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Parsniggers, assemble!
Let us get together, get comfy and brace for the impact of the coming
>China marketing campaign
>Binance listing
>IQ protocol release
>moon mission to moon

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trust the plan

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Parsnip's making me hard....but when's the binance listing? Can't find anything anywhere

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I want to send all the niggers that are currently swinging to a gas chamber.

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No date yet. Most likely in March as one of the sacred six announcements. Binance already uses Parsiq's service on the BSC. They also mention Parsiq it in pic related, bottom right
Too expensive. We wait for ETH2.0 for more economical gassing
This, but unironically

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smart triggers to fuck niggers

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oh fuck I'm hard

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Is a CEX Listing on the roadmap? Aldought it would be weird to be used by BSC and not be listed on Binance.

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Nah, currently parsiq is likely to give you blue balls.

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>Is a CEX Listing on the roadmap?
Not officially, no. I think they will do that right after the IQ protocol releases (Anatoly told us that will happen 100% in Q1)
With the IQ protocol, every time you use Parsiq's service, even with Fiat money, you will automatically lend staked PRQ. With that, the token is finally needed

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Snipbros , are we the real schizo?

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yet biz still looking for that next big BSC project

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can you stake parsnips yet? is there any plan in the future to do so?

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>can you stake parsnips yet?
Not yet. Staking will be part of the IQ protocol, see >>29119061
Can't wait for my stack to grow big and fat like Anatoly after a couple of burritos

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I only have 5k parsnips, I hope that's enough to stake

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/biz/ is really sleeping on this, a project with some actually decent tech comes along and it’s ignored for dumb food scams that won’t be around a year from now

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>I only have 5k parsnips, I hope that's enough to stake
I think it will. The mcap is still ridiculously low and soon 5k might be worth quite a bit
Check out pic related. Imagine we get fucking Trezor on board

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Yeah, it's all price dependent.
I only have 2k snippies being a poorlet. But that's still good opportunity if they're worth $10+

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How does $40k sound?

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Sounds like cold hard FUD to me

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Still blueballing us, had to delete blockfolio because the crab was pinching too often

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Nice to see some smart people here. 5$ is only a matter of time in shorttime.

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Sounds like FUD.
You saying we won't even hit the GRTrannies market cap?

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pump soon please, the goats are getting hungry

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How do I buy this before it gets on binance, frens?

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Illuminate me. Predictions for end of Q1 and end of year.

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Based CoinMetro. Or pic related.

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Coinmetro if European or Uniswap, definitely worth grabbing a bag, should be an easy 3x-5x in the coming weeks

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Oh I don't have any real clue haha.
But considering the work being done, use cases and partnerships lined up, I would find top 50 to be beyond likely.

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Ok I'm in. someone fill my buy order on CM eur pair

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Loving all the new memes. Bullish

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help an anon out. I want in on the memes

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the spring is ready to pop

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>only 1k snips
How does 50k sound?

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>he's going to market buy

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i just want to post fat anatloy and toiletpost without feeling guilty

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glad to have you onboard fren

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I'm paying above market price anyway. Come on guys what's 1k prqqmbers

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we don't need Binance, we need a farm on PancakeSwap, PRQ will pump minimum 3X if it gets listed there, all the while you can stake it for ~200% APY

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The first rule of parsnip farming is: you never sell your parsnips.

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This shitcoin has no legitimate FUD, big things ahead frens

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Can someone explain to me how 200% APY is possible or even sustainable?
10% APY would be great. 200%??

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10% is boomer APY. You can go get 100%+ APY right now on basic Balancer pools. Here's some performance info:

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HOLY FUCK unironically huge if they list on pancake swap. All the poorfags will be able to buy. 100,000 buys of $100 incoming.

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The APY comes from the fees you earn by supplying liquidity on a decentralized exchange. So the pool earns .25% of all trades on Uniswap or Pancakeswap, your portion of those fees weighted by your total stake of the Liquidity Pool. So that APY is just the amount of volume the asset has. Is it sustainable? Probably not, but we're in a bull market so there's a lot of buys.

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The APR is tied to the price of CAKE, the same amount of cake is emitted each block, as long as CAKE keeps mooning the APY will keep increasing. Not that many people provide liquidity because they are scared of impermanent loss, hence you get more of the rewards for yourself and higher APR.

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news wen

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anatoly is set to announce that we are replacing tether as the number one stablecoin

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Suicide, comfy and make it stack?

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5k sui, 20k comfy, 50k make it

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Opinions vary. If you'd asked six months ago you'd probably have been told 10k suicide and 100k make it. But Parsiq has come a long way since then. The company's ties, ability to deliver, and future prospects are much better than I originally thought. I'll catch a lot of shit for this, but at this stage a suicide stack could be as little as 2k PRQ. Make it?.. 25k? 50k? Anyone's guess.

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Some of you might find this interesting, it’s from the Stansberry research group, normally you have to pay 5k for a subscription so they know what they are talking about.
This is from a few months ago, but everything they said has been correct so far.

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Based, Anon. Thanks for posting this.

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checked and based, WAGMI

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Fucking based Lainon, thanks for this

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Yep, come next bullmarket PRQ could have a market cap of multiple billions. I have no reason to doubt anything in the report so far, if anything the team are exceeding expectations when it comes to gaining customers and partnerships.
Excellent edits by the way anon

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Am I too late to the party? I've read the report because I'm invested in LTO but I also want to invest some in PRQ.
>is there going to be a dip, or a moon mission soon? i'll only have funds available in 3 days
>how is the ride? wild swings up and down or steady rise?

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See >>29139246

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>i'll only have funds available in 3 days
>is there going to be a dip or a moon mission soon
funds monday or sunday? unless we get news today which is unlikely, you should be able to buy in until early next week, so sunday should be a safe bet. there's always a weekend dip, but the moon mission will likely hit the moment we get news of IQ protocol, huobi listing, binance listing, etc.
>how is the ride
look at the chart for the 1 month, attached is the 3 month. we've been swinging +-10% around $1.20 for about 5 weeks.

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far from late, easily on track for $15-$20 EOY
we are ready for lift off, you probably have a week or so though, parsiq is slow moving until it isn’t.
the dips are only a margin of 15% so probably best to buy on a weekend
just check the chart, it’s quite predictable >>29127724

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gents when are we hitting $2000? (serious question) 5 years?

>> No.29140974

considering we have a 108,412,187 circulating supply at the moment... 5-10 years if we see full adoption?

>> No.29141130

unlikely, being realistic we have a good chance of being over $100 next bull run so long as the team keeps on delivering
anatoly is building his empire, so i have no doubt they will

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It's more of a pure, Digital State really

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thanks for the replies, guys. could i transfer some of my coins from binance -> coinbase and buy some coins from coinbase this weekend? otherwise i don't think i'll have enough money. or i'll have to pay 2% for depositing straight from my credit card, which sucks.
also, is there additional info on the topic brought up by that article? i'm referring to the circulating supply issue, which will increase. any news from the developers on how they'll handle that?

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PRQ isn't on Coinbase, you'd need to transfer from binance to coinmetro. Coinmetro verification is pretty quick (I was verified in about 15 minutes)

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i would recommend taking a look at some of anatolys talks
as for the tokens, i don’t think so, the team are really in touch with the community so im 99% sure they won’t just be dumped onto the market, almost certainly going to be given to partners in order to use the service

>> No.29143225

i'll surely look into it. this thread feels so comfy, the community is amazing. giving me good vibes from the start, thanks frens.

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One more retarded question, I've only used binance until now. Say I bank transfer from revolut some cash so as to get rid of the fees, will I be able to cash out on other payment methods? I guess so since crypto should be anonymous and free flowing.

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From the Parsiq github. WAGMI

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Once you own the crypto token, you will be able to transfer it to any ETC20 wallet and swap it for any other crypto via exchanges. You can also transfer it to a centralized exchange you like and then exchange it for fiat (USD, €, etc)

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Soon the prophecy will be fulfilled, $75 Parsiq

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Good thread lads, makes a change to the usual shitposting

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Is the pump starting? It looks like the pump is starting

>> No.29145358

be especially wary of shitcoins clearly being associated with naziism, since discord trannies use this to attract "alt right" people then dump on em.

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Is this a new integration? Spoonfeed a brainlet.

>> No.29145604

is there a way to get this as a pdf or on some torrents ?
found out about it last year but no way i'm paying 5k for advice on shitcoins

>> No.29145673

Will not be getting my hopes even remotely up unless we break 1.5 or see news

>> No.29146036

Looking at the chart, it looks to me like if we break above $1.25 or so, we'll probably go back to the ATH range very quickly.

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lads I love my parsnips but you gotta keep in mind the utility of the token--each trigger needs a coin to be active so in order for PRQ to see adoption it needs to stay reasonably priced.

>> No.29147468

Nope, clients can pay cash, our PRQ is free to do its own thing and we can stake them in a lending pool for said clients.

>> No.29147510

the lending protocol allows companies who want tokens to borrow them and pay interest so the token price doesnt matter. anatoly already addressed this. the team said they have no interest whatsoever in keeping the token price down.
you had 3 weeks, the time for fud is over nigger shut the fuck up.

>> No.29147657

post your stack faggot I bet mines bigger than yours

>> No.29147740

exactly, the token price could be $1000 but the lending protocol fixes any doubts about whether anyone can just simply borrow tokens.

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Kill yourself

>> No.29147890

>only have a mere, pitiful 500
>can only put in monthly due to being a poorfag

>> No.29148226

fucking based parsiq whale

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you first

>> No.29148845

took you that long to find a wallet huh? kek

>> No.29148953

This is an easily remedied situation.
Just give your stacks to me and you'll never have to worry about who has the bigger stack ever again.

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Fellow whale coming through.

>> No.29149462

danm i don’t even have 5k
pls don’t dump on me whales

>> No.29149773

i'm working anon I can't spend my entire day watching threads on 4chinz

>> No.29149903

This is my wallet

>> No.29150110

Sure is pal. How's that Bloom bag working out for ya? lol

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please tell me you guys are planning on staking and not dumping on us?

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its ok anon i am literally never selling my parsnips

>> No.29150493

thanks fren

>> No.29150503

ok FINE you win

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The truth is this - there are people who know what is coming, but can't talk about it - though they've probably talked about it to some people - so all of those people aren't worried. Then there's everyone else who for weeks keeps hearing, "Don't worry... maybe tomorrow will be the big news." But every day - no big news. So either you believe the people who swear to you you're going to get rich... or you don't. Once you give up and believe them - it's easy to just tow the company line and be super optimistic all the time regardless of price. What difference does it make anyway? You're not going to sell; if you were - you would have.

>> No.29151387

it's alright anons WAGMI

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>> No.29155013

Is it....

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This project tears down the fabric of society to show that the power behind it all, was PRQ.

>> No.29155451

if we're in yet another leg of crabbing I'm going to murder someone.

>> No.29155646

Oh look its time to sell again

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>> No.29155939

I struggle to get my hopes up
I expect we will still be crabbing until the exchange announcement

>> No.29156292


You guys seem cool. Can you stop doomping on us every time price goes up by a tick?

>> No.29156315

Expect to crab all the way into April

>> No.29156369

Yes its not going to sustain a pump without news so dont get your hopes up.

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