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eRSDL, why art thou not pumping hard today

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because it isn't a pajeet pnd coin

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you clearly have no fucking clue what you are talking about

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i missread that as because it is a pajeet pnd coin

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I was like bruh...
But srsly, you can't expect something like this to just pump every day forever. That will come after platform is online and banks are using it.

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Has there been any talk in the tg channel of any major exchanges coming online yet?

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>Loudly, Howie paid the dowry and freed the drowsy townie from his lousy hourly bounty.
>"Wowie Zowie!" said the Wagie, how he is no longer pouty grouchy.
>Now he boards a plane all crowdy and leaves his cloudy county for Maui.

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>tfw FOMOd in at .08

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Because its a stupid idea and project

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Yeah that’s why AAVE is sitting at 5 billion market cap right now, right?

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It's simply its due correction. Sold part of my stack at $0.80, plan to buy back in during the dip.

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whoops, $0.08*

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yeah, was considering selling out a part when it hit 0.09, had i had half a brain i woulda seen this coming, still up so dont matter all that much, but honestly dont think its gonna dip much more before it starts climbing again

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howie needs to take a breather. catch his breath before leading the charge forever past 10 cents. tomorrow

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You gotta keep an eye on that trading volume, that's what gave it away to me. I think we'll see it dance around $0.06, but don't be surprised if it goes lower.

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I'm hoping for a correction to .06 or less so I can reload some bags but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part. Seems to be stuck around .075-ish. I'll wait it out for a while and see.

Please enlighten us, what's stupid about it anon?

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Wait for trading volume to level out. It'll be highly indicative of when you've arrived near the bottom of the dip.

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Good tip, I'll keep an eye on that.

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dont worry anon, if youre patient there is still the possibility for 100x

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>If you had bought at the previous ATH in November, you still would have been up x3

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buy the top to be the top, smart .

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This guy fucks

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I hadn’t heard about it then. Feel like a dumbass but these things happen I guess

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i hate myself

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Just draw strength from Howie boys

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not selling my howies, just making sure they stay wowie! - 200k stacker

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If Howie is going to rope if it fails I'll probably FOMO back in for a bigger stack soon, that's pretty bullish.

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Been nice to see this project pump this week, i'll get more surprises this year! fucking ready Howie!

Lets goo!!