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>crypto being absolutely destroyed, clearly on the precipice of a MASSIVE several-k red candle
>Fat red candles all week on boomer stocks, futures red as a tomato
>Job reports shockingly worse than even the most conservative expectations
>COVID vaccination delays and "new strains" spooking normies
>unprecedented bad weather buttfucking unprepared americans everywhere
holy shit, if you aren't shorting or at least selling EVERYTHING you are about to turn suicidal in the coming weeks/months

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100k, boughted

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it's the end of the world lol

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of course it's not, but bulls are in for some serious pain

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>unironically shorting while the fed keeps printing money

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Bitcoin doesn't care about that stuff

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just bee yourself

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did americans get those $2000 stimulus bucks joe biden promised them? I want more tard money in crypto ASAP

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this shit keeps happening and there's always a massive bullrun right after

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He dropped it to $1400 but it has not yet been distributed.

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Don't expect absolute retard money to fomo in for at least another month. Biden is as big of a piece of shit as we thought he was going to be.

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So we're still early?

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yes, early to the dump. lots more red ahead.

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You faggots still posting assures me we still bull...like with bear market the cycle is not near over until you giant faggots capitulate

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And a nigger lover

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Nope. Niggers are mad he's not giving them the money he promised them. He hates them. He literally rug pulled them. Not idea why biz thinks he likes niggers. Even Kamala hates niggers. She threw most of them in jail.

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How many times we been hearing this..

I missed the bull and I wish for a crash, thats why its not happening

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just bought 100k

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Tell Biden that if he wants to continue pretending to be the President then he needs to fix all of this shit ASAP.

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>He hates them
Even Cornpop?

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all Dems suck nigger sick shut up faggot

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No he's not. seethe more

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Kek. I voted for him because trump literally took a shit on our constitution. I'm a socialist so I wanted Bernie to win. Fuck Joe biden. Lying racist piece of shit.

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No money ever. No refunds either. Civil war soon.

Took a shit by not invading more countries? You aren't a socialist, you're just a retard.

This isn't red dit, you won't find any compatriots here for your blue team drivel.

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You will never be a real man.

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He really is a retard. Unironically kys in Minecraft

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