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Buy 10k off an exchange and wait to make it.

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It's funny how a huge part of /biz/ is going to miss out on bat

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Why do they hate us so?

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Anyone use brave on mobile? I’ve been using it to browse biz for a couple days and I still don’t have any free bat

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i forgot my uphold i had like 50 bats there

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.7 is happening today. I feel it.

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They don't understand it. They think that because the token is giving to users for "free" that it has no value.

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Set max ads to 5 per hour and actually browse more than porn, 4chan, and exchanges. The more categories you have the more you'll see different ads more frequently from different categories.
You can go to your 7 day ad history and dislike/like which ads and categories you've seen.

Did you enable rewards? Use it more than to browse /biz/, especially since you're just now using the browser.

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Fuck this crabbing piece of shit, I sold and bought BAKE, best decision of my life

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I told my friends and they laughed and said the browser steals your info for the money.

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body is ready

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your friends are morons. Brave doesn't do that.

find new friends.

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get smarter friends

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Hope you don't get too greedy and get out before it collapses.

No data even leaves the browser, they can check this themselves if they're not retarded. Let me guess, they use Chrome and Google services and don't mind that Google steals all their data?

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Yeah, I can accept an argument on whether bat will moon or not. There is no argument on whether it is the best available browser.

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BAT mooning is inevitable we are going to be the new Linkstyle Chads of the crypto universe keep accumulating and HODL my Bat Boyz our day will come

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I'm surprised BAT isn't dumping like it always does after a small pump. We might finally make it this time, batbros.

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My mortgage takes priority.
Got 10k stacked just in case though.

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i thought the nazi bat memes were funny

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theres so much pain in her eyes :(

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/biz/ has always hated BAT. A pump to $2+ won’t even change that

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it's such a solid token, also I seen some thing about them and Amp, I could be wrong though

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Shameless plug for a BAT bro

Don't forget to support the #1 site for BAT memes. memeatlas . com

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Forgot muh meme.
>Known for opposition to same sex marriage.

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You literally just do this.

Be Brave. Be based. Based on what? Based on Brave.

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lol that meme phrase

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I'm addicted to Brave and BAT. I just wish I didn't need to create an Uphold account to transfer my BAT

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based and memePilled

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never 4get it
also no new bat friends once we pass $1. not talking or even acknowledging anyone new who posts in the threads after $1. I've written everyone's ID's down who has posted in bat threads from 2019-Present. If you ain't on my list before $1, I'm not talking to you.

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Feels ok being a 50 cent lateboy then.

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Looks like Brave is making more moves into NFT space.

I remember they released an NFT with a gaming company a month or so ago.

Just saw this https://brave.com/swag-store-nft-support/

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>mining Monero
>getting BAT from Brave ads
>keep coinbase and coingecko open and every single ad I get is for silver coins, blockfi debit cards, or other crypto stuff

Who else here is make it maxxxing?

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Don't IDs randomise for each new thread though?

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What's the point of the token when you don't get them as reward anymore?

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Checked. Its ok bro you are on my list. You are at the bottom now but as more people pile in before $1 you will be in the middle 75AhLzxz.

They are also building their own capcha too. Thats a bit of info from the Themis RFCC discord.

Imagine when they drop pub ad's and their own capcha system. bye bye google involvement in websites.

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BAT holds the future of advertising.

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should I put real money into this or just keep using Brave? hope some /fit/izens are in this thread

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If you think that the BAT you earn will increase, why wouldn't you buy some? The BAT you earn from adverts is a pittance compared to what you could buy at present. Stay swole senpai.

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Market buy 10k BAT today, trust me.

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JRE next week. Shhh. Don't tell anyone.

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By selling it all and buying DEC

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That's a man.

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Thanks for posting this. Brendan Eich is my favorite guy in silicon valley

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He drinks energy drinks. Based boomer strikes again.

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No. I've seen your ass many times befores, KFd8c-boy, don't even try to hide.

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Rewards are disabled on iPhones as of like 2 months ago

Apple didn’t want people making money in apps without being able to take a cut, so threatened to take brave off the App Store. Price tanked for a while after it

Should work fine on other phones though

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holy fuck bat would moon so hard if he went on JRE

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Brenda Eich.

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ahah loser already found

>> No.29079314

>browse more than porn, 4chan, and exchanges
What else is there? no srsly please help me oh god

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It really didn’t have an effect on the price. I believe soon(2 years) ios is going to have to change its rules.

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Emulator sites.

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Try reading some articles on content sites that you support.

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>Brandon when he sees a fag

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kek based

go read some buzzfeed and cnn

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>content sites you support
the what now?

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You need to envision what BAT does right now. Look at the code too. They are just practicing with Brave. BAT will be ads. Ads. Ads. Everywhere.
It is equal to Link in regards to what it may do in the future.
We don't talk about BAT so we can acooopmooolate, faggots.
We start talking about it now, as has been said.

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We taking off soon?

>> No.29081231

No, it will take a good long while.

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That's fine too.

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We are stable at around .60 though. It has been a long time coming. These are the last days of accumulation.

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how much do you make mining Monero? How much does the mining rig cost?

>> No.29082284

I’ve thought about this before. It has enormous potential to disrupt the entire Internet as we know it. LINK too.

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Jesus christ the IQ level of your friends....

>> No.29082314

Feels like one got on just in time.
Feels surreal.

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Like $15-$40 a month, just using my gaming PC to mine when not doing anything else.

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I know the Joe Rogan thing is not real but I dø wish Brendan would get out there more or maybe Luke Mulks even and dø some interviews/shilling.

>> No.29082945

Brendan was on Lex Fridman's podcast, and Joe really likes Lex as a friend. It wouldn't surprise me given the current topics of tech censorship and privacy concerns that Brendan pops up on Joe's podcast. Lex and Joe often follow each other for guests to feature. Joe also did Brave advertisements and endorsed Brave on his podcast. Its not too far fetched.

>> No.29083256

>I know the Joe Rogan thing is not real
> https://brave.com/rogan/

>> No.29083292

He will be on jre. Screencap this.

>> No.29083542

Thats years old. /burr has one too.

>this fact check brought to you by snopes x cnn x twitter fact checkers.

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i found out about BAT and Decentraland (MANA) from an incel video on youtube unironically
the guy told me to buy so i bought

>> No.29083589

Doubtful. He has 0 clout to the mainstream public and Spotify employees are already raging about who and what’s being said on the podcasts. They’re not going to let someone who defies gay marriage and trannies on.

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I alternate between dumping half my BAT for shitcoins and going all in on BAT everyday. Have 59k now. Going all in with my crypto play money would mean only maybe 20k more BAT though.

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Brave Operating System when?

>> No.29084465

shut the fuck up you absolute fucking faggot

>> No.29084502

why is apple such a faggot with brave

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They're (unironically) afraid. They know that hundreds of millions of people are pissed at them for their antics with planned obsolescence and their political shit and are just waiting for the opportunity to fuck off for good

>> No.29084657

Because Apple is like the emperor that gets asked to adopt a retarded but maybe genius son. It takes time for love to evolve.

>> No.29084734

This is absolutely fucking wrong. Go back.

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File: 172 KB, 1773x1773, 48D91772-9322-4F11-B9C6-9A3F740C7989.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This is absolutely fucking wrong. Go back.

>> No.29084965

I get this with some of my friends.
>You just like Brave for the useless crypto it so stupid why would I want to see ads
While they all use google chrome without ad block. Idiots.

>> No.29085016

Apple is just faggy.

>> No.29085172

Right big brain...
You said
>They're (unironically) afraid
in regards to Apple.
Are you listening to yourself?

>> No.29085435

Fuck off faggot. I bet you have two masks on right now.

>> No.29086010

My Batties stay thicc and exquisite
Now you do it:
My Batties stay _____ and ______

>> No.29086186

My Batties stay antinigger and antijew

>> No.29086293

I have a feeling you play a play 2 win game called State of Survival. I have a feeling that you are familiar with an Anon called BEAST in that game.

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would try and probably dump just like I did for linux

>> No.29087464

So would I.
She's cute.

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If I ask you why Brave should start an OS you're not going to start screeching about systemd and recommend I read SICP are you?

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I’m gonna fucking coom if this token ever goes above $1.

>> No.29088731

Same as with Link. It is a mechanism to transfer wealth from the impatient to the patient.

>> No.29088970

Do i get bat even if I don't click the ad notification?

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>> No.29089057

At least that's my experience.

>> No.29089107

I so desperately want to trade some of my BAT for BNB but I know the second I do BAT will rip and BNB will finally dump

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I still don't understand why LINK mooned the way it did. It literally hasn't accomplished anything major in years, certainly nothing as major as running a web browser with unlimited potential

>> No.29089556

Our time shall come.

>> No.29089706

It has accomplished more than you think. What do you think they are doing with those 700k dumps? They decentralise more each time. This is not Sergey trying to get rich. He is already richer than most of us will ever be this makes sense if you understand Chainlink.
oldfags are gonna lynch me now probably.
But hey, why not tell the truth for once.

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Ive got so many tokens I cant lose

>> No.29089993

So what do you guys think is the BAT ceiling? I’ve been bullish on this since the day it launched and only use Brave browser. BAT has been stable and slowly gained value over the years but I can’t help but think it’s a $1-$5 max coin. I would love to be wrong because then I’d be rich!

What do you guys think?

>> No.29089994

You can't win either.

>> No.29090010

good goy, enjoy poverty. the next bus of shitskin refugees should arrive any moment to your neighborhood.

>> No.29090130

Well excuse me for getting rid of liabilities?

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i think you might be surprised

>> No.29091115

I too hope to pay off a mortgage with Bat earnings. $3 is all it takes.

>> No.29091162


It should 100% be in the top 10 cryptocurrencies. If Brave sold public stock I bet it would be worth at least $20 billion market cap. Honestly a crime/steal where it ranks now. Easy 20x from here to its full potential. The question is can you hodl while seeing shitcoins 20x in the meantime?

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>I’ve been bullish on this since the day it launched and only use Brave browser.
Same. I remember trying to invest in brave right as BTC started to go up above 10k. I've always believed in the project, but markets are not always super-rational and can be crazier longer than I can remain solvent.
Point is, even if BAT doesn't explode up far above 5 USD in the near future, which it totally could, that's only about a 6Bill mcap, anyone who's investing now at these low prices can make huuuge returns at just that price.
The way I see it--how many other blue-chip cryptos with a name in the space are going to 5x from here? For ETH, that seems like it's quite near bubble tops for this year, for LINK, I would also think the same. For BAT... it's nothing. It's very low risk at this point imo. Plus, sentiment on the coin has been bearish for so long that it could pump 5x and then the market might actually look at BAT and start pushing it 2-3x further from that point. That sort of thing could lead to a 20B-30B mcap for BAT, something totally reasonable (as a bubble top) for a project that promises to overtake the 361 Billion USD digital advertising business.
Looking around the space for similarly-sized projects, that still keeps BAT at a fraction of ETH's CURRENT mcap, not to mention wherever projects like ETH and LINK end up in terms of final bubble top mcaps.
I see BAT as an opportunity to catch a huge, working, growing project at the pits of despair.

>> No.29091271


But why pay off the mortgage accruing interest at 2-4% when hopefully you can do a lot better in the markets (and not necessarily crypto)

>> No.29091285

For me it would be student loan debt.

>> No.29091429


agree, anon. Well laid out thoughts. This at sub 1b market cap is silly in crypto terms. Brave can become a household name in short order.

>> No.29091434

You make me want all in but I'd be loathe relinquish my other stack.

>> No.29091469


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File: 38 KB, 539x442, bert-coving-face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How sad is your token that you have to infect other threads with you nasty spunk. Reminds me a lot of PRL threads back in the day. We all know how that turned out...

> 1 post by this ID

nuff said.

>> No.29091851

Because this is the safe choice. Off the grid is the goal.

>> No.29091871

I love everything you just wrote and it’s essentially how I’ve felt too so it’s great to see others feel the same. I’m going to beef up my stack haha!

>> No.29092021

just bought 2,500. how long till i make it?

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I read this in his voice kek

>> No.29092106

Traded all my BAT for DGB, but I might buy back in if it dips below $0.50 again.

>> No.29092384

This nigger can't even quote and he's trying to shame someone else. Fuckin unreal.

>> No.29092467

It will be a nice chunk of change but realistically that is not enough to make it.
New car and a vacation though.

>> No.29092884

Is DGB actually moving?

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> 1 post by this ID

>> No.29093217

feels like not the right time to buy since it's at ATH?

>> No.29093583

I've made 4 bucks since starting to use this NEET browser. It's actually a great browser I'll admit. We are finally gonna make it NEET bros

>> No.29093650

Not at ath. .98 was, we will be there by april.

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File: 178 KB, 1451x817, bat dip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ye, it'll just take some time, but historically I've been pretty good at spotting something that's bound to explode (usually too far ahead for my own good, sadly) so I have a good feeling about this medium-long-term swing.
Nahh you don't need to all-in to benefit from this. A good 5% portfolio allocation would technically suit me if I saw other projects that seemed to be making immediate pumps at low risk. Even LINK and ETH are still super-solid, but I want maximal (safe) returns and BAT fits the ticket. If you want to know my personal risk management: the riskiest trade I took was a 30% portfolio 1-day trade on doge at $0.40, but I came out alright. It was a good Ichimoku Cloud trade that increased my portfolio by 5%. I had stop losses and take profits set. I could barely sleep.
By early Q2 you could probably see that stack double, conservatively. At the very least, I think BAT will keep up with at least BTC, and hopefully ETH. If all pans out, the best-case scenarios make you beat LINK and ADA's ROI (from this point onwards). Reason I've been so bullish on BAT is that even if you can't beat LINK and ADA, the risk is STILL way lower, so you also stand to lose less (which has pumped harder, LINK or BAT?). I think that's why I stick with BAT.
>pic related
Hopefully drops like these don't scare you too much. Keep an eye on the BATBTC charts rather than the BATUSD charts--way more information and gives you clear signals of where resistance and support is so you don't buy/sell at terrible prices.

>> No.29093705

/biz/ has ALWAYS hated BAT. I admit it hasn't paid off like other coins has, but I've never once felt unsafe holding it. 15,000+ club here.

>> No.29094051

Wait a second... ween't you told that we don't talk about Bat yet? You were. So how would you say that (biz/ hates BAT? I am beginning to hate you. And that is not a good thing. For you.

>> No.29094063

Glad you figured it out, newfag.

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BAT Billionaires

yup, i'm thinkin that's got a nice ring to it

>> No.29094809
File: 415 KB, 220x217, goodfellas-laughing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh please. I've been here for years. You can't hold a candle to me.

>> No.29094819

thanks bros. maybe i'll buy more if it stays low for a bit

>> No.29094987

BTC dropped 1k and BAT held solid support at 60 cents...
I'm liking what I'm seeing. BATBTC even increased. If BAT keeps this up, it could be comparable to LINK in that it increases sharpe ratio for reduced portfolio volatility.

>> No.29096081

Like I said... these are safe bets, but long term bets. If you want to make money by tomorrow, this is not for you

>> No.29096423

bough BAT with BNB a week ago, god why am I always such a retard

eich please end my suffering and make this shit moon

>> No.29096462

Why am I suddenly seeing ads on youtube and xhamster?

>> No.29096632

Check your upper right-hand corner, make sure shields are on. Sounds like you're in private mode.
Yeah, it's definitely for the long-term holders. To be fair though, it's still performing quite well in the short term, too.

>> No.29097072

$40 EOY next question

>> No.29097073

>he mentioned AMP

you DONT mention AMP. For fucks sake you ruined it jeets are gonna pump it now.

>> No.29097161

Everything is normal. I still get the jerkmate ad though. It's just annoying because it plays kinda loud if I don't turn the volume down and it says
>Hey ever hear for jerk mate?
I think my mom heard it.

>> No.29097428


>> No.29097998

yo batbros when I get my monthly bats can I just transfer over to coinbase no problem or what?
Uphold sounds like a bitch

>> No.29098291

Unfortunately my stack isn't big enough for that.

>> No.29098357

We haven't even hit a dollar yet.

>> No.29098392

Nope you MUST use the Uphold.

>> No.29098468

should I wait a few months for gemini then ?

>> No.29098688

<<<<ok, out with it, who of you brought women here?

>> No.29098706

One of these days BAT will rip ... And it'll be to some absurd amount like $5. It will happen. Screencap this.

>> No.29098757

i can only hope anon, i trust bat but so far it's only given me depression and regrets

>> No.29098800

Please... negro... you think u need to tell me?

>> No.29098802


Me too fren

>> No.29098854

Shouldn't hurt. I think.

>> No.29098912

we need news man
i hate the team's radio silence

>> No.29098916

Take me. Satansin my soul, blessed with fire, throne of stone, please, I love u

>> No.29099040

lol ya,... never do that

>> No.29099912
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Tfw I gave 20 BAT to Wikipedia when they were asking for donations cause I didn't think the price would go up

>> No.29100313

Dude that's like 800 dollarinos.

>> No.29100326
File: 690 KB, 1000x664, brave bat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I need BAT to go to like $10+ for it to actually meaningfully impact the rest of my life.

It's not going to happen but it's nice to dream. After seeing what happened with LINK, and then seeing that BAT moon to 70 cents, you get hopeful about that kind of price. Would be insane though. Not sure if the Brave/BAT team could handle that kind of media/bagholder pressure if the price spiked like that.

>> No.29100349

It's going to $40. Just market bought 10k more.

>> No.29100411
File: 37 KB, 398x376, frog laugh tears haha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>market bought 10k more

you're LARPing nigger. But I respect it.

>> No.29100429

BAT is being artificially held down the same way that LINK was.

>> No.29100556
File: 761 KB, 800x843, BAT3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I believe it. I unironically believe the team has an incentive to keep the price low while the project decentralizes and the tech improves. It hurts and it's scummy, but sometimes you just feel like there is no other possible explanation for the hellishly pathetic price action BAT has gone through for 3+ years.

>> No.29100590

how many bats can you make in a week?

>> No.29100651

We going back to 25 cents and you will LIKE IT.

>> No.29100673

dont ids change every thread?

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File: 45 KB, 887x369, brave ad rewards.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related from December. Decent amount. I tip out a lot of BAT though and even load my Brave wallet up from Uphold to tip more than I would be able to on Brave Ads alone. Also I've been using Brave for a long time and I'm located in the US, so that all probably helps.

>> No.29100968

You can accelerate it by recommending Brave browser to all of your friends.

>> No.29101041

I really feel like bat is about to fucking skyrocket

>> No.29101086
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Yes........... I'm definitely gonna love it........

>> No.29101166

Don't worry.
I'll be here to keep you company.
In all likelyhood I'd be worse off than you.

>> No.29101210

Brave browser was only released fully in November 2019. It's a very ambitious project with BAT. They are trying to upend the entire internet advertising market.

>> No.29101215
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this is utter bullshit. if the value of bat increases, so does Brave's user base, and the rewards earned and held by users.

this token has more than doubled since the new year.

brave's user base has more than doubled over the last 12 months.

it hasn't boomed because the team doesn't pull rugpulling pajeet scam marketing like every other overvalued piece of shit with zero shelf life in this space.

>> No.29101538

damn whens the last time a BAT thread hit over 150 posts

>> No.29101629
File: 9 KB, 420x420, frog think.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I used to think like you, but having held for 3+ years I just don't have any other explanation for the price not only 1) staying relatively low compared to somewhat similar ERC20 tokens (aka LINK) and more importantly 2) staying in a steady range of 15-30 cents (give or take 10 cents) for such a long period of time. Nothing about that tells me it's a decentralized token, it reeks of a controlled price-maker.

I'm not even FUDing. Hopefully I'm wrong, and anyways maybe that period of price manipulation has come to an end. But I just cannot see the 2 points I mentioned above and think, "oh yeah totally independent decentralize token, market is controlling the price". Think back to when BAT fucking dumped like shit after the Coinbase listing. Almost NO other crypto did that, maybe literally no other crypto. Extremely bizarre price action for 3 years. Color me suspicious.

>> No.29101882

Last weekend?

>> No.29101897

Recently on the weekend we have gotten lots of responses. The numbers in march are going to be 30 million users.

>> No.29102021

BAT, or something like it, really is the future of website monetization. It's a fundamentally great idea and has a non-white browser and normie exchange behind it.

>> No.29102024

Because the Brave team has been making them. It's basically supply and demand. Now that supply is almost gone, the price is going up, as expected.

>> No.29102079

But what's our price ceiling then?

>> No.29102481

The number is $40. Our top scientist did the research.

>> No.29102524

Not bad.

>> No.29102688

BAT has no competition and becoming a competitor of BAT is already incredibly difficult and will only become harder as time passes. They already have 25M+ monthly users. Once the entire ecosystem is done it will be almost impossible to become a successful BAT competitor.

>> No.29102752
File: 119 KB, 280x277, jennie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody knows obviously, but my belief is that BAT will follow price action similar to LINK. Asking for BAT's "price ceiling" is actually the wrong question.

LINK was a pathetic 20 cent shitcoin for a long time, then went on a little tear and eventually hovered around $2 to $5 for like a year. Then BOOM it moons to $20+. Now it's on everybody's radar and has crazy volume.

IF BAT can gain the same kind of traction (has already proved it has broken out of its previous downward price action cycle) then it can follow a similar cycle. Thinking it will only moon in this current bull market and then die out is the wrong kind of thinking imo. It's going to follow its own course but this current bull market is the catalyst for it to take off.

>> No.29102768

there is none. $40 will be the new floor and basically your mom is a nigger

>> No.29102861

i wanna cum all over this bitches b00bs

>> No.29102938
File: 107 KB, 640x640, BAT jennie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jennie's a 10/10 and she definitely holds more BAT than me

>> No.29102948

When does this bad boy start the climb?

>> No.29102969

Most browsers act like they hate their users. It is weird.

>> No.29103110

Also, even in a crypto bear market advertisers will still buy BAT. They don't care whether or not crypto is in a bear market - they need it to advertise. That will keep putting upward pressure on the token.

>> No.29103138

Modern commercial software in general feels this way. Have you seen modern Windows?

>> No.29103189

Self serve is the switch. They want it to roll out with as few problems as possible so it will come when it comes. Just use the time to accumulate.

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