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Are we gonna make it? Just bought in with a measly 1k stack. What are your predictions going forward in this bullish year?

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glad you caught the dip fren, i'm thinking $20 easily

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Glad I waited until today to buy, yesterday it was at 5.9/6 but I managed to get it for 5.5 today. If this shit reaches $20 I would be ecstatic

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50x reduction of fees in march, limit orders later this year, public finding out about options to leverage vbnt. 5b mcap this year

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Most undervalued blue chip defi atm

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X10 from here is conservative.

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Could this realistically climb to the level of AAVE? I mean don't they basically do the same thing?

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I don't know, BNT has been dumping all day and is still 17% up from yesterday. What does that mean?

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not the same, but both have good tokenomics and are filling different niche. when conoared to other dexes bancor is the blie chip, the coinbase of dexes

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my fingers are too fat to type on my shit phone

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it means it's time to buy ze dip anon

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Bought at 6.4 bro and I expect to make it

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Also the fact that I don't think anyone really realizes that the small vBNT/BNT pool is keeping the leverage level moderate right now because of the poor ratio between the two. Until the pool size is increased there will be constant upwards pressure since people will leverage their position whenever the swap ratio reaches a level they're comfy taking it in.

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i've leveraged mine twice. on current rewards i will double my stack in 4 months and the end result will be original bnt - liquid, and new bnt illiquid, but it will be earning fees for me forever

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Price prediction for today?

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source on this?

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tg call yesterday. you can confirm this in tg groups too.

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7.30 then dip down to 6.14

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I was looking at this pool earlier.
I don’t quite understand though are you putting both your bnt and vbnt in?

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i am selling my vbnt for bnt, staking bnt again and selling reveived vbnt to stake again. you can also just stake bnt, receive vbnt and sell it for some shitcoin that is pumping. this simply means that if yoy stake bnt you still can use the purchasing power of your tokens elsewhere so this allows some crazy high iq plays and massively improves bnt tokenomics

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Most likely crabbing and consolidation under 6$. It has too cool a bit after this pump

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Don't buy BNT
Buy vBNT, right now it's trading for around 70% of the price of 1 BNT, so once the pair stablizes (<1 month), you'll get a free 30%

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no one knows where it will stabise in short term. but the idea is good, however you are missing out on lm rewards and fees. and if pair does not stabilise at 0.9 in couple of months - you are better off staking. imo low stacks should buy vbnt to avoid paying gas. big stacks can leverage

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Anything under $10 is a steal imo. Vortex upgrade is a game changer.

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Couldn't you just keep leveraging this over and over again?

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Can anyone that was in the call earlier confirm that they said March is possible for Arbitrum?

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only in theory - as you increase your leverage your stack becomes illiquid and you would have to wait ages to become liquid again from fees. also big gas fees make it impractical to overleverage. and in case some big dick stack kept selling vbnt for bnt the rate wouls become so bad that it wouls not be worth doing it

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I was in that call yesterday and brought up the information.
Someone asked about Arbitrum and first they said April/May, but then also threw March as a possible launch date in the room.
Personally, I think April is more realistic. On the other hand, they quickly launched Vortex and they are testing since end of January.

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are the staking rewards from the the locked BNT still liquid even though you converted the vBNT?

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yeah rewards stay liquid

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Are the tokens you trade your vBNT for (in this case BNT) also liquid?

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I have 3k staked currently. Better off just holding off converting my vBNT later when Arbitrum comes out?

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yes they are
not sure anon, dyor as it involves risks so dont want to give u advise that will lose u money

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I'm nearly all in on BNT. I bought in at $4 and $4.50 because the chart looked good and I remember during the ICO I heard that some very big whales where in on this.
Now that I did some poking around very bullish for following reasons:
- ICO price was around $4-6, so big investors will still be expecting higher returns on their investment.
- I think the biggest winners of this bullrun will be from a mixture of usage and speculation. I.E. BNB right now. And BNT just launched their product and people are already leveraging it in the defi space which is very good sign.
- Based in switzerland positioning them to stay ahead of regulation. The logo the, name Bancor, they want to be a credible crypto banking entity. Seem to have more grand vision than things like Uniswap.
- Just broke into top 100 on CMC and already listed on Coinbase. Perfectly poised for a huge run if we go mega bull.
My intuition is telling me it is going to do well over the next few months contingent on BTC going up. As a long term investment I am not convinced and think it can fall to rapid innovation in the sector. But I will be monitoring it closely as something to throw money at when the bear comes.

Just posted this in the elon tcg thread.

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So privileged to be in on this ride with you bros. I'm just going to keep buying more and I hope you all are too doing the same thing. That's how you make it. Even if it's a small purchase

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I agree that this is a relatively long term hold. I will probably DCA into this until some big news hits and the price jumps.

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So fucking knew Jesus Christ. It’s been all over biz since LM started, and a few of us have been making threads since November as we’ve been in since then.

Innovation? Bancor are the innovators you fucking pleb. No one here cares about your stupid analysis after you decided 4.50 was a good buy when it was broken down and explained in lay mans terms on biz. Should have bought <1 usd. Stop trying to act smart.

“Seem to have more grand vision then uniswap” you are such a Normie gtfo. Shouldn’t even breathe the two in the same sentence. Bancor made the AMM, tried chainlink, too expansive, developed a single sided staking mechanism as a liquidity provider which ensure against IL, with a protocol that is sustained by burning> minting. Now they’ve just created one of the most unique token use cases in the space re vortex and leverage ability of a full earning value. You go and say a grander vision that uniswap; they stole Bancor + slapped a bullshit unicorn on it with “muh defi memes lol” and allowed for the shitcoin casino to occur. BANCOR ARE THE INNOVATORS. OTHER PROJECTS CANT INNOVATE UNLESS BANCOR CREATES SOMETHING SND TELLS THEN WHEN TO EAT.

Get the fuck out of here. Your analysis may work on fssebook, but everyone can see how you literally said nothing. Take you 10k usd and fuck off poorfag. Christ

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So far I have 13.91 BNT in rewards
1046 BNT staked since 2/11 in the evening
600 LINK staked since 2/17 evening

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40b market cap. Do the maths.
Not à financial advice.

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jesus christ go back to plebbit
bullruns always bring crap like this

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Thank you. Someone else saying it. Man used about 500 words to say he bought high lol. Gtfo

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Fuck off retard

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Can we reach $6 today?

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Lol, its friday.
Expect +6 in the afternoon

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Bought at 1.5$ because biz was shilling with a lot of very smart arguments. Any goy with a IQ > 120 should use bancor. If you can't beat (((them))) join (((them)))

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Nomen est omen.
Name is important, imagine some boomer investors inesting in suahi, or egg or pancake hahaha

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>bought high
>at 4.25 average
>its currently 5.53


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we are the jew now

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Look at the fucking value/ratio first, or you guys will lose money. You might have changed your vBNT for less BNT than they are worth right now. It will take weeks till they are worth the same from my understanding

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Does buying into bancor make me a money lending jew?

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I would honestly be suprised if there are still more than 5 bagholders with decent sized bags left from ICO times

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anything backed by the swiss is bound to make money, they are mountain jews after all

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whales like CryptoMessiah bought in

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Comfy time

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This thing isn't gonna red dildo back to $3 is it?

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lol you cant refute anything i said youre just screeching because you don't like the way i said it and emotionally invested

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refresh, we are forming a cup

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I diversified into DODO rn. Since the weird bombing in Malta at binance HQ (tipycal for the chosenites) I guess the competition is fierce and the sides are well defined. Im playing both sides like a true European. Either ((they))) win or *they* win iykyk.

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I got 200bnt when it was cheap because I saw ((())), is it worth getting more at the current price? How many before it's worth staking?

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they really need to fix the gas fees fast, I don´t think it can really moon without this, people don´t restake or do an insane amount of trades because of this.

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this shit would shoot to 30 bucks if they fix the gas issue

>> No.29117373

>gas fees
>gas issue
What do you guys mean by gas, I keep seeing it

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Going to bed guys according to the meme lines well be testing $6.75 by the time I wake up

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Who are "they"? You're talking about Ethereum, right? You know Bancor don't set or control the gas costs, don't you? And you've DYOR about Arbitrum, haven't you?
Jesus fucking christ if you're not taking profits now you're retarded.

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I think we humans love growing things, and it comes from all the way down to our DNA.

Watching my bancies grow everyday brings me a lot of happiness.

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>you're retarded.
Ya well you 're a jerk

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get the fuck off this board

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Yes anon feels good to plant seeds and see what takes root

>> No.29118080

Earning over 2% a week. Cant get much more comfy than that.

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ive done the math it will take approx 4 months to have my stack back in liquid bnt and i will have the same amount in illiquid. since i hold long term i dont care about being locked from selling for 4 months and it will literrally give me 13k free bnt that will be generatig me fees for the rest of my life

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No problem normie gag lord.

- you refer to Bancor as BNT; implying you’re too stupid to differentiate between protocol and the token.

- you said they just launched their product; no they haven’t. Bancor has been operational as v1.0 for years, v2.0 since summer, and v2.1 (the one you’re talking about) 4 months ago
- you talk about credible banking entity based off their name. You have zero idea on the boundaries they had to push because the legal field didn’t exist
- you refer to market cap based on CMC, not CG. Enough said there retard
- you even remotely discuss BNB lol
- long term investment; with Bancor you’re betting on the guys who not only made the rules but made the fuxking game.

You provided zero knowledge about the actual discussion of Bancor, the tokenokics, the swaps, the vortex etc

This reads like something off of huffpost article by some feminist who hasn’t a clue. You literally didn’t say anything about Bancor.

Also emotionally attached? Lol you’ve literally bought my bags at x8 what I paid, after the LM doubled them. Currently sitting on around 320k USD of BNT + earning around 110 BNT a day, and you’re talking about “it may go on a run”. You failed to discuss any inherent value or future value Bancor will bring or create.

Like said gtfo newfag. I could buy your family in my sleep. Stay poor you absolute NPC.

Lemme guess. “Diamond hands guys!!!” Kek

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Bought in at 6.20$, how fucked am I?

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does staking bancor require a decent pc?

>> No.29119154

the decentest

>> No.29119211

>4 months
LOL, enjoy your post collapse crypto prices fool.

This shit was 10 $, then it was 20c. Has been around since 2017.

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Imagine being this petty

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You waiting for NEXT Token upcoming token sale? Next token is the token of NEXT Exchange that is under truly high demand now with high standards. http://NEXT.exchange is the hybrid trading platform for digital assets. Yet easy to use and secure hybrid exchange platform is ideal for traders of all levels. From beginner to pro, they will help you board the digital economy

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diaf, fgt

>> No.29119331

Anon what’s your price target for BNT? $100+?

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Not alot of fren energy ITT

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maybe i will faggot. you are probably to dumb to understand that even after leveraging twice i still have 55% of vbnt, so i can sell that anytime i want plus 4 months is a day i become breakeven on liquid bnt, but my stack becomes more liquid every day

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>Like said gtfo newfag. I could buy your family in my sleep. Stay poor you absolute NPC.

sure thing anon. now please stop posting.

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I sold at $5.75. Shall I buy back in WTF?

>> No.29119518

No staking for me then

>> No.29119674

do some reading anon. pc specs do not matter as you are staking in smart contract

>> No.29119724

lol. please more hate posting please norms go back

>> No.29119730

sweet so i basically had the right idea about everything and picked a winner without trying

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This is a hidden gen in all the shilling.
No one is talking everyone is buying.
They fix those gas prices and it will moon to 30$

>> No.29120385

teach me

>> No.29120392

>he sold


>> No.29120507

I bought at $2.80. Why not? Ofc I would sell at 100%+


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I dont understand why you guys want the arbitrum implemented so much. High gas fees make it so normies and poorfags are priced out of LP, so they're left with just buying BNT to hold or using swaps on the app, both benefitting us directly.
Meanwhile if gas fees are in poorfag ranges then our profit from fees will dry up as normies take up the space in the pools.
Or am I getting something wrong?

>> No.29120600

Should I stake my vBNT in an vBNT/BNT pool or swap vBNT for BNT and stake that? What have you guys done?

>> No.29120636

I'm a normie and I just want the price to go up. Idk why I wouldn't want other people to buy in

>> No.29120663

I will wait will new pool opens than swap for BNT. Also hoping ratio improves till then

>> No.29120685

guys brainlet question
>no burn function for another month or so
> vbnt/bnt cross is illiquid as fuck and sensitive to volume
> not mechanism to push vbnt back toward equilibrium price yet
given the above, and factoring in gas costs, does it make sense to just stake bnt for now, unstake in 3 weeks and then try to time you bnt -> vbnt conversion to capitalise on upward x rate pressure as burn gets introduced? seems a waste to hold for 4 weeks. that said, (can someone check this) assume equilibrium is 0.85, you make 25% bnt if you convert to vbnt now (at 0.68) and it gets there in 4 weeks. but your opportunity cost is 28 days of IL protection growth.
ahhhhh wat do

>> No.29120745

Sell signal

>> No.29120775

Buying in has nothing to do wirh gas fees, please lurk more before posting

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>buying the literal jew token

oh no no no no

>> No.29121025

This is just beginning anon.

Check out these wallets that have been accumulating

nr. 1 connected to defiance capital


Nr. 2 Huge whale that has been buying tons on binance and other cex's


>> No.29121163

Money printerrre

>> No.29121201

>55% vbnt
>I can sell anytime I like

Literally no you can't. 45% of your shit is locked up lmao, hope the market doesn't retrace anytime soon

>> No.29121253

I agree, as the fees get lower, our rewards get lower, but at the same time the price of bnt will climb exponentially. More people buying BNT and staking it=not selling=higher price.

>> No.29121342

Who could this be? Why would somebody buy so much Bancor?

>> No.29121386

What are the risks to just stack the vbnt into the vbnt/bnt pool ?

>> No.29121413

I wonder why the 2nd wallet isnt staking. I guess theyre in it for a quick profit

>> No.29121450

It could be anyone, but whoever it is they're betting heavily on BNT for a reason.

>> No.29121522

Profit taking, a year ago it was 15 cents, if i had bought a shit ton at 15 cents i probably would have realized gains too once it crossed 5

>> No.29121540

Sure but Id rather stay in a comfy 10-20$ range (which we're most likely going to regardless of arbitrum) and stake for months rather than having a price driven by fomo from normies with high volatility in fees/rewards.

>> No.29121573

Who knows....he been has been buying for a while. The other one is Defiactivist.eth....that's one of Arthur_0x personal wallets.

More alpha and I need to get paid.

>> No.29121610

Based and merchant pilled

>> No.29121718

i said i can sell 55% of my original stack. and i literally can

>> No.29121813

yeah it's strange, also because he has been buying for over two weeks.

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So what price are we looking at eoy?

>> No.29122435


>> No.29122623

I need help with this shit, I have a bunch of BNT.. the vBNT swap rate is way below 1. How do you plan to make your vBNT back later to unlock? You'd have to come up with the difference somehow right?

>> No.29123041

When you stake your BNT in a pool, you get vBNT 1:1 to your BNT, so unless you plan on doing something with your vBNT where you could lose it, you can always unlock your BNT stake.

>> No.29123241

What price is eod?

>> No.29123253

But to leverage it to double stake you'd need to swap it to BNT again which is 1 to 0.6.

>> No.29123758

bought some at 4, should I buy some more now or is it going to dump further ?

>> No.29123814

holding pretty well above 5.5 so far but who knows. if bull market continues we will definitely go much higher if dump begins no one is safe

>> No.29123837

Literally just buy the cheap vBNT right now and sell it back after the burn is introduced

>> No.29124006

Calm the fuck down
Very pleased you are doing well though
What is your price prediction end of year?

>> No.29124200

incel moment

>> No.29124457

what burn?

>> No.29124553

vBNT will be burned using some of the trading fees, so vBNT supply will be smaller than staked BNT. this will have two effects - drive the vBNT price up and perma lock some BNT driving BNT price up

>> No.29124579


>> No.29124825

>Ofc I would sell


>> No.29124935

sick thanks!

>> No.29126006

Enjoy the few hundred dollars profit anon...
I'm hodling to the moon
I will buy your daughter for 1 coin in the near future

>> No.29126082

Does this ethereum Binance News effect BNT at all

>> No.29126178

What news

>> No.29126301

Binance has shut ETH down it's all over exit ALL positions unless you are high ranking CCP member

>> No.29126429

How are you so sure? In a few sentences

>> No.29126548

cheaper fees = more trading = more fees for LP

>> No.29126726

honestly im a faggot, but we need arbitrum so people will stop using BSC and eth can continue to be the dominant blockchain.

>> No.29126822

fake news ?

>> No.29126984

But fees are already cheap as fk compared to other dexes

>> No.29127023

i’ve always been a link marine since 2018, and turns out it’s bancor what makes me omega rich, what a fucking clown world.

>> No.29127053


What happened to this board? Who do you think fonds these projects before they shill it to your npc ass brain. This is an angry autist board. Imagine being on biz in 2021 and thinking there is any other purpose other than having angry rants at poorfags while being having a 7 fig net worth. 2017/18 was for thinking. Now we shitpost poorfags and newfags like yourselves.

Will send you guys 50 BNT if you stick a sharpie in your pooper

>> No.29127114

go back to plebbit shithead

>> No.29127221

Yeah just about x10 too earlier old buddy. No problem though champ, we’ll get em next time with hard work. I’m having a few beers this Friday while I watch the game if you wanna come around? Can try out the new pizza oven I bought while in lockdown! Yeah it’s great, great to discover a new part of myself. I’m really into crypto stocks these days too! I think it’s safe to buy them when they’ve already gone x10, because then you KNOW they are legit and not scam haha. Weird investment thesis but it works right? Hey pass us the remote will ya champ?

>> No.29127377


Where do you think you are


Prob 20-25. Uni is worth 6 bill woth x3 the supply with zero utility (not even swap fees) so could go god tier. will be the blue chip dex; shitcoin hunting will still be uniswaps, but it’ll be a privilige and a “standard mark” if you get listed on Bancor. No joke.

>> No.29127605

Anyone idea if L2 implementation will fracture the liquidity pools in 2?

>> No.29127626
File: 325 KB, 1258x669, BNT Shirts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not one mention of the shirts

>> No.29127716

These shirts feel like a jab at uniswap and I love it, fk that tranny Hayden anyway

>> No.29127766

youre so angry and so autistic that i will follow you through heavan and hell anon,

>> No.29128047


Fucking checked fren.

>> No.29128521

gonna redeem the one on the left

>> No.29129441

you won't

>> No.29129844

>Meanwhile if gas fees are in poorfag ranges then our profit from fees will dry up as normies take up the space in the pools.
unironically i am actually seeing this happen right now, even though the percent of bnt staked is down a few percent, my bnt per hour is slightly down in last days. There is definitely significant consolidation happening, 2 weeks ago I was just barely a top 100 wallet. Now I am at 150 and to be back in top 100 would be nearly 2x more bnt. This is pretty significant IMO. I am not leaving by any stretch and flirting with buying a bunch more but there is a shitload of action happening(bigger money) on this token...

>> No.29129901

checks id
Sorry mate, don't give advice to WQMEM...
I just believe in the tech and it's backers, compare this team to uniswaps or nucypher and you'll see exactly what I mean. I've doubled my money in a week and can't see an end to the steady rise from here
Read into the tech and it's application

>> No.29130096

I'm game, what picture would you like me to draw?

>> No.29130264

What is your prediction?

>> No.29130278

newfag here, where is this screen from? is this the bancor site or do you stake somewhere else

>> No.29130304
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>it's backers, compare this team to uniswaps
this for sure. i mean, there is literally no contest here, bancor team has been around since like 2011 working in crypto, has actual established financial experts/theorists working it. even that dirtbag andre that everyone seems to worship admitted outright he cut/pastes bancor code and said the contracts are so sophisticated he does not understand them.

>> No.29130692

I personally think this is the most obvious 10x in crypto.
unless its a literal house of cards, which it could be.
The way I see it, compared to other AMM...
>*swap are literal forks of bancor codebase
>*swap currency is eth
>eth is supposed to be a computer, not currency
>bnt aims to be the currency of eth
>if you pay attention, things like 1inch route all links swaps through bancor
>this will happen for wbtc
>then more

this is the thing, if bnt can become the currency of ethereum, then there is no ceiling, 100, 200? who knows. This is a hard road though, people do not get it.

>> No.29130764

>newfag here, where is this screen from? is this the bancor site or do you stake somewhere else
thats bancor, on your page when staking

>> No.29130829

you're cool anon thanks

>> No.29130908

sure, but do you have any sex?

>> No.29130999

>the contracts are so sophisticated he does not understand them.
you misspelled "the bancor team is hiding the code which generates new tokens out of thin air at time of purchase"

>> No.29131424

that is correct, but since contracts are copy pasted bancor team is double spending uniswap and selling it to pump bancor now

>> No.29131749

>that is correct, but since contracts are copy pasted bancor team is double spending uniswap and selling it to pump bancor now
they are failing at this if this is what you call a pump.
uni and sushi of course...pumped there own tokens because they are helping the AMM decide price ay? or do you actually believe zero utility tokens created from nothing are worth billions?

>> No.29132220

It just went up like 50% in less than 2 days hello

>> No.29132592

>It just went up like 50% in less than 2 days hello
I get it, its great, im very happy about it.
it is off orders of magnitude for a crypto pump.
uniswap went from 3 to 23 in like 35 days. That is plainly a manipulated pump. that price increase happened for zero reason. the token is a voting token. do you think the market is paying billions for the right to vote on uniswap??

>> No.29132720

that might be right for uniswap, but bnt much more than governance token. this pump coincides with vortex release which made some mad plays with bnt/vbnt possible

>> No.29132779

who's she?
tell me she on their team and I'm all in

>> No.29132838

Leave. Just leave

>> No.29132921


>> No.29133043

i don't understand.
i am saying bnt pricing is real and organic and uni is a manipulated piece of trash.

>> No.29133162

>that might be right for uniswap, but bnt much more than governance token. this pump coincides with vortex release which made some mad plays with bnt/vbnt possible
this is exactly what i am saying, do you guys read at a 1st grade level or something?

>> No.29133328

Sorry I’m delusional, I read your post completely wrong. I’ll leave now.
P.S. Looking forward to the UI update coming

>> No.29133377
File: 4 KB, 370x86, hot kike.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she's really pretty anons
but look at pic related
i went 50%

>> No.29133389

i guess the misunderstanding rose from the fact that email up the reply chain was sarcastic and yours serious which I misinterpreted as sarcastic

>> No.29133642

Post proof he said that

>> No.29133746

Rubic allows cross chain swaps also and is aggregating price feeds from other exchanges

>> No.29133868

>during the ICO I heard that some very big whales where in on this.
>Now that I did some poking around very bullish for following reasons:
>- ICO price was around $4-6, so big investors will still be expecting higher returns on their investment.

clarifying history here. at the time, bancor was the biggest ICO ever at 153 million. The ICO of bancor and later tezos was probably the primary contributor to ether 2017 parabolic price increase, yes there was ico mania, but bancor was the first mega ico.
- ICO price was around $4-6, so big investors will still be expecting higher returns on their investment.
well, this was when every single shit ICO was rushing out whitepapers, selling 10000 tokens per eth, and returns on these were 5-20k percent. Bancor was the first that said nah, fuck that, 100 bnt = 1 eth with no cap, thats how they got mega funding, because they had finance and banking people in the background being patient.
Also, the day it closed, eth was 392, so the ICO price for bnt was 3.92.
This is stark contrast to all other ico's at the time where the tokens were coming out at a few cents then going to 50 dollars the first day they hit a CEX....

>> No.29134154

Right, so you're telling me that the price of BNT is artificially pumped and the price of UNI is pushed down rn ????

>> No.29134370

based. fucked redditors. niggers of the internet.

>> No.29134419
File: 61 KB, 596x496, 1612920726465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The average delusional genderswap enjoyer.

>> No.29134537

can someone please explain to me why i am wrong:
we are passing sushiswaps marketcap, they suck. 15 dollars secured.
we are going to creep up on uniswap, will get to 4B mcap. 30 dollars secured.
with all the shit bancor is doing right now, being a better product than uniswap, L2 solutions coming soon, vortex being a mini aave, etc. we are passing uniswaps current mcap of 6B. 50 dollars secured.
then with the growth of crypto in general throughout the year and the fact that bancor is much more than an AMM, 50 dollars seems like a genuinley conservative prediction.

>> No.29134601

UNI is done. BNT will steamroll

>> No.29134620
File: 126 KB, 1280x1274, 1613582228755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're correct.

>> No.29134731

i dont think you are wrong

>> No.29134851

none of this will happen until its off the shitty eth chain and on the binance smart chain. people don't want to pay 1000 dollars to interact with a contract

>> No.29135029


>> No.29135143

you know it's true. which is why eth is being literally abandoned. face it, that commie faggot vitalik is sabotaging it on purpose.

>> No.29135236

>meanwhile he uses CCP owned CDEX
cant make this shit up, pink wojak fields will soon be glorious

>> No.29135458

>commie faggot
pick one

>> No.29135602

>people don't want to pay 1000 dollars to interact with a contract
L2 solutions coming...
the working demo on testnet...

>> No.29135634

BNT will still crash if crypto bullmarket ends soon though...

>> No.29135675

OH NONONONON Im definitely stealing this

>> No.29135800

We’ll see with arbitrum implementation if your viewpoint holds any weight

>> No.29135914

>BNT will still crash if crypto bullmarket ends soon though...
if the market crashes uniswap will be 20 cents and sushi will be 5 cents

>> No.29136025

>you know it's true. which is why eth is being literally abandoned. face it, that commie faggot vitalik is sabotaging it on purpose.
we'll see i guess. its mind blowing really that tron, tezos. *etherkiller* could not muster the ability to come at eth during the last 6 months, pathetic really..

>> No.29136247

How many should I have to be worth staking with these homosexual gas fees?
t. poorfag with only 150 bnt

>> No.29136358

these gas fees are fucked. when arbitrum?

>> No.29136431

nigger he is sabotaging ETH FOR THE CCP and their binance chink chain

>> No.29137665


>> No.29137797

>50x reduction of fees in march

>> No.29137872

>about options to leverage vbnt
what is the function of vbnt?

>> No.29137953

literally there is no timeline. all amm's are working in it, nobody is saying when.

>> No.29137969

>undervalued blue chip defi
>blue chip
could you tell me why is it a blue chip?

>> No.29138204

read about vortex anon, but in shor you stake bnt and receive vbnt. vbnt is used to unlock your stake, however while you are staking u can sell vbnt. vbnt is also being burned using money made from fees. so whe you stake you can make high iq plays with vbnt

>> No.29138211

Oh god oh fuck you chinks made me fomo in. 3k stacklet poorfag lets goo

>> No.29138395

>he doesnt know

>> No.29138412

130 BNT poorfag here ._.

>> No.29138721

we're gonna make it lad

>> No.29138921

The breadcrumbs are everywhere anon.

In short, the IL protection, rewards, Vortex leverage mean that Bancor is the best place to keep your liquidity. It is obvious to the whales and it will get more obvious as we go.

People trade where the liquidity is. As Bancor soaks up all the liquidity in the space, it will be become the dominant DEX.

Just look at how Sushi stole Unis liquidity and skyrocketed in price. Bancor is going to do that to everything. This is a short term play AND a long term play, one of the best long term plays you're going to see.

>> No.29138992

Fellow chads is it worth it for me to stake 350 bancor? Im a poorfag so Im afraid I'll get eaten by gas fees

>> No.29139282
File: 8 KB, 285x249, 765645433241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

chinks you say?

>> No.29139289

4 u it would make sense to swap bnt to vbnt. look it up boi

>> No.29139930

>not the same, but both have good tokenomics and are filling different niche
please could you explain to me why they are filling different niches?
They do both the same thing... Defi / staking coins for farming purpose

>> No.29140098

1inch has all exchanges and limit orders and it doesn't surpass uniswap
1st mover is strong advantaqe, no guarantee for bnt to reach uni price

>> No.29140265

>4 u it would make sense to swap bnt to vbnt. look it up boi

this is the play. I am not going to pretend I wrote this cause i didn;t
>Here's a big IQ tip if you want to leverage your stack: buy BNT and swap it to vBNT so long as the price of vBNT is under .8
>The protocol peg will ramp up buying and burning of vBNT the lower it goes. When the peg is at 0.6, the protocol spends 8% of all swap fees buying and burning vBNT.
>If the price of vBNT drops to 0.1, that goes up to a STAGGERING 53.4%
>If you have free liquidity and you want to be in Bancor for the longer term, buying vBNT below .9 is like buying Tether or USDC at below a dollar

>> No.29140328

Did you see that volume graphic from yesterday.
Uni volune down 50% BNT up 100%

>> No.29140948

Thabk you kind anons. I tried staking with ETH but it somehow failed and still charged me 20$ worth of ETH. For some thats not much but to me it hurt quite a bit

>> No.29141353

>Thabk you kind anons. I tried staking with ETH but it somehow failed and still charged me 20$ worth of ETH. For some thats not much but to me it hurt quite a bit
this is an especially bitter thing with ether...even a failed TX is going to burn gas....

>> No.29141553

I'm deciding on holding this for awhile so I should probably just stake regardless of gas price. My only question is do I have to re-stake after these 90 day periods and spend gas to do that? Or do my bancies stay staked as long as I dont pull them out?

>> No.29141692

I never really understood this, desu. The gas fee is for miners to process your transaction, right? So why do they take money if they don't do the transaction? Or rather, if one transaction fails why do you have start again from scratch rather than just picking up where the failed transaction left off?

>> No.29141819

Because ETH is an unoptimized scam
It was never supposed to become this huge and that's why it will eventually kill itself if 2.0 doesn't come soon

>> No.29141872

it's over i'm ruined

>> No.29141998


>its over


>> No.29142054

we're crabbing

>> No.29142110

Hol up

Theres gas fees on bancor too?

>> No.29142166
File: 57 KB, 1024x827, 1611355044902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29142199

trading at 5.60 over on binance, if you buying right now coinbase is like 5.18

>> No.29142392

where the fuck are all the arbitragers?? I noticed this shit yesterday too

>> No.29142492

Please sir, im a brainlet

Explain it to me, anything based off eth has gas fees then?

>> No.29142780


Not extremely high IQ but a decent strat none the less.

We have no idea about the pacing + stability of that peg; an ideal peg is 0.85. Eyal said 0.95 would be very good (and thus v short term). However, I do agree, apart form the vbnt/bnt staking, this is the lowest strat. Swing trading a direct derivative of BNT that is pegged to BNT at 0.85 : 1 via a bonding curve, which will buy + burn vBNT as that ratio separates further is wuite comfy, but we've no idea of timeframes.

Hi + lo Iqs can do the degen plays with leverage, but if you're a comfy midwit the vbnt/ bnt pools or swinging around the peg is your best way to go


>> No.29142830

That’s what we’re trying to figure out here >>29139601

>> No.29142932


Nope; Bancies stay put. Also do them in one txn; if you do little bits, you'll eat yourself alive by only putting in small amounts, especially if you're a stacklet.

You will have to restake your rewards though, adn this costs gas. Best time to do this is a combo of making sure your rewards justify the gas expenditure (i.e 5%) + doing it when gas is low. The first factor there is most important. You can take higher % haircuts if you're bigger because, you'll make it back quicker with rewards.

>> No.29143108

should i just get rid of my xrp and get nice stack of bnt?

>> No.29143204

Idk XRP could still hit 10 then go back to a penny

>> No.29143367


You are way way way too fucking new to be in this thread. Hop over to youtube, search Ethereum + gas for beginners". Spend the next day doing that, then you can come back here and be a brainlet. Brainlet here is for BNT brainlets; not actualy full retard "crypto stocks" brainlets.

THink back to old mobiles. If ethereum is a mobile network, gas is the cost to send a text. Small texts are simple; but you want to send big text with pictures + multiple people + to different countries (increasingly complex) this is gonna cost more. Also, the network can only send X amount of texts per 10 minutes. The wagies who verify/ confirm these texts to be pushed through the network do this nromally. However, when all the normies start teting each other across the world, the price per text goes up, because people want their text sent. They are willigng to pay more to send their text. Only 100 texts per 10 minutes, and you've got many more than that being sent, so people try to front run each other, and then other people cant afford/ dont bother to send texts. This, on a grand scale amkes the network very very congested + exspensive.

I charge businesses 200 USD an hour to delvier that speech with fancier words + meme graphs. You're welcome kek

>> No.29143538

i think retarded rugpull gambling redditors are ruining the market right now. no reason this should be as low as it is while BSC food scams are exploding

>> No.29143539

consolidation here?

>> No.29143550

How do I get your job

>> No.29143696

Yes until king shitcoin takes a fucking breather

>> No.29143862

how do I educate myself on liquidity pooling in non scam projects? I hold some SNX, and I hopped into this yesterday at 6 dollars lol
I have struggled though with both of these projects to figure out how to best optimize my staking power without going into debt/impermeant loss

>> No.29143875

Fuck yea, thrilled to get able to grab more around $5

>> No.29143924

We started consolidating before then though. I think the Vortex hype pump is over. Would’t mines some chop for a week, its healthy

>> No.29144122


I got interested in crypto 5 years ago. Told people to buy, they didnt. Knew I bought, and knew my stuff. Iwas doing this during med school. I used to work fulltime as a doctor, but now do part time (solely for the prupose of it).

I shilled LINK (mainly) + BNT + AVAX + GRT + YAX (only to close frens kek) to friends, who wanted to sell and I told them not to . Some of them shilled their bosses etc, and when they couldnt explain it. Asked me to. Had no problem initially, until it was numerous people asking; some at same company. I said I would come in on a Friday and explain the benefits of ethereum (blockchain mainly) and pretty much do a big ass LINK shill. Chainlink was a hard concept to grasp (still is) so had multiple consults. They've asked me to work in strategy + got an offer from one friend in an boutique firm, but I've no interest.

Its not hard really. I mainly do it for connections because while I've a humble big dick here, I have poor knowledge of real world assett mgmt. They always ask about BTC, I do not beleive in btc at all. Boomers say it is a store of value now, which means it probably is because they;ve given it that value. I see no value in it apart form being the first mover.

>> No.29144263

Kek AVAX? Really? Ethkillers? Why don’t you shill AAVE to your boomers too?

>> No.29144339

should we just wait to see if BNT will pick back up? buying now seems dangerious, it could drop fairly fast

>> No.29144444

If you plan on holding long term just buy some now and buy more if it dips further and also buy more even if it pumps

>> No.29144490


>> No.29144530


Without a doubt the best way is to just dive in head first and learn to swim. There's no IL on Bancor. The sLINK-LINK stuff that andre + CLG are shilling is not worth it imo. CLG is guy who copy pastad biz info on to twitter and threw a name behind, and has benefitted massively off the social reputation system there. He's not an OG linkie and never will be, depsite him having a done a large service for spreading chainlink on a community level. He just uses his influence because of his monstrous sushi bags, adn Andre is amateur hour compared to Bancor devs (he admitted this himself; sutrggles to read past the basic ScC code)

If you weren't talking about that, and simply staking SNX on Bancor, its quite simple. Just click and stake. Its mainly intuitive; there is plenty of twitter accounts who are very active in BNT who woudl be happy to help guide you. ANy of the decent LINK or BNT accounts.

I fail to understand what you are saying in terms of struggling with optimization

>> No.29144559


>> No.29144581
File: 14 KB, 191x234, 1269189832864.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

quints of truth

>> No.29144747
File: 46 KB, 641x389, base.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked, based and Bancpilled.

>> No.29144838

is it worth it to stake my rewards? I currently have like 90BNT as rewards that are unstaked. gas is like $300 lol

>> No.29144886

absolutely this. BNT is a long term hold and in the same league as link. it will be THE amm in 6 months.

>> No.29144887


Was for the ICO. I personally don't invest in blockchain + their competitors, as they all have some give + take and its too competitive a market. My main investment thesis is identifying vital structural integrations (LINK + GRT + one not out yet called Agoric) or dapps that onyl attempt to do one thing and do it well. I have a large BNT bag, but I've been DCAing in over a year now. YAX personally is high risk, but there are massive names behind it. One of those LINk guys who likes to track new feeds posted about them the other day. Plus their lead dev, transferandcall, is more autistic than me to large degree, to the point where he only uses chainlinked projects.

I agree with your consensus on ETH killers etc. Its why I stay away from them, but they all went x100 on AVAX, asking me shoudl they sell when it was low. They made over a half a million on 6kish and think I am some type of crypto market god.

>> No.29144923

What else should I buy BNTbros?

>> No.29145274

what if i buy some vbnt rn and throw half of them into 0xdead

>> No.29145722

Should i buy now or wait until sub 4 dollars boys? How high we going?

>> No.29145797

Interesting anon, thanks for the perspective. I’ll look into YAX and the other play.

>> No.29145845
File: 596 KB, 1722x1722, fb4eef656619fdec7f8957ee16a2054c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Accumulated a 10k stack of this last summer and dumped it all at $1 because it was crabbing hard in the autumn

>> No.29145903
File: 8 KB, 238x192, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw have no idea what BNT does
>but guy that posts in this thread seems to be smart as fuck and well read on crypto
>also like their logo and name
>and they have a cute milf on their team
>go all in

>> No.29146030
File: 8 KB, 218x218, pepe3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

damn dude lay off him. he's just a kid...

>> No.29146178

~$30 worth of coins from coinbase and transferred them all to BNT

Am I gonna make it?

>> No.29146183
File: 30 KB, 600x505, 1613070505730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>or wait until sub 4 dollars boys?
Incredibly based little friend. You're going to make it, you know that?

>> No.29146283

are they that great?
I have 20k usd
how much could I be doing x month?
Farming where?

>> No.29146343

>Vortex leverage mean that Bancor is the best place to keep your liquidity
sorry but why?

>> No.29146347
File: 613 KB, 1125x2436, 57CDAAE7-DD40-4F84-B58E-B174155F86F0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Way oversold on the 1hr. Priming for a pump.

>> No.29146382


>> No.29146515

Shalom. It's a pricepump scheme.
1. They made a shitcoin and are creating more of these shitcoins.
2. They want to push the price up so they want to create scarcity.
3. They create this scarcity by telling everybody to take their shitcoin to their exchange and invest it to earn them new shitcoins of the same type.
4. The milf is there because (((they))) know how you're thinking.

>> No.29146580

What's your opinion on SNX?

>> No.29146611
File: 31 KB, 500x500, clown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>So why do they take money if they don't do the transaction?
well, so think of it this way.
etheruem is a contract executor(for a fee)
you submit a tx to interact, the contract rejects for whatever reason.
to the tx was computed, it was just rejected.
in my case it was a stake, but it can also commonly happen like doing a swap that slips to far..

>> No.29146771

>not trusting jews with money
With Jews you win

>> No.29146853

>this is the play. I am not going to pretend I wrote this cause i didn;t
>>Here's a big IQ tip if you want to leverage your stack: buy BNT and swap it to vBNT so long as the price of vBNT is under .8
>>The protocol peg will ramp up buying and burning of vBNT the lower it goes. When the peg is at 0.6, the protocol spends 8% of all swap fees buying and burning vBNT.
>>If the price of vBNT drops to 0.1, that goes up to a STAGGERING 53.4%
>>If you have free liquidity and you want to be in Bancor for the longer term, buying vBNT below .9 is like buying Tether or USDC at below a dollar
listen to me
I am low IQ
I don't know why I should be doing all that shit, all that swaps between bnt and vbnt, I want to stake 20k of some coin pretty stable in price and get 30%-50% Apy
it could be also usdt