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>be me
>have 80% of my portfolio in crypto
>have 15% in cash
>have 5% in gold
what do I do with my cash? stonks seem inflated, real estate is definitely inflated... what do? do I expand my gold/silver position or wait on the sidelines for a crash?

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wait. you might have to wait a couple of years. much better to be underbought than overbought. do your due diligence.
this is the time to be doing research and learning
be patient, your portfolio is good

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Invest into getting your dick wet

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God damn it I just wanna fornicate

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Who is this coffee?

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wtf asians are built like that?

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@danicak3s. I'll zip some of the OF n00dz.

Ass and tits are both silicone.

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yjk she fucks old men

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No need. The OP pic is literally better than her instagram

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its good coveffe

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nice ass
cash is trash, stonks always go up. Doesn't matter if you think they're inflated, it's still better than holding cash. Long term stonks always go up.

The only cash you should hold is cash you need right now.

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Ancient, shitty leaks.

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I can't remember the last time I had Fruity Pebbles

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>taking her pants off in a grocery store
Absolutely fucking disgusting.

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It was a viral trend a while back on IG and TikTok. I have webms of dozens of different whores doing it.

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I only clicked to look at her butt

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Built for BBC (Big Black Cock)

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PLEASE share

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You know whats underrated is mixing 2 cereals together. Fruity Pebbles+Reeses Puffs. Captain Crunch+Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Whatever you want. Youre the boss. 3 cereals? You just fucking do it. Your mom doesnt like it? Tell her to shut the fuck up.

And since this is a finance board, why have I never actually seen this on grocery store selves? Million dollar idea.

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thanks for specifying

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True and based.

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Disgusting. This is a food store

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This pls

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OP's pic is from LTO threads

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Use the cash to buy dips in the market

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damn thats a nice pooper

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yep, Korea is the #1 plastic surgery centre of the world

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I lied. I have 16 gigs alone of webms and pics like this.

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Her parents must be proud. I don't get it, what do these sluts achieve by this I hope they get raped one day

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>what do these sluts achieve by this
>followers by the tens of thousands or more
It was trending for months on social media. Doing this made these thots a killing.

I work in the field and if you think that makes you mad, you haven’t seen anything. This ain’t shit.

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They even do surgery to make their vagina tighter

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real estate isn't inflated, the us real estate market is exposed to the whole world and only more people are being born.

With more companies moving work to home, there's going to be a price shift. There's tons of cheap land that's cheap because it's too far from any good jobs. Obviously its not all going to go up but just be smart.

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>a wild coomer appears
Repent. Your frontal lobe will thank you.

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pls share

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My frontal lobe has long since decayed

Share it.

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Hey BAT thotposter

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I would say you have a golden opportunity to make that shitcoin known as cash become something useful when the BOND v1 launches

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Is >>29097075 really the bat thotposter? That anon is a legend

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If the 16 gig coomer guy isn't going to share can he at least tell us what we need to search for to start building our own folders

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Golden Grahams and cocoa pebbles

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I have 3 BTC ($153954) and 2000 shares of AAPL ($259,420)

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Here. Just lurk the Saturday BAT thread for more. Not going to keep dumping in this dead ass thread.
Sup, lad? Always weird to get noticed lol. Was attempting to be low key.

>really the bat thotposter? That anon is a legend
Yep and thanks for the kind words :)

Saturday BAT threads. I dump my 40tbs of OC THOT CONTENT every Saturday in them. You won't find the quality I have unless I dump it. Not being a dick, I just have all the tools to find any and everything. I've dumped about a tb of thot content in those threads.

I don't coom to this trash either. I share it so you lads can. Good luck on your search though. You're going to need it.

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There's nothing more insufferable than Americanized/2nd generation gooks

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I have 7k in cash because of that 6 months of emergencies meme. Should I just say fuck it and put it all in crypto, /biz/?

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Based and will lurk Saturday

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Where can I view the archives? No way I'll be able to view on Saturday with the girlfriend around

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literally just buy bitcoin if you want something that will guaranteed outperform all legacy assets over the next 5-10 years
>>5% in gold
just put it into btc, btc is already on the threshold of reaching an equilibrium where well no longer be seeing 100x's but itll act more like gold (esp after all the recent institutional backing)
its not there yet tho, so just buy it before its there

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Ideal portfolio
10% GTE for oil exposure
10% BFARF for Bitcoin & Crypto exposure
30% Gold as "cash"
30% Land
15% Apple stock for US exposure
5% to Lend out to strangers and collect 50% annual interest

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Native asians living in their own country are just as shit.

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Warosu, not sure if there’s any better archives around since I don’t use them. I’ve dumped thots in almost every Saturday BAT thread and in BAT threads in general for 2 years. If you can make it to the Saturday thread, let me know you were looking for more grocery thots and I’ll dump a bunch for you.

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>I work in the field and if you think that makes you mad, you haven’t seen anything. This ain’t shit.
Share stories. Do you tell stories in the BAT threads too?

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Anything that deals with thots and social media, I dump in BAT threads if it’s wanted
>OnlyFans leaks
>Proof of stories
>Specific thot requests
Probably a few other things I can’t think of but come hang with the lads Saturday and I’ll dump whatever you want to see.

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>be patient, your portfolio is good
>is good
>80% in crypto
that's why I use 4chan

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>5% to Lend out to strangers and collect 50% annual interest
usury is a sin

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