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How the fuck

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Nobody tell him. If you can't do a basic Google search you don't deserve it. A thread died because you're a lazy nigger

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You can buy it on kucoin or use a vpn and get it on binance

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step 1 is an IQ test

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Since this surely means you will be trying out BSC and pumping my bags, I’ll let you know how. Sign up for Binance.US. Buy it there.

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in metamask you go to settings, networks, and add network and this is the info. and you have to switch the network back when you use eth or whatever

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I kekd

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>use a vpn and get it on binance
I keep hearing this but does no one realize binance.us exists? or is different?

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Americucks stay poor and slaves to Israel.

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Don't do this. Use trust wallet as your 1 stop shop for BSC. Way easier

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I’ve been waiting 36 hours for Bincance to fucking verify my information. Can they hurry up? I wanted to go all in on BNB at $150.

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checked for truth
fuck kikes and fuck binance

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binance us fucking SUCKS
I submitted my kyc fucking TWENTY DAYS AGO and I STILL haven't been approved. Every other exchange approves me within 30 seconds of me submitting my docs. Not binance US. Also I'm not even sure if they let you withdraw BNB through the smart chain, which makes it useless for pancakeswap.

Better to just get a vpn and use real binance.

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lel they never approved me either but you don't need 2A approval to trade coins just for FIAT

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they don't have as many shitcoins and they don't futures (biztards are too dumb for futures though)

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WAAHHH MY THREAD MY THREAD ON /BIZ/ OH GOD THE PAIN yeah shit the fuck up when were there ever quality threads on this board

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>he hasn't tried to withdraw yet

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