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> audited
>7000% APR (vs 2000% for EGG)
>Only 2ml TVL (vs 100m+ for EGG)
> didn't moon yet
> active community
>recently listed on CoinGecko


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I boughted 10 smokeys for the hell of it. Already steaked 10% more within an hour.

What about supply though?

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easy steak gainz

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Mcdc for the win tho

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how do I buy ?

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How do I use pancake swap lads?

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can someone walk me through steaking im fucking RETARDED. I have BNB in my binance chain wallet

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How do I setup binance chain?

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Add it as en extension in browser? I'm not a burger so idk it might be harder for you

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This has a huge MC compared to sailormoon.money which is currently getting sent and is under 150k
>it's in the name

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sailormoon is a scam bro

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nvm i figured it out

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dont get rugged with sailormoon lol, clearly a pajeet rug

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can this get rugpulled or not?

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dev doxxed himself

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dev selfdoxxed and it's audited https://gist.github.com/Hebilicious/2f7c4478ac984ffa8d010e62361fd6bc
so no

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does it have the migrator?

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That like is sending a 404, is there another one? Thanks

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Fuck this rug. Buy BBOO just check out the website and you will ape in. low mcap and high APY

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actually insane staking gains from this wtf?
how has this not blown up yet

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got a small bag hopefully it takes off
staking is really good atm

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unlike egg it wasn't heavily shilled. i chose smoke

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any ideas what a decent stack should look like for staking? sitting at 50 SMOKE right now

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its giving insane gains precisely BECAUSE it hasnt blown up yet, get the fuck in early and reap the rewards before the returns start decresing

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isn't that risky then? Pretty sure thats how the other swaps rugpulled, and that's the appeal of EGG, that it doesn't have the migrator

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The audit the anon posted to says "After reviewing all the source files, the usual culprits (migrator, syrup exploits) that have been rugging people left and right are not present, which is really refreshing. Finally a new project that doesn't have the infamous migrator code !" fwiw

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I threw in 1k $

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It's audited

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Dev is pajeet.
I'm out

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it's a scam, it's an old project that never gained traction, they are trying to revive it. I don't remember what the price was 7 days ago, though, but it's surely not a new and upcoming project to take down EGG lmao. If you want a smaller project, have a look at ApeSwap ($BANANA). It has $27m TVL and $12m mcap only.

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Alright, got me some smoke yesterday. Sitting comfy.
But can anyone explain to me how compounding in yield farming works? I'm a fucking poorfag so I need to make the most of it. How do I do it?

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>its a scam but good news for you sir! u can buy my token instead!
fuck yourself nigger jeet

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Lol just launched yesterday, nice fud

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but sir my village

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isnt that just the guy that did the audit?

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im in.