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Do any anons have the missing pages from this report on DSLA?

Will post the PRQ and LTO pages

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delet this

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I have the pdf
Let me see how i could post it

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This I need to accumulate more LTO

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Fuck man, thank you so much

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ok but seriously
how did you find this
did an anon pay 5k for this pdf?

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This report is a bit dated on LTO
Lto is working on verifiable credentions and decentralized IDs on chain now.
From what I quickly read from prq there, they're verifying the collateral ,
Well lto is verifying the identity of whovever published the data through oracle,
Linking enterprises with defi through ids which would allow for adoption.

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Got leaked, idk how
But it was posted a couple of times in the LTO tg group

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Already did the math on LTO.

But no one talks DSLA at all, which is bizarre since the other two listed in the paper are clearly legit projects

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Yea it does seem like a credible report overall

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Well if you have bought at the prices they recommended, you'd be massively in the green on all 3. DSLA seems to the be the weakest of the three projects, but their partnership with ROSE seems to be a good sign. Worth throwing a bit of money at and holding

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thanks anon

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Holy fuck anon thank you

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wait I already eard this one from another anon, how come cryto capital only did one of these?

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You're welcome frens, wagmi

I think this was one that got leaked, normally it's under a paywall