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Single staking coming soon!
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
No IL!
Connections all over the banking world (20yrs+ exp)
Ya'll need to do your research and join us!

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first we need to shale out paper hands and we'll get started again soon! March is gonna be so beautiful!

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ill buy at 2c thanks

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got bad news for you anon

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shit its going to 1c? i guess ill wait for 1 then

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going back to 0.006?

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Not sure if this is gonna hit lower than 0.04c babe. It's only just begun, steady climb up the last weeks, small pullback now and soon we'll see 0.1c is my guess. I see this going to 1bil mc this year. ofcourse dyor frnes! I just want y'all to make it!

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Same shiller as the last 100 threads, not buying your bags

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i love howie and the token, just please make it go back to at least 3c. if you knew my former bag you would rope if you were me. IT HAS TO GO DOWN

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same /coping faggot from the last 100 threads.
fuck you're retarded. Only reason for you to fud is this, 1. you've invested and got burned (fomoboy) without doing research. 2. you are coping because you're priced out 3. yer litterally the DIMWIT biz talks about. struggling to invest in 1 token and seethig when everything around you pamps. You prolly are seething because you saw these threads 3 months ago and thought exactly the same. Cant handle it pamping then dont look at it fren
GL to ya and seethe moar

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Genuine question: what does this coin do better than XLM? They both seem to have the same purpose, but XLM is done by a bigger team.

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this is bullish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wtkMEdK62I&ab_channel=unFederalReserve-AResidualToken%2CInc.Project

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how much apy? should we be expecting for single staking?

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no idea fren, i'll ask in the tg if there's news about this

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eRSDL solves many of the DeFi issues pointed out here

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also checked. Just checked, no idea what the % will be. They will keep ETH-eRSDL pool too so you can choose

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Absolutly based

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>Loudly, Howie paid the dowry and freed the drowsy townie from his lousy hourly bounty.
>"Wowie Zowie!" said the Wagie, how he is no longer pouty grouchy.
>Now he boards a plane all crowdy and leaves his cloudy county for Maui.

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4c is when I plan to add to another 50k at least to my stack so that sounds good to me

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What happens to LP tokens when farming ends? i believe they said that farming should be finished around June.

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i'm sure they'll have an answer for that. i guess it's too soon to say.

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howie should be a comedion

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the difference is I sold all my XLM for this shit so it has to moon or I am FINANCIALLY RUINED