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How much would you bet the CCP has their hands all over this guy?

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but anon, he IS the CCP, he controls the entire party.

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he will be richest man in world soon.

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I will bet all my CAKE and BNB.

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wtf what's going on there?

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I, for one, welcome our new Chinese Overlords.

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idgaf bro, chink is making me rich

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Is this guy and the Stakenet guy the same person? I genuinely can't tell

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This is what Based looks like

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probably lost some fucking bet.

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passed 10 employees every chinese company is required to have 1 ccp on its board of director.

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If i were him, I'd be worried right now

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I don't give a shit. I'll ride the wave if the CCP wants to flip ETH.

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Hey the mans making me money, cut the guy some slack would you all, cool it with the racism

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My entire portfolio.

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i truly understood what selling out to china feels like. I regret nothing about going all in @120

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No one is going to fall for your 21 centralized validator network scam CCP.

动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门

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Be honest with me for once /biz/, is having funds on binance safe or is this chink going to steal everything?

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>tfw missing out on BNB because I won't give them my ID
Fuck Chinance

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Yes and yes. They will be safe until they

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>Wearing pants.
Based CZ

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>make binance account to buy rsr
>have to buy with BNB at $60 because there is no rsr/eur pair
>rsr goes x2
>bnb goes x5
fuck me

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>jews controls the entire banking system in the US
>Israel controls the entirety of US foreign policy in the middle east
>AIPAC controls who gets elected and who doesn't
>80% of Biden's cabinet are jews
>Every single NGO promoting mass migration and open borders in the US is run by jewish funds
>Every major tech corporation in the US are opening headquarters in Tel Aviv with plans to move there
>Biggest crypto exchanges in the US are owned and run by jews
Mouth breathing retard:
This is why Americans lost control of their own country and it will be majority brown within a generation.

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He's in Bermuda so he's wearing Bermuda shorts

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this made me buy more with no regard of price

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The CCP make smart plays and win. You don't have to like them, but they make Western kike controlled leadership look fucking imbecilic. They are going to dominate crypto while the West is busy being completely retarded and sitting on their thumbs.

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Anon, I bought. When it's all over and China rules the world, you can thank the kikes and the sellout boomers who gave it all to the kikes and went along with the diversity mob for our downfall. If you are sucking intersectional niggerbitch cock right now, you deserve this fate. Meanwhile, I'm going to make money on it because the US in its current state isn't worth saving. Maybe a white enclave would be, but this Brazil tier mudblood soup? nope.