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10k avax burned so far.
Pangolin doubled liquidity in less than 24 hours
215M total liquidity
What happened with avax fudders?

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Look, dont give them any attention. Let them seethe from the sidelines. The unlock is going to drive even more liquidity to pangolin.

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The money is finally comming

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there were never any "fudders" only anons angry they missed the boat so they latched on to some terminology like BONUS BLOCK and DOUBLESPEND as some kind of life raft. breakthrough technology has bugs, deal with it, doesn't make the tech any less amazing

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How much minium to make it in 1-5 years? Spare an ADHD pleb a scrap of internet stonk knowledge about invisible monopoly

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How will this compete with binance chain? Clearly avax tech is better, but bsc has name recognition and accessibility

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>What happened with avax fudders?
they decided to start fudding bonded.finance which is a dumb move. i'm sure the devs don't even care about them.
meta fomo action

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bsc just keep going up and up, while we just keep crabbing and crabbing. I don't feel so good avax bros

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BSC is a centralized piece of shit

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215m?! That shit was 140m yesterday

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Imagine missing out

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why isn't there an eth for avax bridge? it's not that hard to do.

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centralized coins aren't good long term investments fren. avax does everything bsc does while being decentralized which makes it better.

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AVAX keep going by traction, The market is late to pickup on this.

AVAX will hit 500B marketcap this year

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there is
lurk moar

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are you high anon? You must be high because that's retarded as fuck.

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There are literally two active Eth to Avax bridges right now moron

1. https://aeb.xyz
2. https://zero.exchange/

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The PNG I'm earning, if continues steady for the next 52 weeks will 10x my investment. PNG and Avax is literally a long term comfort forever.

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No. Already capped 3 comments like this to my name.

See you EOY, AVAX is inevitable top 3 coin, And assuming this isn't the final word of crypto as a space, A 500B coin.

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I don’t buy double spending shitcoins.

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Fuck off zero-exchange. Your coin is crap, you have 1/10 of the coinset. Seriously, if you get more, I'll stop sassing.

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it's either a bot or a team of pajeets. he's in every single AVAX thread and it's annoying

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AVAX has been my favorite investment so far. I honestly wish Monero was more widely used. I'd be just about ready to buy that shit straight up.

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Monero is the most comfy coin known to man.

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I don't even want to do anything duplicitous with it. Just like the anonymous wallet idea behind it.

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