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Step 1
>Download and install Metamask then follow this guide to add the BCS network to your Metamask


Step 2
>Buy some BNB

Step 3
>Head to https://www.goodboi.finance/ and follow the links to the Telegram and Pancake exchange

Step 4
>Buy some goodbois, coz you're a goodboi

Seriously. You don't have to believe in it like the rest of us do, but you want gains then here's some gains. The balls in your court.

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Move from ETH degens
Join BSC

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more coins that are burned the higher price is gonna go, only a few days before the fomo gets scary

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The page is a lot shittier than WYNAUT's launch.

Where's the URL to the Telegram community, price bot, and liquidity pool?

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im in. whats eow price?

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0. It already rugged and ready for a second lap

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telegram is right there sir

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Fud and retarded

Read the post my guy

about 8 million dollars

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Alright my bad, I'm in. Bought a few thousand and will keep buying a few thousand at a time once I understand how it works.
So theres NO farming this time, and no Liquidity Pools? You just hold it in your wallet?

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How’d you get the clover

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literally just hold the coin and watch yourself make money

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yeah its just a reflect coin atm but like wynaut that can change in the 5 days it takes for it to moon. Its literally a day old rn, just hold.

lurk moar.

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scam, rugged, telegram admins are obvious fucking indians

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I lost all my money on this rug pull this morning

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sir do the needful and kys sir liquidity is locked it cant rug.

>he sold the bottom
jesus fuck youre all braindead.

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Easy 5-10x

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Forget goodboi, come collect waifus and get laid at sailormoon.money.

Get in on the ground floor and accumulate 3% of all future sales.

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Worst website I've ever seen - also get your trademark violation figured out

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gtfo our thread pajeet, this is for good bois only

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hnnnggg pays to be a good b0i

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>literally punished for trading the token
You already know what the fuck is gonna happen. It will have no movement at all.

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What lol
The punishment is not having a bag to collect that 3%

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about to breach 1c and they burned the LP already there's no chance at rug pull wtf

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Whats the address?

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>159 addresses

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