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>bnt staked went from 60%+ to 52% today
this is a bad sign, the whales are selling.

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doesnt that just mean more people buyed the coin but didn't steak

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i saw this exact thread here yesterday at 3 dollars

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People arent restaking rewards at this gas prices, this will be fixed when automatic restaking comes in the future

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CZ had to unstake some of his to keep up with the buy pressure

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Shit is way way up, some profit taking was bound to happen.

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>whales are selling despite rewards remaining

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Isn't that big update coming in march/april

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You guys still holding? Kek

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Maybe trading their vbnt out?

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Of course rtard

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It's been exactly one week since space for 200,000 link was made available to stake in the link/bnt pool, before being filled up within two hours. Does anyone have any idea when they'll open up that much space again?

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Likely soon, keep your eyes on it. You just gave me a great idea for a telegram bot btw that sends a message when pools open up

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Weak FUD. It's the opposite: Large players have been buying over the last few weeks, more and more talk about BNT on CT.

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Nah I can confirm I have $10k BNT and not restaking because of gas fee. I'm sure others are doing the same, hopefully L2 helps.

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> sold for 120% gains
>will buy back in when this crash brings it down to 5 or 4 or whatever
Hodlers eternally btfod

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Can confirm. I've gained almost 700 BNT so far, but I haven't restaked yet. Everyday I'm tempted to do so though and since I bought more BNT today, I will probably do this in the near future.
By the way: Arbitrum might be ready in March. They mentiones this in the Telegram audio chat today. But I think April is more realistic.

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The worst part about knowing this will 4-5x is being in a guaranteed 20x but not knowing when it will take off so I have to hold.

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>price already recovering
>made 10k staking and this will only multiply over time and with price increase
Bravo swingie, I am financially devastated

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Man look at it. Its totally plummeting to 0 guys. Its over pack your bags we going back to some classic blue chip tokens like digibyte

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Yeah, i actually had a top 100 wallet a few weeks back, its falling fast now...