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I wake up. The year is 2026
Two 10/10 women are lying next to me and two others are setting the table and serving breakfast
A fifth takes care of my sexual needs
I give them 0.1 Fantom each
>Anon you do not have to give us a whole week's allowance already. You gave us a whole Fantom yesterday
I give them 0.5 more and they all freak out
I go to my backyard balcony and look down at the city while i claim my delegation rewards on my phone
I then go for a swim in my olympic sized pool
After a nice massage and a drink from my bar, i go to my home office and pay this month's expenses directly from my Fantom wallet
Including the salaries for my chefs and housemaids i spend a total of 23 FTM
I go to my garage and pick one of my 12 cars to go for a drive. I tell my driver to stay, i want to drive for myself today
I go to the best restaurant in town for a luxurious lunch
>That will be 0.08 Fantom anon
I transfer 0.1 and tell the waiter to keep the rest as a tip
He tries to hide his excitement and thanks me with a big smile
I then go to a exclusive bar to meet up with my friend and business partner. He also invested in Fantom back in 2021 and is now a multimillionaire living off his staking rewards like me
We have a few drinks and decide to take my private jet to my vacation home in Monaco and have a party
A few hours later we are at the casino playing some poker and having a great time
Its getting late and i invite a few of the women back to my place
On the way out one of the doormen says that he admires my watch. I give him 1 Fantom and tells him to spend it wisely
>T-thank you anon, its way too much
We get to my place and go to bed soon after
I wake up the next day and my only problem is to decide what to do today

>life is good

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You wake up.
It was all just a dream.
Becker stole all your money and fucked your wife.

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Fantom is one of the most obvious scams in crypto.

None of your "papers" are peer-reviewed. Any idiot can upload them. Your government "partnerships" are exclusively with the most corrupt officials and nations in the world, where you can buy any statement. Proof that they are all false is that NOTHING has happened. NO development, not even a small beginning, despite Fantom having their crashed tech trainwreck of a badly forked Ethereum Virtual Machine for over a year. NOBODY is building on that shit. NOBODY. Every dev knows it's a scam.

ALL among the most corrupt nations in the world. ZERO development. NO dev building on Fantom. It's ALL lies and scam.

Every potential investor can see that the Fantom scammers are totally unable to defend their scam and utter shit tech trainwreck.

Scam. Whole chink team exit scammed long time ago. Now they only have hired devs from Russia and a tech trainwreck of a badly forked Ethereum Virtual Machine. All their "partnerships" are paid for and made in some of the most corrupt nations in the world.

They lied about 300 000 tps dag

They lied about transaction speed. Their "test" of speed was on a "testnet". ie on a computer and not Fantom's blockchain

Partnership with Oracle is fake and only a sales rep contract with Fantom's Korea division. ANY seller of Oracle have that "partnership"

All you have is empty statements from some of the most corrupt nations on earth, in partnership with a PROVEN Fantom scammer team.

NOBODY is using you shit tech trainwreck of a badly forked Ethereum Virtual Machine. Even after having been out for over a year. Not a single dev will touch that shit

You Fantom scammers are the most psychotic and delusional in crypto space.

ALL from some of the most corrupt third world countries. Not a single company or government entity from the West will touch that shit.

Worse, ALL you have is emty statements from corrupt thrird wold leaders and a proven Fantom scammer team.

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Chad ;)

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why is it pumping thou?

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>I wake up the next day and my only problem is to decide what to do today
Haha faggot I don't have this problem. I have to go into work or else I'll starve and be homeless. Have fun with your stressful decision-making.

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thanks fren
i need to exit that shit but now i hesitate about missing gains in the near future
also, shitty ID, biz need flags

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