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rubichads??....... i don't feel too good....

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It is over. I am done. I have been dumped on. I bought at the ATH. My life has no meaning but to be the pig led to the slaughter. Everything is red. None of the coins I pick moon.

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haha you actually fell for it hahahaHAHA

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In the end, the poos always win...

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i know the feel bro. this is most peoples experience despite all the gainers bragging about some of their gains. hopefully you didnt put a ton of money into it and youre spending very little so you can learn and continue. :)

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You dumb retard the wallet count is increasing each day
You bought a low mcap coin, what the fuck did you expect?
Leave to hold, or sell and fuck off with your sob story

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kek you are gunna make a thread about this decision in like a month

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*learn to hold

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>bought at .13
>even after it went 5x the transaction fees would have made the trade barely profitable
I wish they slapped a "not for poor people" warning on Ethereum before I bought all this shit

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bro they came from reddit they cant hold coins if it goes down they have to sell at a loss and if it doesnt go up in a week they start crying
look at him
>None of the coins I pick moon.
he bought ATH which means he bought 12 days ago
he held for 12 days and sold at a loss

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kek, the funny part about this post is that it is probably true too. It'll work out fren

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rubic pulled

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Literal memechart. It's over. It was over the second they asked a pajeet for advice that farted and burped on camera. See you at 0.0014 bagholders. Maybe you'll be able to sell on the 2025 bullrun.

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I told u they are pulling out feb 19!! dump while you still can

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>None of the coins I pick moon.
That's because you're a fool getting lured in by funny memes and caviar dreams. Stop looking at these stupid Pajeetcoins and invest in shit that consistently performs during bull cycles. You've been got by a peddler, anon. You think anyone but a charlatan needs a pithy phrase like, "Rubic is Cubic?" Please. It's not too late, though. Here's a list of carefully-curated coins that are consistently performing well, and I'd DYOR on each of them and make sure to buy in during a dip.

BTC- Gold alternative
LTC- Silver alternative
ETH/ADA/BNB- Smart contracts
DOT/ATOM- Interconnected blockchain
XLM- centralized banking
VET- Supply chain
GRT- data queries
LINK/BAND - oracle
NU- encryption

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patience ma boy

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I sold when I read about the news dropping tomorrow. Wish I would've seen it coming soon and sold before the jeet farted but i'll cut my losses now instead of holding this bag while it bleeds to 3c.