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ITT OG LINK marines only.

Whats your take on LINK recently? Do you still believe in it? Ar you about to sell? Why?

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In the time BNB went from $40 > $300
LINK went $34 > $32


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Sold. Tired of crabbing.

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i just need link to get to 35.65$ again. i need to get a 2m portfolio to finally stop being in 7 figure purgatory

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What did you sell for?
Arent you afraid LINK would shoot up in next weeks/months?

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Consider me: hyped!

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Don’t give a shit. Never selling

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Sold half for RLC. Not risking all in anymore

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YOLOd into VSP

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This is crazy. The FUD is starting to get to me now, I'm selling for BNB...

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>trading undervalued Link for overvalued pump and dump coins.

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why would I sell the most relevant crypto project?

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For me, it's never fucking selling.

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I was just taking a look at the LINK/USDT pair on Binance (the 4H) and it's truly beautiful to see such steady, even growth. It's a little difficult (not extremely) seeing some crap moon around LINK...I'm sure it would be worse if I wasn't sitting on $1.5M in CL already. We're gonna make it bros...all ya need is just a little patience.

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selling when it hits $1000 as foretold

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Because its crabbing for eternity

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I’ll be waiting for you at the top

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OG with a big stack (>100k) here.
Seething because of what happened and how centralized shitcoins overtook us, but again link hasn't delivered much in more than 3 years... Still centralized oracles with kyc, still no arbitrum, no mixicles, no staking, etc.
Sure lots of defi apps use it and it justifies the rank 10.
Won't sell though because if I sell and it pulls a bnb I'll legit kms.
Also my stack is already worth make it money where I live (3rd world) so I'm not complaining too much, but it could've been better.

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>$2MM not 7 figure hell
Heh, you’re in for a rude awakening.

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Not following it that closely anymore. Do I believe in it? Yes and no. They're slow to deliver and more innovative platforms are emerging. Sold most of my stack to defi blue chips and smaller defi coins. Probably selling most of what I still have for a promising ICO soon

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missed the greatest bullrun in human history because I'm holding this sorry fucking SHIT

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Relevant to what you dumb nigger using the same lines used the last 2-3 years

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Sold 15k of my 20k stack in December for shitcoins and 5x’ed. No ragrets.
>t. etherdelta fag

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OG link marine here. Yes, I'm about to sell all my link, you're welcome, thank you.

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naw i'll be better off than most. 2m is a secure amount but nowhere near enough to make it. its about seeing the bright side of things. i need 10m to make it and not fuck it up

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The big pumps you've seen for other shitcoins will happen for link simply because smart money believes it will. We've been climbing slowly but steadily because smart money is buying in before the parabolic pump. Now we're just waiting for the snowball effect ftom FOMOing dumb money.

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I love LINK!

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It's shit senpai. I sold earlier this week because it's shit. I'm tired of sitting on the sidelines while everything else moons, I want to make some fucking money alright?

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did you just fud yourself you dumb retard?

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We probably have similar stacks but I am 100% sure I won’t be comfy at $2MM (post taxes) because I have been there due to cumulative net worth and it literally feels no different than even $50k did. I’m also eyeing $10MM across all my investments but I do sometimes wonder if I’ll feel the same then... constantly doing mental gymnastics about how much I REALLY need to live the “basic” life I want and not have to work.

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Fundamentals haven't changed, so my "never selling" strategy hasn't changed either. I don't care about the price.

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he forgot to change his IP

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i was 50% link 50% bnb until today, i am now 100% BNB, i'm very happy with my decision

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solded for sentinel

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>ITT OG LINK marines only.
>Whats your take on LINK recently? Do you still believe in it? Ar you about to sell? Why?

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Its pretty cool. I stopped paying attention for a little while and it went up to 25 all of a sudden. Then I tried to swing from 25 and it went to 35. Now I want to rope.

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not once have i ever considered selling my LINK. you need to toughen the fuck up. do you need to be told you are pretty every day also cupcake?

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Bought in 2018 and sold it a month ago. It's still one of the best projects in crypto, but the growth potential just isn't there anymore. I might be able to double or even triple my money with LINK this bullrun, but since selling in january I have already made a 5x with other cryptos. And the bullrun isn't anywhere close to over.

My goal in crypto is to make money. Not end up being so emotionally attached to a project that I pass up the opportunity to maximize the amount of money I make.

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subtle psyop thread

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OG here bought 230k pre ICO sold the top at $35 this shitcoin is just too slow held this for three fucking years just to watch shitcoins moon left and right I can't take it anymore if your smart you will follow my lead and sell this russian snail coin it'll go up 5% in the next 6 months and then dump 50% in one day fucking scam

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>is just a simple price feeder
>was innovative at the time but now 20+ other projects do similar things

Holy fuck link delusion is on another level these days

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Sold half my LINK for LTO as the fundamentals are astonishing.

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How much you need to make it is just dependent on how frugally you plan on living. I honestly think 1m will be enough for me to make it and play vidya and watch anime for the next 40 years.

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fucking retard

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OG here bought 230k pre ICO sold the top at $35 this shitcoin is just too slow held this for three fucking years just to watch shitcoins moon left and right I can't take it anymore if your smart you will follow my lead and sell this russian snail coin it'll go up 5% in the next 6 months and then dump 50% in one day fucking scam

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That is just it, Sergey is incredibly slow and this is an indictment on his talent at Labs and lack of focus. It's been almost a year since SmartCon and they have achieved very little since

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how much did they pay you for this ranjeet?

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>is 2021
>still massively coping like LINK hasn’t been an absolute shit investment for 8 months now

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>Ar you about to sell?
somewhere around 81,000 Im going to sell 3-5% once a few months

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Couldn't care what's happening in the market, or the price of LINK, in still buying like I was at the beginning and never selling, I'm not a trader.
I'm looking forward to staking for a passive income for life, I'll never risk that gambling.

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there comes a point where i feel like any og would have this thought. some already gave in and thought fuck it im done. its why there were some walls that weren't being taken away when we started pumping at every doller. i think a basic life is worth 10m. you need at the minimum 5 m all expenses paid so 10m living off the interest is good.

the problem is having a change of plans. we dont know what will come up in the future

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Grug want berry! Grug fomo!

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Just sold all my link and put it all on BNB

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Well written Zhou
Here have a (you)

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absolute state

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I got 9,600 link on the original ico, for about 1k in eth at the time (3 ether). Over the years I’ve fucked up, sold a bunch at like 76 cents, sent some to an incorrect address at one point (of course there was some bullshit called “etherlink” with the same call sign on an exchange), and generally just whittled it down to 2k link.

I sold half of them when it peaked (or so I thought) at $10 at the time, before it went up to like $20 for the first time, and finally traded my last 1k link at $26 into boomer rocks. My entire portfolio is hedged against the dollar, 70% gold/silver and 30% crypto. I still hold some eth, bat, bch and stellar.

I think the market is way over inflated has been for a very long time, and is long overdue for a massive correction. But it’s hard not to capitalize on a clean x25 investment from 2017. I will probably miss the moon but I’ll try to be happy for the linkies if/when it does.

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I think 10m is really the true make it number, but honestly at around 1.5-2m its not that bad if you're a single guy and you live frugally. 2m is def enough. if you want to have kids and a family, etc... then yes 10m is the number.

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Thanks for the advice Jiang Lu
Just sold 10k Link

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>the problem is having a change of plans. we dont know what will come up in the future

Checked . Thats true but at the same time there will be lot's of opportunities in the near future. It's not like you get 1m and then stop. Keep investing in smart things and you will never have to work again.

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the 50/50 was a solid folio
now youre just playing with fire

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coomers can't wait on a guaranteed 50x because they're too busy chasing 3x coinflip pumps

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i do plan on once having 10m to get a trading stack and again living as minimally as possible, especially will pick on volunteering. the only thing i fear is that there will never be another investment like link. 2018 created the perfect bear market that forced a lot of scammers to stop and /biz/ having to seriously discuss what will actually moon. it'll never come again in the next 3 years

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All Top 50 coin pumps are manipulated.

Do you think they will pump a price of a token that has a bunch of high bagholders from 2019/2020 link bullrun that will sell?

>> But i am not selling
Sure retards, the og’s will start taking that opportunity

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>i do plan on once having 10m to get a trading stack and again living as minimally as possible

Do you have a problem with your head or are all your neighbors Saudi princes? Because this shit you're spewing about 10m of investment capital buying you a "basic" life and minimal living is just insanity. Even at 5% yearly gains, which doesn't require any real trading activity on your part, that's 500k per year of pure profit you can spend on what the fuck ever. That's 5x what a normal middle class retard makes working full-time. There's nothing basic or frugal about that, and you sure as shit don't need another 1000x moonshot like LINK to do whatever the hell you want.

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I stopped believing. Look at BNB thats some chad shit.

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Nope, just a rando in Indiana. In 2018, the total crypto marketcap fell from about $900b to $225b. This year’s bullrun has brought it to well over $1.5T dollars. I remember things feeling invincible in December of 2017 too. It’s a volatile market and nothing’s guaranteed here. No shame locking up some profits while market is peaking at ATH.

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pathetic shitcoin

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i dont think theres anything wrong with my head. 10m in an snp index fund would average out to 5% a year. the problem with 5% is that its 5% including inflation. so to stop inflation and also have reinvesment into the account means 2.5% of the money i will never see.

to take your example that is 250k a year. im not a retard so i wont go for dividends so any cashout i ahve will be subject to capital gains tax. 250k a year cashing out would equate to approxitamely 20% tax so 50k is gone. with 10m in liquid investments i ll only have 200k a year in real spending power. add on property tax, utilities, insurance for car and life insurance and basic frugalities i may only have 100k a year to do what i want. that only equates to about 8 vacations and whatever the fuck else comes up like dining out clothing and hobbies. its not that much

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People like you will never be satisfied. Enjoy being a miser eating beans while sitting on a pile of gold, I guess.

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>Enjoy being a miser eating beans while sitting on a pile of gold, I guess.

implying beans cost 100k. people like you are the reason why lottery winners go broke. there is nothing wrong with adjusting for inflation and mandatory expenditures. cope more

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Oh you are gonna cry

>> No.29133873

You're the one that's crying about having 100k a year, bare fucking minimum, to spend on living AFTER a very generous amount left over to cover any and all expenses you'd expect from normal life AND inflation AND taxes. Most normal people make way less than that per year, BEFORE taxes, inflation and all of their expenses. Not to mention the 10mm capital that's sitting there.

Lottery winners going broke are retards, but you're on the other side of that spectrum. I don't know if you've got low self-esteem but secretly feel superior to everyone, because what you're going on about is just asinine, and any reasonable person would point that out.

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feels like we're on the cusp of a new era
t. top 1k wallet

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I mean, that would have sounded cool and feasible to me as like a young-mid 20's guy. I'm in my 30's, I have a wife and 2 kids. $1MM is nowhere near enough, I suggested the concept of trying to retire off my parents at $1MM about 2 years ago and they literally laughed in my face, and I knew they were right.

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>Not having a tax exempt stock account
God I'm so glad I'm a bong

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*to my parents, not off

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To all my Chad link holders. Linkwave is kino. It’s gonna be worth the wait.


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look my guy, im not going to blow 500k annuity every year off luxurious vacations and designer clothing i dont even fucking need. the entire point is MAKING IT WITH INFLATION. if i spend 500k a year, guess what? in twenty fucking years im not getting the same value for my money and how do i even explain that to my kids? dad just fucked you all over because he needed 1976 champagin?

100k isnt a lot when compared to rich people. it affords a nice upper middle class life but its nothing to gawk at. financial security and truly "making it" are two different things. im not saying im ungrateful or naything because this was done 100% with my own effort. im saying 100k is really good amount but its not like ill be shitting out gold. maybe my kid will be able to one day have 200k a year of spending power left over after all those things you said, then my grand kid has 400k a year purchasing power. its abnout making sacrifcies

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10k suicide stack which i plan to never sell. $100 in 24 days

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OG Coinbase listing LINK marine here. Let me drop some hopium. In a bear market, LINK hit $20 which coincided with a 350 SMA * 5. 5 is a golden ratio that when combined with a 350 SMA indicates a top. Now if LINK does an equivalent run in a bull market then we should hit AT LEAST $50. Now here is where things may get crazy. 8 is the next number in the golden ratio and LINK hit that in 2019 for $4.80. An equivalent 8 golden ratio would hit us at least $83. Since this is a bull market that is not off the table but $50 is likely a given.

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8 months? nigger i bought this at 50c. i have been tortured for 3 years.

>> No.29135269

All nul linkers must suffer

All OGs went through this is 2017

You will feel so stupid to be holding link this year. Just wait until next year. Good luck trying to time it

36k link holder who is now retired.

Was a minimum wage dishwasher and cook at a diner stacking llinkies

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OG here bought 230k pre ICO sold the top at $35 this shitcoin is just too slow held this for three fucking years just to watch shitcoins moon left and right I can't take it anymore if your smart you will follow my lead and sell this russian snail coin it'll go up 5% in the next 6 months and then dump 50% in one day fucking scam

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Please dont drop shit like that here without any supporting hopium

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>t. 2017 35k link oldfag

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>LINK won't even do a 3x from here until the peak
I will kill myself.

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Im using my link stack to borrow stable from Aave so i can buy ROSE. Getting a lot of early chainlink vibes from it, kinda nostalgic. Feels like im back in 2017

>> No.29135733

Went from $2 to $35 since I've owned it. I don't see a reason to sell. The slower shit moves before the bull run ends the higher it will end up being.

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LINK chart will resemble this. Long sustained build up, then boom

>> No.29135808

You give them too much credit.

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Someone make me whole. I'm short.

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I'm never fucking selling, because I can't but still NOT SELLING.

>> No.29136255

>fag id
Checkes out

>> No.29136342

>guy who always sells to early says we need to correct

>> No.29136539

Damn what a mistake man. Just hold it’s so simple and here you were chasing pump and dumps. You didn’t research the product enough and you got burned. 25x for such an undervalued project is nothing most of us are up now like 125x

>> No.29136570

That it will moon again eventually, but it might take time. It's a fairly safe investment so i just have to wait. Waited 2 years to for link to make me a millionaire. I'm in no rush, I already cashed out enough to buy a house and a car and I have enough money that I'm comfy enough to do whatever I feel like doing

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How do you input these lines into Trading view?

>> No.29136689

Impressive. Vice nice.

>> No.29136974

yeah but it was a good investment for 2 of those years, it didn't turn to shit until halfway through last year

>> No.29136995

You need to create an indicator within Pine Editor. As an example:

>plot(outx1, color=color.green, title="Accumulation High", offset=offset)
>plot(outx8, color=color.red, title="SELL NOW", style=plot.style_cross, offset=offset)

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Same lad.

>> No.29137128

This. I'm always amazed when people list mistakes like the "experience" makes them an authority but then skip over the "so anyway here's why I was wrong and here's how you can avoid my mistakes" part completely.

>> No.29137214

lmao are people who bought in 2019 old enough to be considered OGs now?

>> No.29137438

Not OG OG but Chainlink wasn't on Coinbase until June 2019 which was when a lot of us who wanted Chainlink were finally able to get it.

>> No.29137465

Biggest cope ITT we will pump because of your mistake

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OG ICO whale here that's friends with a guy that's friends with Sergey's cousin. Here's what he tells me to expect for the rest of the year.

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Can Sergey time the market just once and drop the fucking staking during the bull run? It feels like they only release news during bear markets

>> No.29137638

it sucks but reality is lots of 2019 newfags bought between $1-$2 after Google, then Coinbase came in and shit want manic. It seemed late to join to a lot to us oldfags at the time but hindsight still based, even though they missed out on anywhere from 3-20x in extra gains. Like had someone dropped 35k at $1, they have my stack and would also be sitting on around $1.3M.
But fuck them at the same time since real link OGs sat and endured the 2017 sibos dump and 2018 bear market, so we feel no pain anymore. I can say at least for me, it’s desensitized money to me in ways I don’t really understand

>> No.29137664

>inb4 only 1m a year to do what I want, its not that much
>inb4 only 10m a year to do what I want, its not that much
>inb4 only 100m a year to do what I want, it's not that much
Wow only 100k a year to do what you want, sounds terrible. Oh wait, you're jist a deluded poor of spirit richfag.

>> No.29137890

line 6: Undeclared identifier 'outx1';
line 6: Undeclared identifier 'offset';
line 7: Undeclared identifier 'outx8';
line 7: Undeclared identifier 'offset'

>> No.29138285

I think even if these kind of people were billionaires they'd feel inadequate because Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos exist and can blow a billion into hookers and crack and make it all back by this time next month.

Anyway, we gaining now boys.

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wtf are you getting your numbers? It's more like 10% annual return on sp, take 3% out for inflation and that's 350k a year on 5m
And that's taxed at long term cap gains, so it's basically equivalent to a 450k normal salary.
Even if you're some inflation doomer that doesn't matter because that will also inflate your boomer assets so it'll cancel out.

>> No.29138430

So? You fucked up everything, your opinion means nothing

>> No.29138466

I just took a look at their twitter announcements.
They surpassed my expectations.
I was afraid ETH was going to slow down everything, but it looks like the time for multiple blockchain networks has come 5 years sooner than I expected.
And it looks like all of them are going to use Chainlink.
Just wow.

>> No.29138583

they always find the worst possible moments to make announcements. why announce this shit when everyone and their grandmothers are pumping bnb

>> No.29138843

>I cant take it anymore
Then you are a femanon and you need to show tits or gtfo.

>> No.29139018

To hide it in the hype of BNB.
Don't forget who their real customers are.
Big banks, insurance companies and enterprises who despise pump and dumps.
this way they can release the good news without making it look like a pump and dump trying to get money from greedy normies with weak hands.
Chainlink also profits from BNB as they are providing oracles for them.

>> No.29139048

haha. I have never felt this bullish about link.

>> No.29139429
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up 211% ytd is crabbing?
up 500% last year is crabbing?
up 350x since ico 3 years ago is crabbing?
OP is a retard of the highest order
I have more confidence in link's future potential now than I have at any time in its existence
Strap in boys, this shit's gonna be good

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please... i just need 35.65... please pleasE please pump it there please i need my 2m

>> No.29139713

Too early, BNB will dump. Then buy.

>> No.29139878

Checked. Trips of truth. Now lets run it back turbo. It has always been $1K EOY

>> No.29139960

Dumping back to $32

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I've been listening to Sergey while I walk the dog. The new and the old. Never been this fucking hyped man.

>> No.29140135

Anon, when the LINK FUD starts getting to you you're supposed to buy LINK.
That's how LINK works on /biz/ .

>> No.29140330

You're making a lot of dangerous assumptions about the future of the stock market and inflation. Making it is about security and financial freedom, and you're basing your assumptions on a booming stock market and low inflation, which frankly is retarded. Inflation wouldn't necessarily inflate assets as much as cost of living. Sure right now the inflation we see is primarily in assets, but the worse things get the less that will be true. In Venezuela the stock market skyrocketed, but the purchasing power of those stocks declined by something like 90%.

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that would honestly be so disheartening. why wont it pump there? im legit cursed. i dont even want to spend any of it i just need the picture im not even planning on selling why wont it be 35.65

>> No.29140415

I have 32 LINK, will I make it?

>> No.29140425

>you're basing your assumptions on a booming stock market
I'm basing my assumption on 93 years of data you fucking mong!

>> No.29140695

The America of the last century is not the America of the next century. We are quickly become Brazil-tier, and that's not even taking into account the devastation that the last year of lockdowns have had. Oil is not going to be as cheap as it was in the last 100 years as it will be in the next 100. And with higher oil prices comes higher cost of ALL economic activity. Unless you are a boomer there's really no reason to look at a historical price chart and assume that trend must continue forever, without looking at all of the real life variables that make this situation completely different.

>> No.29140727

im goign to have a mental breakdown please plesae please just rise by a dollar please its not too much to ask it already rose by 34 something

>> No.29140854

Very happy with how it’s turned out, very optimistic about the long term

>> No.29140881

How does 32 Big Macs sound?

>> No.29140927

I will sell 5-10% at no less than $100 and let the rest ride for as long as it takes.

>> No.29140928

How does 16,000 USD by December sound?

>> No.29140965

Could you give me some information on this?
Currently living in Germany and looking for ways to not pay capital gain taxes.

>> No.29141003

How does 320,000 sound?

>> No.29141008


This. why dont all these faggots that want to sell link on the next pump just sell now and be done with it. Then we can finally pump.

>> No.29141096


Looks like you want quick gains. Link wont moon. It will just go to $100 and then crash hard.

The reason why it is still shilled here is that there are still a bunch of bagholders who are already millionaires so they keep discussing this but if you are a newfag there are much better options.

Sergey doesnt care about the coin getting pumped. Fundamentals doesnt mean price pump in a bullrun, its all about hype.

>> No.29141325

okay doomer
have fun jerking off over your shiny metals while my investments go to the moon

>> No.29141442

Doesn't sound good
These sound more hopeful, but autistically exaggerated.

>> No.29141452

It's not "doomer," it's looking outside the fucking window. Texas just lost a week of power across the entire state because it was a little chilly outside. Our country is already in complete shambles, any problem that comes in the future is only going to exacerbate existing problems.

>> No.29141465

im one of those bagholding millionaires though... i just want 2 mill so i can actually call myself that but it looks like it aint happening this week. fml

>> No.29141562

>ohmagerd there was a blackout, economic and technological progress is coming to a screeching halt!

>> No.29141605

Painfully accurate on every point made.

>> No.29141679

Haha seems like I’ve found a pot of gold in the crypto button! You have to check CROP and make sure that I’m right! A lot of advantages in one place

>> No.29141848

Actually, they're all correct. Due to the soon-to-be rampant hyperinflation as lined out by >>29140330, by December Big Macs are going to be $5000 each. By this time next year, they'll be $10,000 each. The price of LINK will be fundamentally tied to the Big Mac index, and McDonalds will become the main user of LINK's oracles to supply them with accurate price information in the incredibly volatile economy of tomorrow.

>> No.29142163
File: 138 KB, 1000x752, sdgh434gs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going to have to push wheelbarrels full of bitcoins down the street just to pay for big macs for my starving children

>> No.29142200
File: 23 KB, 519x521, 289E22A1-A028-4089-9532-5C4AD8F0A2E7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh I know it. It’s going to go up and up forever

>> No.29142379

This is fud, way too low

>> No.29142493

If I didn’t believe in it, I wouldn’t have pulled out my entire 401k 3 years ago.

>> No.29142620

2017 Etherdelta OG.

Only 10k, I was too careful...

I still believe and I will only sell when staking is released and the network in full function. Everyone selling before deserves the swingy rope or is just retarded. We lost many OGs on the way, selling early. Don't end up in a screenshot, my dear OG brothers. Hold till staking... At least.

>> No.29142630

It's going to $100 in the worst case scenario before the bull run is over

>> No.29142713

This guy is beating high level doctors in annual income, and it still isn't enough lol.

>> No.29142763

Texas didn't "lose power", their electricity got turned off. One person's problem is another person's solution.

>> No.29142795

Yeah because the stupid government of Texas didn't purchase the equipment needed to handle cold temperatures

>> No.29142821

It's looking good. Nice stable growth. Lots of projects using LINK are doing well. Timing pumps is a fool's errand. I will simply wait for LINK's moment in the sun.

>> No.29142873

they rolled blackouts because letting people stay on the grid would have resulted in month+ long outages

>> No.29142907

ya it's gotta be some sort of fud to get mid 5 figure linkies to sell and chase pnds so they can get to 30 mill or some shit because having 5 mil at eoy just "won't be enough".

>> No.29142985

You are a naive little lady.

>> No.29143090

you don't know how to read

>> No.29143261

5m isn't enough. If every doctor achevied 5m why don't they all retire. I'm not fudding

>> No.29143317 [DELETED] 

nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER nigger NIGGER


>> No.29143438

who said every doc has 5 mil?
are you retarded?

>> No.29143593

5 million is not enough, link is for intergenerational wealth and freeing ourselves of the NIGGER

>> No.29143729

>t. 3 figure stack hodler

>> No.29143752

For any actual OGs who might be ITT. Remember in the early 2019 threads, when anons were saying the reason 10k was a make it stack was because so many people would sell early? Anyone selling now are those people.

>> No.29143860

That's what I'm saying though. You see this problem across the country. "Oh it's all the stupid government's fault!" What difference does that make? There could be a meteor falling from the sky and you'd still have people saying "oh that damn government, always making a mess of things!" At the end of the day things are getting increasingly fucked, and I would be money that we're not magically going to become more competent again.

>> No.29143895

It's never enough.
It will always hurt to sell Link for worthless fiat.

>> No.29144056

ya but I would trade link at $200 for some land and tech stocks to diversify
fuck holding fiat tho

>> No.29144105

Wasn't it the opposite?
The bigger your stack is and the earlier you will sell because you need less to make it.
Someone with a 100k stack now has more than 3 millions and may sell some, while someone with 10k need to wait until $300.

>> No.29144130

>btc milestone
>shitcoins pump
>Eth milestone
>link pumps
>btc milestone
>shitcoins pump
>eth milestone (we are $37 away)
>link pumps

This will continue until btc take the big shit.

>> No.29144150

it’s always surreal watching poor people FUD link

>> No.29144234

Unironically it may be better to remain in fiat like Buffett if you cash out now and wait for the crash to get things for free rather than to buy now things with an inflated price.

>> No.29144327

ok poorfag

>> No.29144457
File: 20 KB, 488x99, 41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I told you stinky bros
I'll post when I get out of BNB

>> No.29144547

the crash already happened last march, we bull now for the next 5 years

>> No.29144796

I wouldn't say that.
The crash will happen when people are allowed to move freely again and all the emergency measures have to end.
If governments try to indefinitely delay this then the crash will happen through hyperinflation.
The stock market will go up by 500% but the $ used as as reference will go down by 3000%.

>> No.29144911

nah ain't gonna happen
no way I can prove it but the hyperinflation meme is just a meme, you'll see

>> No.29145320

Even if hyperinflation technically does not happen as it is a 50% price inflation in a month, a 10% inflation is already enough to wipe out all your gains in a year from the stock market.
10% was the previous standard inflation without the BRRR abuse, which should make this go up to 20-30% per year.
The process may take 5-10 years but after it ends you will have lost more than you gained.

>> No.29145355

link is going to do a bnb anytime in the next few months

>> No.29145379


Once you have large piles of cash to work with it is easier than most people think to get yield on your money, especially buy buying businesses or by buying real estate. For example with $1 mm you could pretty quickly build $200k/year cashflow by buying distressed rental properties and rehabbing them. Not to mention you would probably instantly be creating a 30% equity gain for yourself

>> No.29145450

I got tired of link crabbing. Buy BNB.Anon from the other thread with bots and shit. Guys, buy now, set stop loss to 295, everything is going to be ok. Just buy and set the stop loss.

>> No.29145452

brrr is a meme
it was properly utilized to offset this

>> No.29145624

You are mistaking cause and consequence.
The monetary velocity went down when the FED printed trillions it gave to the banks because those trillions didn't move from the banks, but are now included in the calculations.

>> No.29145986
File: 6 KB, 465x58, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cashed out yesterday to ride bnb/cake gravy train

>> No.29146046
File: 76 KB, 1230x724, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're wrong
look at the charts
velocity starts dropping
supply is increased in response

>> No.29146126
File: 75 KB, 1258x727, 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29146156

Show how much you sold you faggot.

>> No.29146255

why ? you'll just call it fake and I don't really care to prove anything its just 5 figures worth

>> No.29146272

While your chart analysis is correct, brr is not a meme. If velocity doesn't rise, that means we have a collapsing economy. If velocity does rise, then all of that circulating money is going to become very inflationary.

>> No.29146371
File: 164 KB, 497x441, 1613252197182.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29146475
File: 32 KB, 441x581, A17E8662-137E-4402-8C60-DDCDAAAD6F6B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everyday I wanna kill myself for being a retard...

>> No.29146502

The only thing I see there is that the velocity dramatically dropped when the Corona crash happened, but the velocity already went down for some year due to printing abuse.
However all this printed money will generate a strong inflation once the corona fear disappears and the velocity can go up again with the increased monetary mass.

>> No.29146520

Making a shitton of money off of BSC so that I can buy around 1000 linkies.

>> No.29146619
File: 127 KB, 454x453, 1611765538418.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29146623
File: 86 KB, 1256x719, 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no it doesn't, vel has been dropping for 20 years, the economy hasn't been collapsing for 20 years
the fed can reduce the money supply too if it wants

>> No.29146671

God I’d be fucking crushed if I did this. I’m not selling until I have at least $10M after taxes so even if it keeps going up I’m still set for life and won’t rope

>> No.29146698

Based and realism pilled, I am only a 3k linklet but I can sell soon and buy businesses and real estate because I’m not an autist hodler who needs 10 million to “make it” and live off defi/Celsius gains. Wish I had been around to DCA in 2018 but you play the cards you are dealt. Will
likely shift into stablecoins at 80 or so, and stake those to stack a few shitcoins. My only other choice is to wage slave for another five years to ride out the next bull run. Fuck that.

>> No.29146726

>the economy hasn't been collapsing for 20 years
Yes it has lmao, go tell someone from the rust belt that the economy is stronger than ever. Corona lockdowns just accelerated the collapse, as is clearly evident on your chart.

>> No.29146766
File: 1.43 MB, 1277x716, 4573457634745.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

see >>29146623
anyway, there's no talking to you money supply doomers so I'm done

>> No.29146843

Wake to casually see my Blockfolio at a personal ATH. It's all so tiresome.

>> No.29146906


Yeah but can you stake BNB nope didn’t think so

>> No.29147019

If the FED reduces the money supply we will have a historic market crash.
Look at what the BoJ is doing and how well their attempts to reduce their printing worked.

>> No.29147102
File: 75 KB, 482x427, 1609608683131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its crabbed and underperformed the entire bull cycle, almost fell out of the top 10 for chink and scam shitcoins. sure im up alot of money but whats the fucking point if EVERYTHING is way up, what was the point of all the research and risk for 3 years holding link only to have boomers outperform you because bitcoin is all theyve heard about on cnn? im just fucking tired

>> No.29147111

>Whats your take on LINK recently?
dont really care, still holding
>Do you still believe in it?
never believed in it, only in the memes
i still believe in the memes
>Ar you about to sell?
not until $1000

>> No.29147175

1k is all I have. But I am never ever selling that tiny amount.

>> No.29147205

I want to neck you myself bro

>> No.29147249

Nice man, do you have any rentals yet?

>> No.29147359
File: 1.44 MB, 800x1200, 1540506824426.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

been here since '17 and have been an absolute poorfag only have 1k links but im never fucking selling

>> No.29147781

If you're a poor fag then 300k would be life changing right? Link will peak at about 300$-500$ this cycle. don't be a retard, take some profit. Use that profit to buy more LINK during the bear market

>> No.29147853
File: 18 KB, 320x320, 1601054344634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>link almost hits the goal of 35.65


>> No.29147997
File: 61 KB, 747x686, 1564987868606.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm you, except my target is $45

>> No.29148433

I've already cashed out $550k from Chainlink in this bullrun. I bought at like 20-40 cents with less than $10k investment back in the day. $25 was my first price target, but went up to $30 so I was able to sell at some there too.

I still have $700k worth of Chainlink left I'm not planning to sell before astronomical prices. And even then what's the point of selling it all? I'm leaving like 10k for staking in any case and rest wont be touched until 2025. Yes, Thank-you Sergey. The project actually did deliver.

>> No.29148889

What the fuck, my account doesn't show anything too.

>> No.29149179


>> No.29149205

I wish. I’m eyeing businesses for sale in my city right now and waiting for the pandemic shit to end. The trick is establishing a cash flow first, I’m only a mid 6 figure stack and renting right now is a gamble since eviction proceedings are stalled for another 6 months in my state. On the bright side I have a guaranteed 500k mortgage loan without a downpayment because I did a few years in the military but I should be able to pull at least a duplex with that. I’m not gonna get super rich this go round but I should be able to cash in again in a few years.

>> No.29149653

Its a dump coin like eos and xrp. Too many early shorters, distribution worse than btc, and that already after three years, not enough demand. Looking for a stable coin with swings, there it is, eos 2.0

>> No.29149916

2017 here
Selling when staking etc are in full force
We still have a long way to go

>> No.29150372

wtf is wrong with biz now

>> No.29150481

Can someone help answer my question??

>> No.29150682

anon, its over. 4chan killed its own meme, like always

>> No.29150787
File: 73 KB, 1802x751, link.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is still working and in-play guys. It might not move fast be it is 100% going AT LEAST here. 43 ish is a dip sell off zone(probably). Selling would be unwise unless you are a trader(not an investor). This might shoot up(moon), but I doubt it. Too many day traders (unless news). From here, after 60,90 is in play. Could take years, but it is going there.

If you are not a trader, don't coin hop. IMO.

>> No.29150829

Is this déja vu?

Why am I constantly seeing wrong everywhere?
Do you care more for being right than making money?
It's possible to be "wrong" and to still make money.

>> No.29151056
File: 98 KB, 785x827, 1560544135152.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I now realize

I believed because I wanted to believe.

>> No.29151495

>go to venus.io
>stake Link, earn venus
>borrow Link, earn venus
>repay Link with venus
>accumulate Link
only way to make money with link

>> No.29151654

Dumbass. Never chase a pump. You were fine till you got rid of that 50/50. I hope this is bait

>> No.29151685

I already made it, well kind of

>> No.29151726

>Two years of accumulation

>> No.29151811

You are right it is going to be Link or something like Link. And Link is established, so more likely. Again Link is a longer-term investment. Link(or something like Link) is a necessity.

The first person to get insurance right will murder the markets. You are right there too.

Furthermore, KSM/DOT are also great buy and holds. AVAX v. ATOM v. DOT, I think, is decided. I think that none will replace ETH, though. something like CKB or maybe SOL might longer term. Or what does, might not be out yet.

>> No.29152098

1M in USDC nets you 86k/yr, not considering compounding. And that's without factoring in that you can reinvest into crypto during the subsequent bear market and ride it up for the next cycle, while still lending out your BTC/LINK/ETH/whatever while waiting.

>> No.29152157


>> No.29152243

Can you stake USDC? I see people saying they're going to cashout before the bear and stake. Does CB do that or what?

>> No.29152616

You can do it on Voyager. Depo 10k in VGX you get 9.50%(and 3% on VGX). Otherwise, it is 8.5%. If you know of something better and safer, let me know. That is the best I have found so far.

>> No.29152854

Blockfi pays interest on USDC, and it's backed by Gemini.

>> No.29153122

Fucking this. I'm absolutely fed up with it. LITERALLY EVERYTHING has mooned except link. And now bnb?! Grt, prq, avax, qnt, ksm, rari (ffs), ...it's just a joke a this point. Look at the chat RIGHT NOW and you'll see the problem. It's pure pump 'n' dump shitcoin- hint: we're currently in the dump part of the cycle. FUCK THIS PIECE OF SHIT IVE WASTED 4 YEARS OF MY LIFE WAITING FOR IT TO GO UP & "MUH SINGULARITY" AND ITS GOT OUT PERFORMED BY LITERAL SHIT LIKE RBC, WITH PEOPLE MAKING THR GAINS I GOT AFTER 3 YEARS IN 3 WEEKS!!!! IN LITERALLY WEEKS!!!!!!! FUUUCKK YOU LINK FUCK YOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.29153281

>cant even hold 35$

Vomit inducing coin

>> No.29153339


>> No.29153594

This hurts the most desu, when you see a high marketcap shitcoin like bnb pull a x10 in a few months while your linkies are many times more important and haven't even done x10 from its coinbase listing in fucking 2019...

>> No.29153712

If I already have some Links on Binance, can I just send them directly to Venus or do I need to convert them to BSC compatible Link tokens?

>> No.29153973

just send them over to a bep-20 wallet instead of an erc-20 wallet, cz pegs them for you.

>> No.29153992


You ungrateful little coward.

>> No.29154076

KEK which is now at LINK prices

>> No.29154152

Thanks, anon. I've been meaning to try this out for a while.

>> No.29154171

Hes absolutely right tho

>> No.29154431

although I respect anyone joining in thinking it is late, we all know time in the market > timing the market
Also I am very happy my mom has a pretty much based stack

>> No.29154450


No one is stopping him or you from chasing pump and dumps. Have at it.

Like whining on a Japanese basket weaving forum is going to change anything.

>> No.29154617

I have little to no respect left for the team and I am disgusted by the community.

>> No.29154748

Have they been called out already? How is their github looking?

>> No.29154768

Don't overdo it or you will start to understand the never selling meme means and why Link is constantly dumping

>> No.29154822
File: 279 KB, 673x1125, 36A1DA6E-7A0A-4463-9361-56383E60B5E3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29154854

The fuck are you talking about?

>> No.29154873

Your son will kill you and fuck his own mother on your grave
Thanks dad

>> No.29155218

I sold a decent portion of my linkies around 25ish because there was just so much other stuff going on that I needed the capital for. But I'm getting very close to buying again.

>> No.29155244
File: 1.38 MB, 602x800, unnamed (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bought at $0.13 in I'm never selling.

>> No.29155371

You can do up to 16 percent on Celsius with USDC, they are centralized but offer good returns on a bunch of different tokens. Pretty secure too.

>> No.29155452

see file name
you will never be a woman

>> No.29155549

so you say I should risk somebody else doing the aave/venus cycle, paying me pennies on the dollar while risking liquidation of my funds

good deal faggot

>> No.29155554

it never went to 0.13 you fucking fagg

>> No.29155719


>> No.29155852

I wouldn’t put all my money in one platform at the top of a bull run, but I am saying that if you ever want to have real money instead of imaginary internet meme coins, you either have to cash out entirely or put your meme coins out at interest. Last time I checked you can’t pay for a lambo with cryptocurrency.

>> No.29155858

This fucking seething pisscoin is dumping again.

Cant take this shit anymore

>> No.29155941

fuck off shill I dont need a fag service risking my funds for something I could do at better risk for more gain myslef.

>> No.29156218

Keep holding out for steaking, maybe this is the quarter. Or keep gambling and living a mediocre life like the rest of us. No skin off my back.

>> No.29156351

Angry shill I see. Let me guess, a tranny on the 50th reborrow cycle watching interest rates hike. Remember 2009. I'm buying cds on smart contracts

>> No.29156428

I was just giving you an example. My script for this has ~25 lines of code. I guess I could post it either here or on TradingView.

>> No.29156535

>BTC 1 year: +472%
>ETH 1 year: +655%
>LINK 1 year: +679%
Nolinkers still salty.

>> No.29156715

dubs and LINK hits a new ATH this weekend

>> No.29156752


Not sure if LARP, but it absolutely did. How new are you?

>> No.29156898

>Link will peak at about 300$-500$ this cycle.
That's some fucking hopium right there lmao would be lucky if we even break $100

>> No.29156937

Thanks just bought 100k.

>> No.29156965

This is what happens when you type "pajeet" into Fiverr and sort by "cheapest first"

>> No.29156983

Doesn't borrowing link mean you're shorting it?

>> No.29157026

Who is salty about watching a shitcoin get smashed EVERY time it tries to break its ATH while the rest of the market goes nuke. LOL

>> No.29157081

duh, have you ever stalked the top 200 wallets with more than ethscan?

>> No.29157195

You're literally chasing pajeet pnd scams and calling Link a shitcoin. You desperately want to get in on something early because you missed out on the big 3.

>> No.29157204
File: 458 KB, 845x925, 1613602241974.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am technically and OG here since 2017 but I only have 100 LINK

>> No.29157265

yeah then whats the fucking point of borrowing more link since its already so heavily shorted this piece of shit isnt going to nudge. Better off getting a stablecoin loan and buying other shitcoins.

>> No.29157332

oh chinkies.... stinky chinkies...

>> No.29157359
File: 29 KB, 399x385, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the absolute state of shills

>> No.29157460


>> No.29157496

The opposite in fact. I own BTC/ETH/LINK and wished I went for some rugs because 6-figure hell has officially gotten fucking old after the millionth time LINK gets cockpunched at ATH.

>> No.29157594

>Borrow stable coins
I see a tranny

>> No.29157614

No, my penis remains intact and tranny shills will never be women. I just came late to the game, and made most of my money on a 15k USD purchase of Link. My problem is that I bought at 2 dollars and not 20 cents, so I can’t make a fuck-you-money stack in one play. But I think there is a lot to be said for whale anons spreading it around through staking and yield farming instead of spending life in a dimly lit room following red and green candles. That’s not much of a life desu.

>> No.29157644

the spooky trannies are coming to get you schizo

>> No.29157671

fag id
what a fucking faggot lmao

>> No.29157765

Cockpunched, lol. That is a good one.

You guys are right, Reddit is lame compared to 4chan. Although it is a BIT racist. If you could all calm that down, thank you.

To the moon.

>> No.29157912

ey does anyone have that one cap of the guy saying that 4chan was gifted Chainlink to offset the great evil that was coming by making a bunch of us wealthy? Been looking for days

>> No.29157921

you are telling me, you are late and fine with getting 5% for something you could do yourself and get 5 to 12 times the interest. This space is full of shills and brainlets, the bust will be glorious this time.
normie, will be fucked like the normies were fucked in 2009

>> No.29157984

Why are you holding a supposed shitcoin that you hate?

>> No.29158788

You’re right, 1k EOY is FUD, 81k incoming. I’m gonna take my potentially life changing amount of money and shamelessly flip it in hopes of increasing my stack while still retaining my current lifestyle until I reach 8 figure hell. You are the blackest retard gorilla nigger I have ever seen.

>> No.29158914

its not going to 35.65 is it

>> No.29159144

Got in at .40 and it's too late to back out now. BTC is heading towards a crash and will dunk LINK. I'm out right before that point if my memelines and tea leaves line up properly.

>> No.29159231

You don't get it. Link is unable to reach higher prices without you risking your funds. YOU are shorting Link, you are just too stupid to do it yourself and have opportunity costs. The risk of a reborrow cycle is minuscule if you know what you do, and the gains are a multiple of 5%

>> No.29159453

Yes you can nigger

>> No.29159752

Celsius pays 12.5%. pays out weekly on Mondays

>> No.29159931

if you hold and earn in their nigger token. great deal, not

>> No.29159970

This one?

>> No.29160152

And if I fuck it up, I get annihilated. It’s all a matter of opportunity cost and comparing risk/reward of my choices. I’m gonna sell eventually, and I will not be in the citadel. Thems is the breaks. But for every one of the multitude of holders like me, there are plenty who will try to get rewards before Sergey gives us steaking. Do you also hold XRP? Because you may be a schizo.

>> No.29160156

>sell your link so that link can go up goy

>> No.29160166

Checked and adamantium hands pilled

>> No.29160504

how? if you stay around 40% or less, you compound interests and have something like 2 cents a day in interests to pay

>> No.29160520

I bought 600 link and various other shitcoins in 2017 and left it in my binance wallet. When everything crashed I was pissed and left it alone. Was presently surprised last month when I checked it for the first time

>> No.29160610

/biz/ doesn't like being introduced to adult economics. They think in terms of how many PS5 games a stack will buy them (forgetting to include taxes of course). Anyone with more than 50 PS5 games is set for life in their book, that's what "making it" means around these parts. Budgeting for a family? "What are you, some kind of doomer miser saudi prince?!"

>> No.29160623

Crypto is currently riddled with short term investors that have flooded in from the GME news, and are bored at home looking to make a quick buck on low market cap scam coins. The latest fud around link is that it's not giving 10000% gains like whatever the latest shitcoin is. If you want to gamble on these coins, all the power to you. I'd rather hold my investment in the speculation that blockchain will become a disruptive technology, and that chainlink is the bridge that connects it to legacy systems etc. I don't see any reason to sell for the foreseeable future.

>t. 15k stacklet

>> No.29160655

Yeah I'd probably stay below 25% at the most, probably lower than that.

>> No.29160704


I sold 1000 link at 33$, my first sell ever since I packed my bags at 46 cents. Will start selling small amounts from here after pumps. I’m hoping for staking announced in the next 1-2 months and to sell a fair bit of my stack in the 50-100$ range. I still have a lot of faith in link but I need to lock in being a millionaire, then I’ll re-assess. Will always hold about 10k link that I never sell.

>> No.29160816
File: 52 KB, 970x736, chainlink_satoshis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

chainlink has never go down

>> No.29161216
File: 333 KB, 707x1037, 1568764091726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

link is the future of civilization on earth

>> No.29161241

You’re right, it was even lower than that newfag

>> No.29161826