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Morning goodbois! We have recovered a bit from the horror crash to 0.002 yesterday and moving nicely up to 0.01 again. Already hit 0.03 before the crash so anytime is a good time to jump on for the inevitable leg up again.

Website - https://www.goodboi.finance/

BSC Scanner - https://bscscan.com/token/0xa6025ec5cc294546eb9c56c7f0e460104eb6dc3c

Pancakeswap - https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xa6025ec5cc294546eb9c56c7f0e460104eb6dc3c

3% of every transaction is burned, 3% is redistributed. Almost 8million tokens already burned off! Wynaut took off like a rocket and is now sitting at 0.33 and it was in just the same position as gboi is now. Dont be a retard anon's, follow the memes

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god, is it really this easy to create a scamcoin on bsc
why the fuck aren't I doing this, just sell a bunch of retards on the idea of future scarcity and I'll make thousands

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good enough memes can do anything

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comfy early grab, now waiting for moon

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just picked up 30k, lets see what it does

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*making millions
I'm making thousands just enjoying the free ride up.

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what the fuck is this, another mc'hoge? I'll stick with statera, thanks.

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We have plenty of memetic energy going for us and wynaut already set us a path to the moon.

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Now this one could moon in this degen enviroment. Gonna buy some

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>complaining about making easy money off retards

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I'm not complaining about retards, I'm complaining to myself that I haven't started doing the same

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Looks solid. Will ape in a few thou. Nice to be early for once

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Farming confirmed? This is very bigly if true

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good news, wynaut/meowth farming during first hours after pools release earned a lil sum sum for me

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sizeable if factual

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issue with out amount trying to swap from BNB? anyone else?

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try slippage at 8-12%

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feels good to be early

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adjust slippage and use round numbers

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ikr, i am finally early or something and ready to be pajeeted kek

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Huge pump just happened, went up by .5 cents. It's not too late yet.

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how do you cash out? just swap for BNB? what if BNB tanks?

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you can swap back to whatever you want from the list, bnb is the quickest route
>what if bnb tanks
oh cmon, you know what

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This is gonna skyrocket over the weekend
Following in the footsteps of other BSC pumps 20-50x potential

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lmao didn't this rugpull yesterday? like -80%

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Literally every BSC coin that moons has a rugpull at the start before the real poomp. If anything it's a buy signal.

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no rugpull, locked liqudity, there were like 500 people and price was very volatile, today we at 1k

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Easiest x100 of your lives. WAGMI

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33k stacklet, feeling cute not gonna lie

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youre gonna make it anon

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What's the marketcap at his point?

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What's the token address so I can add this my metamask?

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good bois are gmi

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the funny thing is, the FUDing nigger dissapears with his shitposts immediately after GBOI is being pumped kek

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on point

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Literally ground floor, feels good to get in on a coin before it pumps for once

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o yea

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We're fucking mooning

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Can't believe making it was this easy

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lets go right on the moon

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kys scammer

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>he didn't buy $GBOI

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Post white hands

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This is for GOOD BOIS
all pajeets and degens welcome

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bro so early this shit is retarded and yield farming coming soon gonna moon so fn hard

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fucking hell, all this hype makes it seem like a pajeet PnD shitcoin

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>doesnt want to get pumped
>will never get to dump
earlier on projects better your profits. 25k stacklet here but already up 3x if i sell right now WHICH I AM NOT DOING

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5k stacklet here. WAGMI

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Forgot image!!!

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We are still, early, the actual pump has yet to come

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oh, dont worry, im a 33k bigboy stacklet

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Big pump just like big korone!!

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What's the point of farming a coin that's already automatically farmed by definition?
Not that I'm complaining desu

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It makes Korone senpai happy!!

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maybe they'll copy meowth's model and farm a separate token to add liquidity
anyways its free money

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>that dump

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baby's first shitcoin?

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imagine being so fucking desperate you have to resort to vtuber whores for memes

financial advice:kill yourself

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What this anon said, it gives a reason to provide liquidity. The farmable token will then be used to buy nft's usually, i have no idea what the dev has planned he just said farming was happening today

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50% of the supply held by 10 wallets, good luck on feeding this rugpull

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Please, can you prove this ?
If not then get BTFO

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Post proof

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like 600k

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lamest pajeet FUD i've ever seen

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>check bscscan
>it's real

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so fucking link it faggot

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WYNAUT had same situation. Look where it's now!

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kek seething nigger

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Really pajeet? That's best lie you can come up with?

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it's the same shit every time, but it doesn't really matter that much because there is so little liquidity atm that they can't sell anything without tanking the price. more liquidity will come with a higher price

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