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Am I stupid? This coin has been literally doing nothing while everything else pumps.

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nice just bought 100k

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just dump his stable coin

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You are beyond stupid. He doesn't give a fuck about that coin and is willing to let it crash and burn

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Woop de fucking doo OP. No one cares how you've spent your $10.

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>eth over bnb

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the chink unironically tried to fuck me over before with some gay kyc shit. not investing in his centralized shit because i don't trust him

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eth fucking sucks
the god combo is btc and bsc
just make tons of easy money off junk projects and farming
convert it all to sats that actually matter
theres no point to eth anymore.

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Yes it will go to 10k. Stop worrying about newfags who thinks cardano will power Africa and somehow take over the world

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Decentralization is a forced meme.
XRP and BNB masterrace reporting in.

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Oh look, a cipherpunk. Fuck off anarchist.

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How is it a forced meme? You think US companies will trust chinknance?

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Didn't Vitalik sell all his stack for almost nothing some years ago?
Why are you holding something he dumped?

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I’m a disabled vet and i realize that decentralization is a meme used against the USD by enemies both foreign and domestic. BNB and XRP will work in my country’s current framework since they can be controlled by a board of rational actors. If you hold bitcoins, monero, or ethers I am sorry but if I am called into service I will respond. I will confiscate your coins if I am ordered to by the C&C.

My country > Your anarchist cookbook/pedophile coin

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This has to be a larp right? You aren't unironically going to help the kikes right?

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Dumb niggers actually think ETH is going to crash... were going to 5k eoy niggers.

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jewish hands wrote this

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I get paid every month in dollars since I am 50% disabled. If you think I will let my lifetime purchasing power decline then you are a moron. Plus decen cryptos help terrorists, the same tangos I fought while you were home playing videogames.

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>I’m a disabled vet

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Wrong, I am born again Christian.
And when the day comes I will help you render unto Caesar.

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Bet you still believe there are WMD's in Iraq too, faggot
Thank you for your cervix btw

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>I'm a disabled vet
Wow that most have been one hell of a head injury

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do i ape into BNB?

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confirmed larp

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Coinbase is adding staking with 7% APR. Even if ETH doesn’t moon, thats a lot of passive gains.

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We never got a parade because the war never ended. I took an oath and it doesn’t have an expiration date. If you made gains on decen-coins then I suggest taking your profits and consider a tax deductible donation to wounded warriors. Then pick up some XRP and BNB.

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Stolen valor? Eat shit.

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I gave up. I'm not fighting this market over muh principles and muh tech anymore. I sold most of my ETH and put it into BNB at 210. I'm already up huge. The demand for ETH was all the ERC20 tokens and now you can't do shit with them without paying ridiculous gas fees. BSC is doing it cheaper and really that's all that matters. So fuck it, let's ride this BNB rocket.

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not sure what you're going through. seems like you need a fren
I can help you. let's chat on session privacy app and work out what you're on right now. and maybe what else you can take to get over it

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That means 2 eth a year for ya boy, guess I'm holding.

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when will they learn?

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its the only way this wave of crypto survives. those coins will be taken down by the sec

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Feels good to be a sheepdog.