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Which one of you retards said BNT cant pump again? From 2$ to 6$ in two weeks and going parabolic. 100 million increases in daily TLV. We will catch will that shitty fork called Uniswap and the rest of copycats real soon

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10k BNT here and i feel physically sick every day i see the price going up more.
I could have bought so much more. I didn't believe in them enough.

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Fuck that copycat gay horse.
WAGMI Bancy frens.

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yeah I am kinda salty I didnt go all in too, but will larger portfolios its always prudent to diversify. You can never be 100% sure

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vortex makes bancor a more attractive option than most defi shitecoins.
Scenarios like this are now posssible:
>stake 10k bnt - receive 10k vbnt
>sell 10kvbnt to receive 9k bnt
>stake 9k bnt and receive 9k vbnt
>sell 9k vbnt and receive 8.1k bnt
>sell 8.1k bnt for some shitcoin that pumps
>sell the pump for 16.2k bnt
repeat until bnt is at $20k per coin

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Their daily trade volume is greater than their mcap. Is this bullish?

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yeah, volume is generating fees for BNT liquidity providers, so it becomes more profitable to provide liquidity

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10k stake + multipliers means you made it.

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Going all in now. Thanks for this, really.

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Total staking newbie here. Stick with me, your idiots are my idols.

Okay. I have a Ledger. I connect Ledger to Metamask. I connect Metamask to Bancor Network. I use Bancor network for single-sided liquidity on a staking pool.

Is this generally correct?

I also have Atom, but that seems to have a native integration to COSMOStation staking.

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this, the token has actually usecase plus you get fees for staking. Fucking UNI is a 6 billion governance token, there is no reason we couldnt reach similar or greater MC in future

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where the fuck do i learn about these multipliers and staking options? Do I have to watch youtube vids with retarded thumbnails?
t. 2k brainless bentlet

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imagine feeling shit about making money

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what the fuck is this thing it doesn't stop

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I only have 400 BNT, but that's like 90% of my portfolio.

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If you stake it you will earn the rewards of that crazy volume +rewards. Plus you will be helping raise the Total Volume Locked. I don't think people understand that the price of Bancor is a lagging peg to TVL. 200million +2 weeks = $2 Bancor,. 300 million +2 weeks = $3.... Shit's just been so bullish that we lessened that time frame up to a couple of days.

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What the flying fuck I missed out

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>Tfw i put 90% of my cash in grt and the rest in bnt
I did 3x with grt but bnt just keeps fucking going holy shit

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My instincts tell me not to buy the absolute top but internet racists have never done me wrong before. Thank you for the spoonfeeding bros.

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>120 BAT stacklet
>sold 60 last week at 2.4 euros to buy some other alts
>alts crashed and now im left with like 67 BAT

fuck my life honestly

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what are the suicide/make it stacks for this
ive got 5k bnt
is it gonna pull an aave and 100x from here?

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some retard earlier today said he bought the top at $5.13

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100x - probably not anon. but it could surpass uni which is about 10x from here

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From November 15 until now...

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soon most of the trades will go trough here since the pools will have greatest liquidity. Guess who gets the fees? Guess how much fees other DEXes give to their holders?

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we're still not 800m cap, the "top" is still minimum 5x from here

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how much did you put in

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and to add to this >>29067065 message - bnt will soon implement arbitrum that will make trading fees ~50x smaller + it will allow limit orders which is massive for dex

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Currently all in on ATOM... but it’s doing nothing.... is this the top? Or are there more gains in store...realistically

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30k BNT and 9k LINK. From the very start of LM rewards.

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25% for Bancor

0.05% for SUSHI

0% for UNI

also the liquidity provider on sushi and uni must do a 50/50 split of their token with eth, and get rekt by impermanent loss

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Oh thank fucking god I didn’t press buy

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is it still time to buy in or is this the top

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All here friend.

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What's the best time to snipe a spot in the link pool?

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its 20 USD minimum EOY

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so around 130k at 15th nov, you got almost 2x in the fees alone kek well played fren

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this is legit far more better than uni etc so easy 3x I think, even from here.

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room to grow, I'm seeing 1.5b liq value in march at this rate

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>he bought the token instead of the shirts

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it seems like Defi projects if they aren't blatant rugpulls "peak" then crab and lose value over time but I don't know what the peak of this thing could be and I am basing that on anecdotal evidence

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Yeah it worked out perfectly. Token price stayerd low for a few months while the BNT APY was over 300% in the LINK/BNT pool (because nobody was buying and stkaing BNT) so I got a lot of BNT in the first LM payout, now it moons. Couldn't have asked for a better result.
No plans to withdraw, either, Bancor honestly looks like they're going to pull this off. If the Arbitrum launch is smooth then this will be the top AMM for every blue chip token (brand new hype shitcoins will still be traded elsewhere, though)

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I got into this yesterday at $5 and I'm so thankful to the rational non scammy thread that convinced me to buy.
I've been bleeding out with terrible shitcoin plays, and bnt already has me back up 1k in a day.
Its not much, but its a start to getting back the 10k ive lost.

thanks bnt bros.

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Looks like all around good news for this coin, gonna buy

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Do you see this going up more? I’m in a similar situation as you

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Oh god oh fuck I’m getting FOMO in my ass crack. Should i jump in now or wait for a dip

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it's literally a huge dip rn

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this is the dip

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It hit $10 in the 2017 bullrun, and its a much more legit functional product now.
So yes, my realistic aim is at least $10.
But idk about $20. but im cautious due to being burnt.

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Interesting, ok I guess I’ll ape it once I see the reversal from this dip

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bros I got 2k coins that I want to put in a LP (Link/BNT). I noticed the GAS fees are are 200 odd bucks. IS it worth it?

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you're not gonna make it

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^ Don't say that brah.

Needs some suggestions here

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200/6 = spend 33 bnt
to make about 4 a day while rewards last

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this is moving too fast I'm getting scared bros

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Me too I have seen no sign of reversal yet

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We will fly again in 1 hour. Screencap this.

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Ive got my lil BNT money printer going.
So far 10 BNT in claimable rewards.

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Gonna buy the dip

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Buy the fucking dip.

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Must.... hit ..... 6.0....

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dipped right before 6.5, seems slower now

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Somehow bought at 5.86. Damn I feel good

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based that line just bounced as soon as it went sub $6

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I am financially healing

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So it would take ~9 days to recoup my gas fees via BNT coins?

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180 BNT here bought at $5.50. Am I going to make it? It’s 5% of my portfolio

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Only pajeets dumped

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I felt retarded posting about this at $2 and idle at $5. It was like I was missing something. Something every wealthy chad knew that I didn't.

Nah you niggers just hide until it's time to gloat

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Pajeets trying so hard to dump, guys this is the dip

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How does $3,600 sound?

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>Fucking UNI is a 6 billion governance token
UNI price is based on literally nothing. it was a couple bucks each airdrop. the pump to current prices is TOTALLY ORGANIC TRUST ME.

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Sounds good. This is my lowest MCAP entry so far. Trying to learn the game and bet on real projects.

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Why are we crabbing

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Looking at AAVE and UNI
there is no reason why BNT cant hit $20
I bought 1k BNT sub $2 for that reason.

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>#1 gainer in all of crypto for 2 days straight

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>/biz/ - business and finance

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>Why are we crabbing
this is not a moonboi token, its slow and steady anon.

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seriously, this just did huge numbers. Let its TVL rise a bit more and it'll literally do this again

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What would stock/bond market give for such a chart lol

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unsure if I should put another 5k in this.. ffs

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Higher than $20 is very possible

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I agree, that's me being very VERY conservative

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I am financially ambiguous

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Fucking saved

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When youtubers, normies etc find out during weekend.
Past 10$ we go

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50B Mcap easily. you do the math.

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but once the rewards end whales will just sell their bags and the bobos win no?

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I am mentally untouchable

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Do it with day chart and we should make it a banner

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The rewards never end, is the point.
Does CZ suddenly stop making money?
Is Coinbase suddenly not the most hyped IPO on wallstreet in ages?
We are CZ.
We are Coinbase.
We are the Jews now.

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this is my biggest worry, once the whales start leaving noone knows what will happen

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I keep seeing calls for like 20-40 usd range on here and twitter? Why cant this fuck all the way up to 100+? Any reason or are anons just being pussies?

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By that point the protocol will have matched or likely surpassed the likes of Uniswap thus generating the most fees thus attracting all liquidity providers from everywhere. Bancor is already cheaper than its competitors to use.

>> No.29071911

being conservative

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Yes anons feeling good, staking never felt more comfortable

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Why would whales leave possibly the biggest DEX that also gives them the best fees

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We're just being conservative.
If king shitcoin does another leg up or ETH breaks out, we'll hit 100+ due to sheer marketwide movement.
But it's good to assume the conservative move, nobody like a moonboy unless you live in Mumbai.

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Rewards go for literally another year. If you can't tell already, when we are the first eth swap platform with L2 (Arbitrum) sushi and Uni are fucked, except for shitcoins. TVL + swap fees should make it so whales stay.

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I tried staking some BNT on the bancor network with my trust wallet single sided pool.
It took the ENT fees but my BNT tokens didn't move.
What did I do wrong guys??

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The big test for whether the whales would leave was when the first round of LM rewards became claimable. That was especially risky because everyone was receiving their rewards at the same time, so if there was a sense that everyone was rushing for the gates and the price was going to go down, then a full on stampede could have completely tanked the price.
The fact that 85% of those rewards got restaked straight away tells you everything you need to know about how "the whales" feel about this protocol. They are in it for the long haul.
And for good reason. Bancor is one smooth Arbitrum launch away from massive market dominance.

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i haven't felt this comfortable about a hold since buying link at 30 cents.

>> No.29072149

each pool is only offering rewards for a certain time frame - im pretty sure that link, the biggest in terms of volume, expires in less than a month now. as soon as that incentive dries up bnt becomes largely worthless AND already over 50% of bnt is staked anyway. i'd love to be wrong but this seems like a ticking time bomb.

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whats the big brain play here
should I sell my SNX that I havent don't shit with for this, or hold both?

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It can. I'm one of the people that's been throwing around $20 conservatively because we don't know when BTC will skydive and that will obviously effect the price to some degree, but if it holds the line or continues to go upward in value we could definitely see $100 or maybe much, much more.

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If this is FUD, try harder.
If this is genuinely you not knowing, research and lurk more.
https://blog.bancor.network/announcing-bnt-liquidity-mining-b30be90a008d is a good start.

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Is there actually any hope that arbitrum will release soon?

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april lol

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If it actually happens that soon then we've all made it.

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Fucking hell, the Bancor threads were infinitely more relaxed two weeks ago...

First of all, the coin isn't crabbing just because it stays at $6 for two hours.
Have you even looked at the fucking charts? NO, not the fucking 1 minute candles, try 1h or more and then tell me again that it's crabbing.

Next thing: The rewards won't suddenly end, they can go on until April 2022 if the proposals for extending them get enough votes.
Also there is a 24h lockup period when withdrawing.
Lastly, by that time the rewards end, there will be so much volume on Bancor that liquidity providers won't just flee because rewards have ended because they earn a shitload of fees.

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whats the best pool?

>> No.29072846

You can stake your SNX on Bancor and earn BNT if you don't want to part with your tokens, that's the beauty of it. Of course the rewards are skewed towards the BNT side but it still offers some of the best rewards for other tokens too.

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[Telegram] Mark Richardson (in reply to J M)
Random question. Is Vortex for other coins possible in the future? For example, grant a bETH for ETH…
[Telegram] Mark Richardson
[Telegram] Mark Richardson
vBNT is just the start.

I hope you motherfuckers have your bags packed. If you see the implications of this, please call a doctor if your erection doesn't go away in two hours.

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I swapped my PRQ for 470 bancords sirs

how do I stake them sirs? I only see other token pairings in the app

>> No.29073151

Contact their support.

>> No.29073153

i'm looking right now at the BNT/vBNT pool.
why wouldn't I just go into that?
sorry for shitting up your threads, however i'm not retarded enough to see the implications of what this means, even though I don't fully understand them yet

>> No.29073162

>biggest future DEX with mini AAVE built in
Everybody here is early

>> No.29073194

This is how we make it.
Dont just think lol coin go up.
We need volume. If you are going to do simple swaps use this service and encourage others to

>> No.29073208

fuck man but at that point pretty much everyone would just leverage their position 2x. i dont see how thats sustainable

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Thanks for not helping me niggers

>> No.29073334

when the timer ends it literally just starts again and will continue to for the foreseeable future.

>> No.29073432

There are 2 transaction. First one around 10$ and another around 150-200$. Did you complete both? What does etherscan show?

>> No.29073831

It's not some shitcoin rug pull copy pasta thrown together unaudited by anon pajeets. They have 24 hr support at ban.cr/support. ASK FOR HELP

>> No.29073872

I haven't even seen your post until now so don't feel offended or whatever.
If you want to invest in BNT, please inform yourself and don't just treat it as a PnD.
Like the other anon said: if you're not sure about getting into BNT, you might just stake your SNX and enjoy the 30% APR with IL protection.

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>i'm looking right now at the BNT/vBNT pool.
>why wouldn't I just go into that?
It's full and capped by design since it's in testing phase right now.
Same way it is in central finance / banking. Banks are leveraged 10x or even infinity x with the new fractional banking regulations.

>> No.29074061

There is literally zero chance the link rewards are not renewed.

>> No.29074095

Does anyone know the website that tracks BNT held on other exchanges, with the change over time?

>> No.29074122

In reply to your Arbitrum question: Today the held a talk in the Telegram channel and mentioned that it may be even ready in March.

>> No.29074187

do the rewards recoup for phaggots with tiny coins amounts ~2000

>> No.29074284

Yes, but you will need to be patient and pick a low gas moment around midnight to get maximum returns. Set it and forget it bro, wagmi.

>> No.29074297

Holy shit the BNT singularity is far sooner that I expected

>> No.29074339

It's not the same way as central banking, because central banking fractional reserves are backed by nothing. As you point out, with zero reserve requirements a bank can lend out $100 for every $0 it has in treasury.
In the case of these DeFi protocols you are always collateralising real value (in the form of locked BNT) in order to make use of this leverage. The DeFi system is infinitely better than the central banking system, and in a couple of years we are going to see them morph into the same thing. Anyone who is paying attention now and doesn't fuck it up will get rich.

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FUCK anon, should I buy now? Does this really have a chance to get to $20 or am I being rused?

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You should research the product they are building and what it will mean when that product runs on Arbitrum, and then price targets won't matter any more because you won't be looking to sell.

>> No.29074592

Is it wrong to think that Bancor could quite literally be on the heels of a genuine financial evolution

>> No.29074597

I absolutely agree with you anon, I was just making the comparison in the sense that the legacy system is a thousand times more clowned and EVERYONE uses it / accepts it in some form or other somewhere in their lives.
So if you come with a system that is more efficient, faster, cheaper, and backed by more than hot air and bullshit, it's a DOUBLE no-brainer.

>> No.29074695

March, amazing

>> No.29074790

To cool things down a bit: They said that March is possible, but I actually think that April is more realistic.
But in order to reduce fees until Arbitrum is not ready, they are also working on optimising their contracts so you need to pay less fees for staking.

>> No.29074811

Thank you good sir. I was referring to recouping gas fees which you seemed to have caught on to.

Should I sell my GRT's (avg price 1.40) and go in on BNT or wait for GRT pump and BNT dip?

>> No.29074823

im ruined.

>> No.29074825

Just the first one, I didn't have enough ETH.
Would they refund the 10?

>> No.29074891

All of these early DeFi successes will be in history books, we're literally changing the entire structure of society from "brand based trust" to "mathematically assured trust". With the world how it is, it can't come soon enough.

>> No.29075029

if you don't have GRT stacks in the thousands you should probably just take profit.
I think the consensus is that GRT might hit 20 dollars at some point in the next few years, but 5-10 dollars EOY is probably the most realistic. 20 dollars would be a huge bubble for it

>> No.29075081

API3 whale here. I will personally buy out enough vBNT to ensure link rewards are not renewed.

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>> No.29075139

If it's so good why is the network so fucking slow, it even says use at your own risk!

>> No.29075175

Man, I put all my linkies in the pool a couple of weeks ago and I was strongly contemplating liquidating all my assets and going all-in on Bancor. The price was $1.30 then. Still happy I guess.

>> No.29075233

bullish for BNT

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I have 500 LINK and 500 BNT. What should I do? Is this enough to stake?

Accidentally posted this in the sock thread.

>> No.29075381

do you know how many link whales are in the pool?
and how regularly the pool fills back up when there is space even at these prices.

if API3 ever gets proposed again I'll be voting against, sorry

>> No.29075384

It didnt go to them, it went to vitaliks mining crew in China, ni hao

>> No.29075460

Why didn’t anyone mention that this is the most Jewish coin out there?

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Using defi products feel like the 4th industrial revolution is here.

Im watching my yields going up by the minutes.

>> No.29075646

plz im a brainlet..which pool do i choose for max gainz

>> No.29075720

BNT is dumping right now, is the 5.4 bottom a good place to convert my nucypher shitcoin ?

>> No.29075976


My bancie friend just sold some extra on coinbase. He wanted lambo. Seems like his market sell cascaded into a larger correction. Well this happens etc, it will pump back in no time