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I teach 12 year olds - 6th graders. I talk crypto with them, and last year for the first time I gave BTC for graduation to a kid who I know would like it. Today one of my kids came in this morning, and looked at me sadly, and said,"I should have bought at $46,000" A 12 year old. Yeah, you are an early adopter.

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You're so fucking delusional if you think you're an early adopter lol. It's now being pumped and shilled by professionals, nothing else. This crypto mania will leave broken dreams and massive bags in later 2021

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This. I sold all my shit at 40k, Elon just postponed the crash, he didn't stop it

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You're a pedophile and a normie, GTFO.

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peak disbelief

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truly cursed

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When the shoe polishers start talking about the market, that’s when it’s time to sell.

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Stop touching them.

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sam hyde said bitcoin is going to 450k and ethereum to 20k so we still got some juice in this run yet guys

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it's samantha now, bitch

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Can't wait for ETH 2.0 to release in 2070

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This. Early adopters were from 2009 to max 2016 and even then it was kind of late to the scene.

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>I gave BTC for graduation to a kid who I know would like it.
creepy desu

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