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>Tell my normie parents about crypto
>Get my mum to buy some coins months before we broke 20k
>She's up 600% already
>Tell them explicitly not to tell anyone outside of the family about crypto on multiple occasions with hard reasoning
>Months later almost everyone in my extended family knows
>Get angry at them
>They say I'm just being paranoid

It's not a meme guys. Don't tell anyone. Normies are a liability.

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Good. More bagholders to get dumped on.

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same thing here. Told my parents, they wanted to invest too. Told them okay but dont tell everyone. Next day i get phone calls asking about crypto. Every conversation with extended family is now about crypto. My life is over

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When you’ve made it and your parents pass good luck fighting off the fucking handout committee. I’m mentally preparing for it when I make it

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Charge for info

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I've been in crypto since 2018. Never told a single soul. Tell one person and now every one knows. I don't understand the norman brain.

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>tell Norman about crypto
>have to do all the research and advise all of his individual trades now
Normans don’t deserve to make it

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Just wait until they lose and ask you for explainations, if not compensation.
Feels good having no family/friends, can't be tempted to tell anyone if i don't have anyone to talk to

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Not OP but my extended family already thinks I'm an asshole because I am and I'm a dick to them every time they say some stupid shit so no problems there, I'll just tell them to fuck off like every other time.

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I dont see the problem with people knowing you have money

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I told my dad about crypto plenty of times over the last year or more. This week he finally asks about investing $10k. Told him just to forget about it because everything is too high now.

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Started last month. Wife asks why the fuck am I staring at charts all the time. Told her I already made few thousands. She wants me to spend it on holidays.

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Do you have money?

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does anyone here have a story about telling their parents that was just fine? no weird extended family begging issues? i'm,pretty sure my family is smart and cool and well off enough already for this not to be a big deal

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>speaking to anyone other than your immediate family

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No but im the poorest in my family and friend group. What's wrong with trying to make the rich richer?

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my feeling is that the only people you should talk to about crypto are those who you would already willingly gift money (and you should, to get them started if they demonstrate an interest)

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I told all my extended family to buy link after the ico. Everyone is fucking rich now and im basically the messiah god of our lineage as for example my 76 year old grandad doesnt really get how and why but he drives a new S-Class Mercedes to the store now.

My little brother is short af sub 170cm so I probably saved his life by getting him to buy a make it stack in 2017.

Fuck it in such a nice guy

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>It's not a meme guys. Don't tell anyone.
yeah I know

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>tells people about crypto
>tells us not to tell anyone about crypto

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I may be retarded, why shouldn't you tell your family members/close people about crypto?

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lmfao, well done man

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My parents still think that crypto is some kind of modern drug that I sell for profits. I don't blame them, they are the perfect boomer definition. They love me

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I told all my coworkers and friends.
They already know I'm up over 100% on GRT.
What am I in for?

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because you're retarded

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You're just too soft. If someone asks about crypto just say 'no'. If he asks why or gets mad, say you aren't a financial advisor and you could get in trouble if you're caught telling people to invest

Im cutting my balls off before going thought the process of making and explaining how crypto, Metamask, and everything in general works lmao. Just say no.

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>Feels good having no family/friends

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My parents are just happy that I make my own money and not just another lazy NEET. I got fired at the start of the pandemic and haven't looked for a job. Probably never will

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Peasant detected

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Nocoiner seethe.

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Told my dad and he was proud of me, love him he's so proud of me even tho I'm just basically a lazy neet who draws kinda ok.