (figuratively and maybe literally if I'd actually done it)


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Everything looks good apart from BNT. Sorry you fell for that meme OP

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Should I turn some of my ETH into Litecoin?

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Why would you?

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Yea, I mined it and keep it on the folio. You can never know...

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I will be ready to buy your margin calls anon

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haha what the shite

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Everything looks good apart from SHFT. Sorry you fell for that meme OP

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>sold all my bitcoin at 2735 expecting things to start crashing yesterday/today
>plan to ride out the crash and buy back in post-Aug-1
>see that I called Chicken too early and could've made even more money today if I had held longer

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I just bought $400 worth of bitcoin from Gemini. Is it safe to hold or will there really be a crash? I'm getting really nervous...

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I'm still confident that there's going to be a dip after BCC gets handed out. People who only bought into BTC for the BCC will sell both at once to maximize their gains, causing a rush of panic sells that causes the price to tank. The important part is to remember not to sell at the low point, even if it dips as low as 2k. If you're down that low you might as well hold until it recovers.

Or I could be dead wrong and we're going to 4k by next week, I don't know.

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I moved some of it to eth just to be safe...

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>100% eth assets

jesus christ

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so you thought people would sell btc, BEFORE the coin split and they get free money, regardless of how fast BCC dumps?

what was the logic there?

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I miss athf

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You've never seen memes like this together.
I'll be happy if only one of these 3 pumps.

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People who didn't care about BCC selling before the dump. Regardless of whether or not BTC pumps tomorrow I don't think anyone's going to make any money off of BCC.

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If you are serious them may God be with you...

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this. Transactional advantages associated with the platform/algorithm don't require you to be connected to a central node to process transactions.

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>eth asset
Pick one

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I'm about to put 5K into ETH to start off my portfolio. Y/N?

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> turned 40k fiat into alts today
> ignore the fud
> alts are going to fucking explode

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You guys are missing out on some easy gains in the next month if you don't have OMG in your portfolio

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Why only 316 ARK? It's cheap as fuck right now, and smart bridge is scheduled to come out in Q4.

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Why do you think OMG still has room to go up?

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but anon, you fucked up not geting rid of SNT last week and you are holding some ARK and SHIFT. I don't want to say anything about GNT since I'm holding some and still with my head above water but it's been really shit for the last month too.
Hope you are not losing too much money.