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When GRT moons, what yacht will you be purchasing, anon?

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>green id

>red id


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Moon is a risin! Ya sure sound good to me. I can't refuse it. What got to be, got to be. Feel like dancing. Dance cause we are free. I got my home
In the promise land. But I feel at home. Can you overstand. Said the road is rocky. Sure feels good to me. And if your lucky. Together we'd always be. Are you really rideing?
The sun is a risin'
The sign is a risin'
Moon is rising.

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I wish. My only goal with GRT is to get 5 million in delegation rewards. I'll withdraw that and be able to quit working and live off the 4% rule. Then I'll just use the extra money I get delegating and from my fixed 200k a year income to invest in other things with absolutely zero fear.

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>the 4% rule
Gabe Plotkin ius dat yu?

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I don't know who that is. I just want to be able to spend my money without worrying that I'll spend too much and it vanishes on me. If I spend no more than 4% a year of my net worth I'll never run out. Considering grt is giving me 15% APY that number is likely bigger. But I want to do so little to touch the principle and interest on GRT for a while. I have a feeling this coin is the key to being old fuck you money.

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No yacht, just a somewhat nice vehicle I guess, just to say I did it. The rest is getting reinvested to make more bux

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Yachts are a waste of money, I'm buying solar panels and wind turbines and buying land.

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If we can decouple from Boomercoin maybe we will moon. So let's do that first.

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I’d sell and buy ALGO

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About to drop 1000 Canadian shekels on this stuff.

Looks pretty neat.

What are you guys predicting short term? My balls are small

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No yatch, just a comfy english cottage

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I'd like to make a wooden nordic folkboat

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Also, is purchasing on binance a good option? Haven't bought in in a bit

No trading pair with bnb, right?

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just do p2p, fuck. Take a solid long-runner instead of gambling that the obvious rug pull shit indexers will forget to do their obvious rug pull

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bearish chart


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I'll take it.

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only ones with the proper titty on the bow.

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5k stacklet reporting in, i just want to buy a house in LA

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i swung into bnt, but i'm still rooting for you grt bros. Don't worry, this dip is temporary bc bitcoin dipped

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GRT $100 EOM

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I'm buying more GURT!!

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When is this shit gonna stop crabbing at $2

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max I can see this pumping is 3x from here.

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I'm torn. On the one hand, I want a go-fast sport yacht, but they're mostly marina queens designed to be seen rather than cruised. Sure, you can take them out to the Bahamas from Miami, but they're pretty shit in deep water where the seas can get pretty big. On the other hand, larger displacement yachts can go wherever with up to 4000+ nautical miles of range, but they're exponentially more expensive. I guess the trade-off is I could get the cheaper sport yacht to play around in, and then charter a big chungus whenever I wanted to fuck off to the leeward islands or wherever.

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It will be around 25 USD this time next year, 50 USD beginning of 2023

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Well you can't see very far. Did you ever see BTC getting 50k?

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If dubs GRT goes to 0

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Unimaginably checked

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Confirmed $24

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u win G

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It is never mooning.
It "mooned" already and is going to crab for all eternity.
$3 never ever.

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If GRT were legit 50 a piece in 2 years I'd be making over half a million dollars in delegation rewards annually. I might actually cum

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Derrogative adjective for a black gentleman or black lady

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Be ready to blow your load it’s pretty obvious this is going places

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Based PEE ID

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Literally never selling. It's gonna be green grass, boat shoes, and champaign all day.

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based and free man pilled

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Jesus fuck that is a beautiful man

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Dunno but I m loyal. Still with FUN & LINK

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Dat all time high feel low.

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What the fuck was that

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put in 5$ a day ago.
not a trillionaire yet...
gee frens, how long do i have to wait?

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That's the power of a correction. Gotta get time to appreciate the new floor to create stability for the next level.

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I'm gonna buy an 80's Bayliner and graft a Chrysler LeBaron into the hull. All you'll see of the car will be the wheels; at highway speeds, it'll be special. I'm going to name it the "S.S. Darryl Dragon" (RIP) and the sound system will forever be tuned to Sirius XM's "Yacht Rock Radio." Christopher Cross, The Commodores, Doobie Brothers...it's gonna make sweet music.

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if digits $200 eoy

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wait for the bear market to hit. You'll wind up with more grits on your plate.

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based and checked

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Based retar.....
Very based!

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The Paul Walker of car enthusiasts

The Skyking of amateur pilots

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nice save

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Bancor had a nice pump and dump that should crash on the weekend

Our day is tomorrow during lunch

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Yachts areca gigantic waste of money. I'll just rent one if I'm trying to get laid and pretend like it's mine when needed.

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should I buy GRT every paycheque or just hold what I bought at .80 cents?

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Bust Out Another Thousand

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>the skyking of amateur pilots
That's a good one