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Dear fellow CoinMetroids,

We had an amazing run.
We had good times and bad times, okay well, maybe mostly bad times.
But now it's time to throw the towel into the ring.
$BNB is at $265 at time of writing.
It's time for us to recognise our competitor and say "Well done, you outdid us."
Great that most of us could turn a slight profit, albeit we had to wait years for it.
Personally I sold my whole XCM stack and went all in on $BNB.
Yes, CZ, you were right all along, I kneel.

Fellow CoinMetroids, perhaps we'll buy or sell into eachothers walls on Binance, one can dream.

See you space cowboy.

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doing one cheeky bump

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cz? is that you, please keep your dick out of your sister

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Kinda rude to sage, fren.

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XCM is fucking mooning

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I market buyed at 40c eur and someone instantly market buyed up to 48c eur. i feel partially responsible, sorry.

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You can't just post things like that.
Think of the consequences.

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BNB might be doing well... but if you missed the boat... then XCM is your best bet. Getting into XCM now at 50c and seeing it go to 5 euro?? or get into BNB now and wait for it to go 2250? the safer and better bet is XCM

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name one consequence

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Don't be a pussy defeatist. It's a relatively new exchange that is still growing fast. Unlike Binance, Coinmetro has the advantage of following regulations. Mark my words, Binance is going to be blown the fuck away from Europe.

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nice digits

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People may get offended.

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How did XCM change your life so far bros? Any small improvements in your daily life that it has made possible?
I'm not priced out of salmon anymore. It feels great to just pick a fresh piece of fish and fry it with some lemon juice after all those years of forcing down bargain bin ground meat and frozen chicken "parts".

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name one people

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XCM but more importantly CoinMetro has change my life. I bought i at ICO level and accumulated even more sub 3c. I won't be selling now, but if I did, the proceeds would buy my dream house free and clear. The exchange changed the way I traded... I love the margin platform for day trading and Exchange for HODLing.

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>Any small improvements in your daily life that it has made possible?
literally saved my life - at first I was going to write the first part of this sentence as a meme but then stopped and considered where I would be right now if it weren't for kevin, fuck bros.. why am I crying in the club right now

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Should I buy in now, or wait for a dip? It did a 3x from last week - don't want to buy at an ath, but I have no patience.

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I'm happy for you, anons. I kinda wished I found out about coinmetro and crypto in general sooner, but, well, I'm just thankful that Kevin guy was shilled to me here.

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It's not to late to buy... the buy book is very heathy to support this price. The month of March will have plenty of news that will push price even further.

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Americans are waking up soon.

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here is kevin's response to your question

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>Coinmetro has the advantage of following regulations.
checked, feels good to be on the right side of history

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