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Should I fomo in with $1k? Wtf do I do?

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It’s obviously a chink scam in the long term but shit coins will continue to moon in the short run

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they are doing more volume than Uniswap atm so probably it will shot up at least 5x

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How the fuck do I even buy this shit? I got on their site but my metamask won't connect

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i bought in yesterday desu, and i'm more of a trader normally, but i'm just going to hold this for a month because the returns are crazy. i have abt $50k staked, which is netting me some nice cash as well. it's way more comfy than watching ADA crab and waiting for 'news' or for Charles to quit speaking in riddles.

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i followed this guy's video...pretty easy

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Does metamask not connect or am i retarded

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you have 50k invested in something called pancake swap?

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you don't? ngmi

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we're heading to $30-$60, somewhere in this range.

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in CAKE desu...most of the rest in EGG, BUNNY, BURGER, and BERRY...plus staking/farming netting me $350-375/day

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Im staking 150 cake for more cake in the pool.
>wish i wasn't such a poor fag maybe i can make it too

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Whats the apy?

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What's the next pancake swap x10?

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how in the fuck do i buy this shit, I have metamask but it wont let me use my eth on it

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138% atm

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Based retard

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im serious please help

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50usd EOD!!

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Did you do this

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I think we need to send ETH to the new address on the binance network you create on metamask bruh im smooth brian too this is hard that video didn't sa y how to load funds onto pancake

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just get the Binance Trust Wallet desu. Easy-peasy, zero effort

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you can buy it on a normal binance spot wallet

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just install trust wallet, rid yourself of this 2017 piece of shit metamask, and buy BNB with fiat from trust wallet. alternatively you can use rubic.exchange to bridge ETH from ETC to BEP20, and swap that BEp20 ETH for CAKA via pancake swap

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First step, create a Metamask wallet with BSC settings.
Second, buy CAKE on Binance and some BNB to use as gas, move these to your MetaMask BSC wallet.
Connect MetaMask to, I dunno.. https://pancakebunny.finance/ and start staking.

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yes i did that, but now my eth is stored on eth mainet, but wont transfer to the new network. It's the same wallet address, so I can't just send it to myself.

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I can't buy it on binance, and I can't get a bsc wallet in the us

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>Buy low sell high
>Buy high sell low
Which does fomo usually lead to?

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How can the same wallet be eth mainnet and bsc, you what.

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>a chink scam
>i bought in
>you have 50k invested in something called pancake swap?
>cake for more cake
>next pancake
>buy CAKE

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Here is what I did... first of all if you're in the US, use a VPN, I like NordVPN but I pay for it.

Follow this guide, only the "Connect Your MetaMask With Binance Smart Chain" section since you already have MetaMask (or create a new wallet if you like, but I have just one)

then go to https://www.binance.org/en/bridge
select the assett, Ethereum, and you'll see the "From" switch to Ethereum Network. Leave the "To" at Binance Smart Chain Network
Type in the amount you want to send, and click send, and they'll give you an address, go to your Ethereum mainnet and send that amount of ETH to that address, and it will show up in your BSC Mainnet once it's approved and everything

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oops the guide but looked like you already added it

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To get eth mainnet eth onto bsc. Then i had to add eth as a custom token just like adding an erc token on metamask

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>>a chink scam
>>i bought in
>>you have 50k invested in something called pancake swap?
>>cake for more cake
>>next pancake
>>buy CAKE

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i thought $2 was too high 2 weeks ago
i waited a week and fomod in at $6
we are now 3x my entry. BSC shit is still early 2bh

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>if you're in the US, use a VPN, I like NordVPN but I pay for it
Or you could just simpleswap some bnb into your binance account and then use the wallet extension to get it on the smart chain

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not gonna lie it's a pain in the ass if you're in the US and follow use Binance US. QRD: Configure BSC as a new network in MetaMask (desktop only), then use Binance Bridge to transfer ETH to BSC. Then swap ETH for CAKE on pancakeswap

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reminder all chink and prajeets are nothing more than a scam that will eventually happen. Don't say you were not warned.

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Egg is likely. Goose has good security measures. And will have DEX. High APY rewards and deflationary measures.

Partnerships coming up.

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Buy bake NOW

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11 validators 1 chink

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33% cake 33% bnb 33% egg

feels comfy

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Put your money here. Wait 1 week.

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based, this guy trades

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Trustwallet has an 8% fee when buying bnb. Wtf

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Egg is probably the next 10x but WYNAUT is the next 100X easy

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Trust wallet is fucking trash. I didn’t even immediately get my bnb. Can’t even exchange it. Thanks for the scam you faggots.

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put money into PSTH and/or CCIV and other churchill spacs of the same mcap. a new bubble is forming and here is your breadcrumb

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So I got a 27K bag and growing. It's just idle. Been thinking about staking or farming but not wanting to drop more cash into it. You think just holding my bag will pay off decently? I got in around .08-.09. unfortunately.

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My funds are on binance, BNB is scary, is there anything wrong with sending BUSD to trust wallet? Seems like cheapest way to do it.

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why the fuck are you not farming with your wynauts

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