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What the fuck has this mongoloid been doing all these years?

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Sniffin' gas

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he's intentionally sabotaging ETH so the chink commies can surpass it

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masturbating to anime girls

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resting on his laurels while chinks look for an opening. its the same story every time. theres some sort of thing dragging down western nations abilities to capitalize off their geniuses.

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Fighting for pedophiles to have the right to own cp

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He's been staying away from drugs while masturbating to CP

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You know people have known for a long time DPoS is cheaper and faster, right? EOS did it first long before BNB. But people who actually understand cryptography don't see sacrificing decentralization for speed/lower fees as a valid trade off.

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flaming in twitter debates

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Money Skelly is gonna get his bones rattled.

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watching CP and masturbating to yaoi

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>EOS is a GOOD example

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Wearing faggy clothes and being a useless piece of shit with all the money of course