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This shit is never going down is it? I can't believe I missed out

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just get in eRSDL fren!
Howie WILL make you wealthy

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Wait until the Polkadot bridge on Zero Exchange launches. This shit will be kicked up another gear.

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Should I sell my ETH for this?

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Jump on polkastarter (POLS)

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It's still early. Pack your bags anon

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Parachain auctions haven't even started

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Should I dump all my eth for this?

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Para auctions will create a GME like pump. Both retail and cashed up projects will be FOMOing to secure a slot.

DOT $250 EOY

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I was trying to shill this since it was 3 USD, but 80% of /biz never listens.

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I bought at $12 and ethfags mocked me for buying the top I almost 3x now and those ethfags are barely doing a 50% kek

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Depends if you like money or not

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what even is this thing. its always in the top 10 on coinmarketcap yet nobody ever talks about it

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So buy up GRT?

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Will this outperform ETH? Yes or no

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Yes, just think for a second anon. ETH to do x2 or DOT to x2 which one is easier?

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CENTRALIZED piece of shitcoin not better than BSC

DOT requires 1.6M dots to become a validator that is more than $50 million dollars.

DOT will never have more than 1000 validator nodes.

Can you say it after me, centralized shitcoin. Centralized network, centralized stake, centralized power in hands of Gavin.
Centralized anything is not failure safe.
Bitcoin survived 11 years only because it has no CENTRAL point of attack.

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This is why Cardano is better, but it’s Dot is still a good hold to make money.

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I'm selling my ETH. Do I buy 50% ada and 50% dot?

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Cardano cant even into tokens. This is 2021 may I remind you sir.

> but it’s Dot is still a good hold to make money.
if thats what you want buy DOD CAKE and BAKE

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> cant even into tokens

The Goguen update in March will allow people to start building on the Cardano network and issue tokens.

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Are you the same fag that was shilling AVAX?? This is the second time I encounter you.

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100% avax you newfag

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DOT is safer but depends on your risk tolerance.

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pic related is all you need to know

$300 unironically by summer

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>Janny deleted my polkadot moon thread

it's not like we're hitting ATH levels right now or anything

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> cryptofag makes a promise for the future again
its all so tiresome you sound like fucking idiota

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Will avax pull a dot?

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$40 EOW

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bought it at 3 dollars in summer, shouldve held it forever :(

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Avax will pull an eth.

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>60 second finality
LMAOOO piece of shit

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Absolutely. I got in eth at $8 and see the same potential, hype, feel for Avax. Avax wil be a top 3, $1000+ coin in the near future.

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>tfw only 40 DOT

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it's going up though, so you can still buy now

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Exact same over here bro

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>tfw only 20 ksm

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tfw only 2 DOT and 0.2 KSM :(

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Just changed my portfolio

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What's the suicide stack for DOT

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i see you post this in every DOT thread, it doesn't make it any more true

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Bros, were crashing again...

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Should have bought DOT last month. Fuck

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1k suicide
10k make it
It will hit 100 USD by end of 2021

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>Only 80 DOT

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Looks like mine now, wgmi fren

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Unironically yes. But you should have done it a month ago anon.

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That’s what i did, back when DOT was $7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Me at $5. feels good desu

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got 100 DOT at $3, holding on till that magical $300 bois

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Same bro. Same

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Feels good to be early anon

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aware me on reef please brah

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>10 dot nightmare

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Traded 1 ETH for 57 DOT. What am I in for?

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tfw i perfectly bought the 8$ dip before moon, nice 4x

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