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Binance chain
>has wait times
>small fees

>no fees
>instant buys and sells

Why would anyone even use BNC LMAO

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thanks just sold 100k

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>he still uses robinhood


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You cannot transfer out of your RH. They probably don't even hold the crypto, they dont even hold the stocks they sell..

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why would you need to hold your crypto when its free on RH? Wait you actually care about decentralization AHAHAHAHHA

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>incentivised to hold and receive discounts in mooning tokens
>cucked and frontrun by jews
Pretty hard call if you're a brainlet I guess

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Actually retarded
Average RH user right here

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>place order and wait 1 day to get filled
>brb all orders are sent to hedge funds first
>get frontrun by the (((market makers)))
enjoy RH you absolute retard

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>not actually owning the coins you trade

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It's coming

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Robinhood is known is be the biggest piece of shit broker on the entire planet. Why the fuck would anyone use that dogshit over literally anything else?

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Robinhood is a great app, stop outing yourself as a bitter GME Reddit fag. That being said you shouldn’t buy crypto on it, that’s retarded.

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This dude has been perma seething in 5+ threads cause he missed BNB and CAKE gravy train

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>Robinhood is a great app.
and you think he was the one who outed himself?

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Robinhood is a fucking piece of shit you enormous faggot.
>place buying limits but not selling limits when GME price was skyrocketing, blatant market manipulation
>app was down when all stocks were crashing in March
>give all your data to hedge funds, their real customer
You deserve a big fucking rock to be thrown behind your head for telling others to get into Robinhood you sniveling filthy fuck.

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Enjoy your trading fees. If data on normies' trades are impacting your portfolio that much, then you have a shitty portfolio.

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robinhood just uses IOUs. you cannot transfer your crypto in or out. in other words, its (((them))) profiting off crypto and you with fake assets, thats why they had to stop the gme pump.

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>Buying crypto you don't own

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you don't own shit if you use that garbage unlike binance

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are you fucking kidding me. this entire time i could have been buying my ETH on goddamn robinhood? motherfucker i am one retarded ass person i swear.

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the fucking irony as binance locks out your shit, you're obviously trying to troll, but too fucking obvious, go home son.

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this shit ain’t even funny good try tho