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Face it, you only want to see him lose because he isn't white.

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I want to see him win cause fuck vitalik

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Wrong. I dont trust him because hes chinese. Simple as.

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this and he wants to roll back the btc blockchain "to recover 7000 lost early btc"
I don't trust his whole "friendly to the ways of the west" attitude.

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Yep, it's cus he's not white. So what?

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ching chong ping pong ding dong

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Me Chinese. My play joke. Me put pepe in your coke.

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He’s a grifter.

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Imagine trusting chinks in business, ever.
Look up what happened to Kawasaki Heavy Industries when they had a deal to build high speed rail in China.
>chinks get Japan to sign IP transfer
>deal falls through
>chinks start massive building of Japanese shinkansen trains in China, literally just minor mods and rename it Fuxing
>give no credit
>talk about how China is so great, has the best high speed railway network in the world
>Japan given nothing
>KHI can't even sue for compensation
NO chinks
NEVER chinks

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No, it's cause he's Chinese. Never trust the yellow man, they are the jews of the east.

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I only want to see him lose because he's a chink. I'd prefer to see the turkroach AVAX win over the chopstick BNB

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not at all—i want to love him, very much
i've always thought fondly of him
i just can't be sure whether he's fundamentally an ancap and truly in favor of a free market, or if he's trying to bring involuntarily-funded government to the blockchain
whether he's someone who wants humanity and all life on earth to evolve into higher beings in elevated societies, or if he's just like all the other government figures and corporatists—junkies chasing a high, in this case found in being able to flex power over others, uncaring of such things as the state of their overarching society or the general wellbeing of their fellow man
whether he's a voluntarist, or an involuntarist

as for a potential CCP connection—fuck the CCP
when it is eternally clear that we've achieved definitive victory over them, may they find success in the opportunities that nature provides them, rather than in taxing and coercing those in society who have

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I think it's funny how metheads seethe
I'm not a fan, but as long as any coin makes me money it's fine

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I just hate him because of his wash-trading-tether pumping-bullshit-exchange making bank. I don't care he's a bat soup eating chink.

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He's probably going to be kidnapped by Chinese agents, put into a weighted suitcase and thrown into the sea, then it'll all be over.

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Did the anglos seriously blame opium on chinese?

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whats wrong with 0.0001? that is what link should be valued at

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I want to see every ETH maximalist crushed, but Binance is obviously a Chicom project
Best case is he temporarily crushes ETH and then someone crushes him

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not a single based person in crypto.
i'm just trying to make money. buying chinkcoin is fucking dumb.

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>anglo merchants sell opium
>chink serfs like opium and buy it en masse
>chink government bans opium
>anglo government forces them to lift the ban because muh free marker

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If his coin hits 1K hes honorary tbqh

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The rise is going too fast, anon. I dont think it will sustain itself for long. It need to consolidate first.
ADA should be doing what BSC is doing right now. When you see the inactivity of these "eth-killers", you eventually ask yourself if they are even trying. What is happening now is a consequence of AVAX failure and ADA inactivity.

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Never Pajeets either. Something I learned in software business. Do not do business with Indians

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All the money in the world couldn't save that ugly face. Literally a fucking rat

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reminder all chink and prajeets are nothing more than a scam that will eventually happen. Don't say you were not warned.

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don't be salty on bsc. nobody is trying to build a global financial system on it, but traders have been looking for a cheap ethereum environment for some time. either centralized or not, traders do not really care. CZ has won the trading game. go build your decentralized global financial system on ethereum in 10 years. ~5 years for scaling and +5 years for enterprise usage.

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that, sir, is a nigger

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The defi bull run had to go somewhere with these gas prices. There was only one place actually ready. The other chains let perfection be the enemy of the good. We didn’t need the perfect chain. We needed something that works for reasonable gas fees.

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>All the money in the world couldn't save that ugly face. Literally a fucking rat

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they don't know

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ive payed hundred in gas alone this bull run HUNDREDS
I could have bought more of every coin I have

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I want to see him win because he isn't white.

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Is he even human? That face lol

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