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Once $33 breaks again you guys are gonna see some shit.
It's unironically happening tonight, strap in.

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Based, 33 has major occult significance

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Fuck ya bro
That image sucks tho don’t post it again thanks

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Deluded linkies

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Was supposed to be $50 last weekend per a similar thread started last week. This time it's different?

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she looks like she's made some people do some disgusting shit for her amusement.

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We're never gonna make it. Sell now 2$ EOY

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yeah on the 4h chart, around 33-33.20 would be bullish for a breakout. but if we dont hit those within the next 10 hoursish, then down we go to prob something like 28.5-29ish

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And this information is based on what?

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Jokes on you I already made it
Sergey just flew over my house and let me know

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Am I seeing a cup forming?
Handle will launch us to $60

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I never really believed in TA but that cup and handle that formed after we first hit $20 was so textbook it’s almost made me a believer.

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i literally have 0 linkies, i'm ruined

do I swap my last 3 ETH into LINK or more AVAX?

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Based on, y'know, owning the libs

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fuck i didnt even think about this.

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I'm just waiting for that bullish crossover in sats that's coming in a few weeks.

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like the freemasons?
>see some shit
like actually shit?
>happening tonight
like Pacific Standard Time?
>strap in
like strap on?

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why not do both and then say, link them in a pool on pangolin, fren

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checked, how does one browse biz and not own link? genuinely curious

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facts anon
learn your facts before you post

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yeah once you check these 33s

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better question
how does one not have more than 5k link

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this man(male) fucks

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Elons buying..shhhh

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I have mentally prepared for both outcomes. If it dips I buy more. If it goes up I feel smug and hold. I can’t lose.

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well tell him to fucking tweet about it

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the time of chainlink is now

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more like 60 seconds bruhs

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ids habbeding

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whats going to happen bros

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literally dumping rn
going to go market sell 30k linkies brb

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stopped browsing post-2018 crash when link was just coming up

honestly considered aping in my whole stack ($8k in ETH/BTC) then when Link was sub-$1 but didn't and just ignored cyrpto until Jan 2021.... now links already pumped huge

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Party's cancelled.

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Bull pennant almost complete, next target is 40$

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Rejected again you delusional linkers. No 33 for you. Now check my dubs faggot

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its not fucking over. we will test $33 again in 2 hours

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fake and gay

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sorry, took your dubs.
New ATH this weekend check em

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Simeon putting up a 10K sell wall @ 33 >:V, u can't keep giving him you Linkies.

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This is true, although it could happen tomorrow morning, it’s time for another leg up.

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it will hit $33 a number of times or for a number of days.
when a magickal number of times have been crossed, then, you will see it hover on another significant number

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Whoops meant to type 1000 EOY. Check these now, faggot

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in the GME hearing, a mass cultural gathering, they sneaked in the language for blockchain, its use case for determining prices
sneak intros for link

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I think I now know what it feels like to wear a chastity belt.

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40 dollars eod

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32.97! AGAIN!

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it's about to break down

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It's unironically going to moon isn't it?
The day I try to swing trade LINK it's going to fucking pump
Should I buy back in our wait to see if it goes down under $30?

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Let there be new ATHs

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sold at $32.95, see you back at $30

it's almost too easy at this point

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traitor whore

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>selling a bull penant

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I don't know if you're larping or not, but I'm not taking any chances, it's been hovering around here for too long... I'm at least going to buy back half of my stack just in case

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Hahaha sure it will. DUMPS!!

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Lol just save yourself the trouble and buy some rope

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Swingies get the _ _ _ _

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Fuck fuck fuck, I'm getting my stack back before it's too late

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$50 incoming!!!!

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you dont know what this coin has been through man.....

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Bask in the Sun.

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>30 link swingie

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We did it, now pump!

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Hope this is a LARP... for your own sake.

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How do things like this even move?

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wtf we just got rejected so hard off 33

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>Fuck fuck fuck, I'm getting my stack back before it's too late
It's not too late. Imagine buying Bitcoin for $33

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Wow. That was really amazing.

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May I consider the following

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OP is correct, I've been watching this since yesterday, impending breakout
Strap yourselves in boys.

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I was swinging 5k LINK, got 2.5k back with not much losses, going to hold out for it to drop and recoup the loss to get the other 2.5k and then some

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alright pack it up boys, pumps over. now its time for the dump

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Holy shit $33.01!!!! WAGMI

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it's gonna cuck back down as it always does

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back to 32.30 it will go

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Linklet holder her, you mfs been saying its gonna happen now for weeks, slow climb will continue

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Not gonna lie, those BNB retards have me worried, if they swing their gains into LINK I'm never fucking buying back at a loss

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Deadline is tonight by the way, there will be one final dump, maybe two final dumps before we moon (coins have been mooning like crazy today)

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I'm finding it slightly difficult to cope with not having any BNB, but I'm not going to buy those bags now.

Being consistently cucked by LINK doesn't help.

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lol get suppressed nerds

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what now?

swingies always fucking win, hodl is a mental illness

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can someone post the minimalistic abstract art WTFWT please? going to have it made on canvas and hang it on my wall

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>hits $33
>immediately dumps
You LITERALLY cannot make this shit up.

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100 link is the new make it stack
>t. 400 link whale

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>one day there will be threads where people unironically ask if their 17 LINK is enough to make it

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I hope that jannie gets his life in order

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/ourneet/ Casey ended up losing a few hundred pounds.

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Is there a exchange app that lets you sell/buy at a set price pint?

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this is now a 33$ stable coin

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All of them?

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sorry the suicide stack is still 20k try again

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ur welcome

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coinbase just seems to let me buy at market price

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$33 was the top, now we dump and crab for 6 months

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coinbase is barely an exchange, it's marketed completely to normalfags.
its only purpose in life is to allow new yorkers to use USDC as an on/off ramp.

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wow ripping of normans. you literally should never buy market price and they know it

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gg anon looks like it will consolidate until the new candle forms in two hours.

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enjoy your tax liability

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Check right back at ya

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3's checked

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ty fren

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What happened to Watame?

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Biz being bullish?

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>>one day there will be threads where people unironically ask if their 1 LINK is enough to make it

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Outsider here. Can't confirm it isn't happening tonite

>> No.29078373

its over

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bobo i hope your asshole will be ok after this..

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lol back to 20 we go

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It has always been Pekora

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fuuckkkk. we've been had

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You just got buttblasted by bobo

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you vill buy de chainlinks

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Link marine here but we literally were at 33 yesderday you monstrous faggot

$1,000 eoy will not be gradual it will shoot up in the span of one second

>> No.29079436

Sold how many?

>> No.29079571

It won't though will it and you know it

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>Black ID
>4 is the death number.
This is no good. Someone'll have to bring digits to counter this.

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check these winning dubs
1000 EOY

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When will you be liquidated tranny. 2% higher interests, 3%. Sucks being trapped on aave at 409 a tx to pay back a loan

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Naggers tongue my anus

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shut up nigger

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what an aptly timed bitcoin dump

>> No.29081172

i have 30 LINK

am I going to be rich?

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about as rich as me brother

>> No.29081557

Better than most here. Anyone that says they have more than 100 LINK is just larping

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>$5 stable coin

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If you take your link, go to venus, deposit it, borrow 8 link which you deposit again on venus and do it agein with 5 link, you will make it. Sell the farmed venus to pay back loan. Just copy the whale tactic of cheap link by shorting it