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I was just alerted to a brain dead bimbo who is the lead face of Uniswap. She’s a complete SJW vapid retard, and I feel sorry for any dirtball who supports or holds UNI

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Not today rabbi

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just because you faggot think anyone outside of this shithole thinks like you do. have fun staying poor

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I mean hopefully it goes down under, but its probably not.
You could invest some money into it and use the profits to make sure every tranny has a pistol so they can join the 40%

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she's not going to sex you faglord

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who is the lead face of uniswap? name??

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Vitalik is also a commie. He’s so fucking dumb socially and manipulated by attractive women who tote the party line in Canada or wherever the fuck he lives

Don’t worry about it. Let them build eth, then we will fork it for ourselves brother

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Hayden Adams

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intersectional niggerkikes and their self-loathing white traitors have doomed us. so fuck them and fuck everything they do.