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how does that even work?

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God I hope so. I want my 3070 you faggots.

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>implying miners are too retarded to just flash the bios

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This will make it maybe 1% better

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Driver level

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Feels great to be a cpu miner

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does this mean i could finally get a fucking 3070

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>we intentionally make our card crappier and weaker and less efficient so miners wont use it
>power to the gamers!

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Or just wait with buying to mine untill gamers have theirs? Fucking retard.

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nope, its just the new 3060

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Good. Then some new chinese company can just start manufacturing crypto only cards.

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CEO of Nvidia is the uncle of the CEO of AMD and theyre both chinks
its all a racket
I will keep my 2080 Ti and make hay while the sun shines

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Why would they shoot themselves in the foot like that? Do they hate money or what?

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This should reduce the influx on GPU mined coins right? Will ETH pump?

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The miner market demand will be filled immediately.

t. waiting on a 3070

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Why don't they just make a series of Miner cards and a series of Gaymer cards ?

theres a fuck heug market for both .....

Nvidia is stupid

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bloody basterd free market my FUCKING ass?! mother bitch how can they do this?

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The main issue is the creation of circuitry necessary for this hardware is only available from a very small set of manufacturers and they're booked solid.

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they are though? do you actually read or research?

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probably some code that can tell if the card is getting molested in a way a game couldn’t

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Nvidia is bleeding customers to Amd so I'm not surprised. After all miners aren't the market. Miners are just willing to pay a premium to get their cards first. Gaming is still where nvidia makes their money.

>I don't read

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idk set up new fab labs or some shit

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They're trying to allocate during a shortage. They know that miner demand is essentially static and entirely related to specs and returns - the miners will be back later. But a retail gamer who doesn't feel supported and gets fed up with waiting might hop to AMD and never come back. The consumer good-will is much more sensitive on that side of the market.

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they are doing exactly that

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Dont care, still buying a 4090 next year

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>JUST THE 3060



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Considering the push for things like self driving cars with image recognition based systems, I'm shocked ol Elon there hasn't moved that direction. Maybe that's why he's pumping crypto, to raise capital...

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Even worse. Custom drivers are easier.

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>windows drivers

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They are. Maybe you should read. Makes you look stupid when you don't read

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it's literally nothing

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This is bearish AF. Like hey lets cut off our biggest customer base

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Are they that fucking retarded? Actually they probably want miners to buy them, they just needed the headline.

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3080s and 3090s are still way more profitable. and even if they choose to do the same to these cards people will use custom or old drivers. this is dumb weak shit from nvidia.

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Why don’t they just make more

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Gamers are rising up.
Power To The Players.

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>software patch that only targets ethereum
going to be fixed in like a day

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if you want to mine you use a quadro, not a fucking gtx.

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Why would anyone buy this shit when 5700 XT has 55 MH/s at 95 watts?

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I can`t wait for BTC to crash below 5k so faggots like you start screeching and jumping off buildings kek

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Fucking thank you Nvidia. Miners absolutely btfo

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>tfw I built a rig with a Ryzen 5900X + RTX 3070 last month just to play Cyberpunk for a few hours

Should I be mining something?

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>/biz/ getting basic facts wrong

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lowest effort is just rent out on nicehash and get paid in bitcoin

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Mine some taste lmao

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all my 3080s already paid for themself, Its good to make 0.25ETH/month/card just for electricity, which is less than 25$/month/card

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nobody has been using gpus for bitcoin mining for at least the past 5+ years

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monero on the cpu and eth on the gpu

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Based but also cringe because you don't realize that they're coming for you next

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Why not both

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>>limit generation of something in demand
>>bearish AF
I don't think you know how S&D works.

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Mine ETH, forget about monero, barely make any money on that. CPU mining isn't worth it anymore

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You retards now they’re splitting yields for another line, its gonna have to be a big discount cause they already tried mining only cards but people didnt buy them cause of their poor resale (to gamers) the rtx cards are just gonna get patched like everyone already said

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That’s their plan lol

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electricity is only $25 per card per month???

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Same. Stayed up many nights to get my hands on a 5900x and a strix 3080 oc just for Cyberpunk. I got quickly bored and I started to have buyers remorse since I wasnt playing games I was just watching YT. So I said fuck it why not mine with my card and make a few bucks?

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Just like Nvidia "forgot" to prevent bots from buying up all the supply of the 3000s .

Nvidia loves miners but don't want to lose gamers.

In actuality Nvidia should just raise prices to keep Supply and then use that money to create more cards everyone wants.

Does anyone do Capitalism anymore?

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Just swap the bios

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No it is bearish as fuck. They had a problem
>demand for GPUs skyrockets and prices go way up
how do you profit from this? here's how
>increase the fucking supply, increase the price, enjoy
apparently they are incapable of increasing the supply and they're now trying to reduce the demand. Does reducing the demand for your own product sound bullish to you you dumb fuck?
And yeah maybe their mining cards will be popular too. Or maybe they won't be we don't know. What we know is they're trying to reduce the demand for their most popular product which is basically admitting that your business can't handle the demand and you're a failure.

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kek if they want to stop miners they will need to gimp the hardware itself, not the drivers.
But go ahead and celebrate, you still wont find any of these cards at a reasonable price. Probably shouldnt have shut the economy down over the flu, but hey ho

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I got them undervolted with max memory overclock doing 100-105MH/s and eating around 230W each and I pay a little less then 14c per kWh

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>downloads previous driver version

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Driver level for existing cards, hardware for new batches from what I understand

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they did before and look what happened, crypto crashed and they were out billion in stock with worthless cards.

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I can't wait for poorly-optimized early access bullshit games like Valheim to trigger this shit on cards non-stop

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My guess, assuming this is actually real, is that they gimp the hardware based on usage. Round the clock usage bad. Periodic spikes good.
Would probably have adverse effects for legit companies using the cards for machine learning processes though, and could possibly lead to lawsuits.

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>people start buying Teslas to mine ETH

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Which is exactly what will happen now to their mining card lineup if ETH goes down or forward to 2.0

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It's more likely a cool idea that someone at the company had that manifested in an announcement. I doubt it'll actually be implemented because, as you said, it could open them up to lawsuits and just general bad press.

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remember when the entire world shut down over a flu and all the retards figured it would be fine and everything would magically somehow stay as it was?
Seeing plebbit faggots crying their eyes out cause they cant find a GPU while I sit here chuckling and mining away is quite cathartic.
Tried to warn these retards what would happen if they obliged, but that was mean to granny or some such shit

>2 weeks to flatten the curve lmao

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holy based

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>if ETH goes down or forward to 2.0
are they still going to go through with that now that ether is at an all time high

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Supporting the new word financial system > fat neck beards playing cyber fag

>> No.29067085

>Periodic spikes
Have you met the average gamer today? Nothing periodic about their “hobby”

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>mfw people still talking bullshit like "when things reopen"
they made an incurable class of virus akin to the common cold, and with a 99%+ survival rate, into something that shuts down the country. There is literally N E V E R going to be an end to it.

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Lol why do they even give a fuck, shills on both sides will still try to buy them.

>> No.29067482

This won't work, chinese will have fix within days.

>> No.29067620

China has eaten up the market with cheap electricity and with the uncertainty of ETH mining it's a very risky investment.
tldr better money can be made flipping shitcoins during the bullrush

>> No.29067625

Short Nvidia NOW.

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Been mining for like 48 hours on my 3070 FE already got like $20 worth, need like 180 to get eth paid out. Gonna pay this thing back in like 3-4 months :33333

>> No.29067754

>implying it won't push it even higher
A lot of miners sell ETH as soon as they get it, but PoS incentivizes to accumulate, absolutely bullish

>> No.29067852

Maybe not short but I was unironically thinking of buying it just a week ago and now they basically admitted they can't run their business and keep up with demand, what a bunch of retards

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This just makes my old AMD cards more valuable. I can already sell them for a 2-4x. In a few months I'll probably sell them for a 10x of what they originally cost me. By then mining will be dead anyway and crypto will be mostly staking.

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I own it via an etf. Fuck.

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I think some smart cars have machine learning GPUs built into them already actually.

>> No.29068175

fuck PC gaymers

>> No.29068237

They are making cards that are for ming specifically. End of thread.

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Yeah it cracks me up that people think this will ever actually end. Complete short bus tards desu
Then theres the other sort, the debt-ridden millennial who grew up on foundational myth stories of valor, struggle and the history books.
These fucking losers dont want it to end, because to them its a struggle against disaster and racists that will have future generations watching movies about them etc, vain fucking narcissists that most of them are.

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You misspelled greedy.

>> No.29068416

>BTC on a warpath to 1mil
> Nvidia bans popular Cryptos aka BTC not LINK because LINK is garbage
> (((Nvidia))) now wants you to stop mining on their cards so they can accumulate themselves

They REALLY do not want you to make it.

>> No.29068485

They still sleep

>> No.29068644

dont these have a million layers of drm these days? bet it has to be signed at minimum and only nvidia could do it

>> No.29068724

The real reason is actually the shortage of chips world wide. But fuck gamers. Wtf

>> No.29068833

Kek they’ll just find a work around in a day

>> No.29068858

you can't mine LINK you dumb nigger?????

>> No.29068881

lol i can just download cracked russian drivers to fix this

>> No.29068886

great first step. So sick of shitcoiners driving up the price of cards and destroying the environment with their useless "mining".

>> No.29068904

Only retards try and mine in 2021 oh and they are running at a loss while doing it aswell. Lmao

>> No.29068968

look up monero mining bruh

>> No.29069017

Retarded niggers. Mining profitability is why the market is so healthy

>> No.29069068

so many seething no-coiners in this thread, i can smell their jealousy

>> No.29069081

>implying they're not just gonna sell underpowered gpus at premium price
It's like you guys weren't even here when >3.5gb happened

>> No.29069125

There’s still lots of profit to be made but mining is dying, everything is going pos

>> No.29069161

says the nocoiner incel neet lmao

>> No.29069218

Massive MUTT Milkers

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>> No.29069260

>before Elon started his shitposting to dump his bags on t

Minergate is crook and triggering me

Shill me on best way to mine XMR on my sweet 12-core

>> No.29069319

lol cope harder non-mining poorfag

>> No.29069325

I don't get why they don't just buy the GPU at the prices miners are, mine with it, then get a free GPU

>> No.29069393

check xmr general thread when it comes by. solo mining may work better if you have a beefy machine, fuck pooling. xmrig is probably still best option right now.

>> No.29069412

You don't know what you're talking about

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But that would require a minimal amount of effort. Why would you expect normies to do that

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I cant even get the ryzen 5900x

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they probably have covered that part somehow since they have a separate product line for that kind of usage

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more talk without timestamps =//= you an irrelevant retard . /ez kys

>> No.29069773

>CMP products — which don’t do graphics — are optimized for the best mining performance and efficiency
And the first ones they release do 26-36 mh/s lmao. They better be really cheap, REALLY cheap

>> No.29069859

tits or gtfo

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literally this, bought my 3070 for mostly games but can mine with it most of the day, free GPU by early summer even after electricity costs, piece of absolute piss.

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>mining cryptocurrency is useless
>playing fucking vidya is useful

u wot m8?
also kek at the environment. you fags have been telling me I'll be six feet underwater in 5 years for fucking decades, I ain't listening any more.
If you do turn out to be right I'm happy for us all to burn together on account of you being such a fucking cocksucker about it.

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short nvidia

>> No.29069922

okay grandpa, tell me how you used to mine for bitcoin on your amiga while running away from cave lions. kys, larper.

>> No.29069939

i cant wait for crack heads to find out about this and start taking angle grinders to teslas to get them out lol

>> No.29069942

Yeah I'm wondering about why the hash rate is like that. Additionally, why is the power consumption so high?

>> No.29070008

Get fucked retards hahahahahahahahaha

>> No.29070031

they are doing it

>> No.29070063

Because they're using shit leftover components to dump garbage on the market during a mania. Which is fair enough, but it better be cheap garbage

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>they're still mining on GPUs
get a ryzen and mine monero you mongoloids

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imagine talking this confidently, but knowing so little
I mean IDGAF man, the less people realize there's money to be made, the greater my share, but you're still thicker than two short planks.

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>thinks they are gimping cards instead of limiting orders to two per customer
You people are retarded. It's not that complicated.

>> No.29070136

don't worry gaymers
tencent is going to install the miners in your PC, either you like it or not

>> No.29070173

Crypto mining was a thing 10 years ago , go back to plebbit. Thanks

>> No.29070221

peter schiff fanboy detected lol

>> No.29070255

That's what they literally announced what the fuck are you talking about

>> No.29070325

yes don't buy crypto or build mining rigs, invest in rice and beans instead

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will this work with a ancient 32nm quad core cpu?

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This is AMD as well.

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>Nvidia said the software for its forthcoming GeForce RTX 3060 card will limit how efficiently it can process Ethereum transactions by about 50%.

We will just buy twice the number of cards you think that is going to stop us?

>> No.29070914

THANK YOU. You faggots have been forcing my build to be held off. You should have to buy specialty mining hardware, not blow up the gaming PC market.

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>> No.29070951

Well Sapphire will still sell minning equipment with Cudo OS on it. Just buy that.

>> No.29071113

No YOU should learn how to mine you tech illiterate imbecile. You don't belong in the master race if you can't make the price of your GPU back

>> No.29071143

you still have to deal with the people who buy them just to resell for profit :)

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>> No.29071359

All you have to do is click 1 button and you'll make the price of your GPU back. But since this is too hard for you, we all have to suffer and now all of our GPUs are shittier, including yours

>> No.29071485

this will unironically make mining even better for big miners that flash their cards

nice job idiots

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I'm kinda curious why you believe that your use case, playing video games like a child, automatically is more worthy than my use case?
I dont give a shit what you do with your card and good for you if you can get one and waste your life doing made up shit. I'm just wondering, morally speaking, why you believe you are entitled to some product ahead of others who pay the same rate you do?
What makes you special?
The fact that you like gaming?

>> No.29071577

There just needs to be dedicated mining cards and dedicated gaming cards. That way nobody steps on anyone's toes. Miners caused the prices of cards to skyrocket horribly at one time and that wasn't fun for anyone.
Dedicated miner cards might solve that.

>> No.29071759

Miners will just buy dedicated and gaming cards retardo
do you know how eth mining works?

>> No.29071767

>why you believe you are entitled to some product ahead of others who pay the same rate you do?
Oh that's easy. Because the primary purpose and intention of those cards is to play games. When you miners buy up all the cards it increases demand beyond what's reasonable for a gaming hobby. It would be like if you could us TVs for this and now nobody can afford a TV because you're using it to mine.
And yea that puts people out.

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>GPU mining
Imagine having a mining farm and not running ASIC units

>> No.29071867

>Miners will just buy dedicated and gaming cards retardo
Why would you? If the gaming cards can't mine then no you wouldn't dipshit. Derp derp candy ass.

>> No.29071894

They're also useful for photo/video/3Dfags.

t. /p/

>> No.29072069


they are for playing games from your perspective.
from mine, they are for mining and creating digital art, and occasionally a game.
what is so useful about what youre doing with it that you deserve it more than me? I pay money just like you do.
if you were saving lives with it you might have an argument but as it is, we both want it for a legitimate purpose and I see no reason your purpose should artificially prioritized.
again I asked you for a moral reason for this. what makes your video gaming morally better than my mining?

>> No.29072177

Why wouldnt the gaming cards not be able to mine? If it can game /encode video etc it can mine ethereum you retard

>> No.29072198

many gamers are actually tranny faggots...

>> No.29072222

They cut the silicon for worse compute
They have done this for the past 3 years
AMD did this with hbm chips because they never reached retail due to the huge hash rates hbm gave
If you are GPU mining you are a fucking retard and get what you deserve

>> No.29072266

> from mine, they are for mining and creating digital art, and occasionally a game.
Yea nobody can enjoy your digital art at least in a 3D realm or a game if they can't afford the cards.
It drove the price of cards into the stratosphere so a few people could make a few bucks. You fucked other people with your greed and you fucked the market.
And you didn't make shit. You're wasting time with that crap crypto mining is a thing of the past only corporations can make money at that now with their farms so stop larping faggot.

>> No.29072291

Talking about ur dad again are we?

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nah. right way would be selling them with auctions instead of with fixed price. then those who really want and can afford can get the product

>> No.29072483

When your PoW shitcoin dies you will be left with your useless broken gpus
But clearly everyone here has already made their investment back and is earning 10k per month mining right?

>> No.29072539

>right way would be selling them with auctions instead of with fixed price.
Imagine going to an auction just to buy a graphics card. Shut up.

>> No.29072696

>get what you deserve
you mean thousands of dollars in crypto?

>> No.29072705

Anyone shilling for the right to crypto mine in this thread if a fucking retard.
You can't do that anymore the corporations have taken it over they have farms the size of warehouses doing this shit you wouldn't make ass. Those days are long over.
So anyone complaining about this is only arguing for the right of corporations to inflate the price of graphics cards into the stratosphere so their farms can gobble up crypto while you can't.
That's how fucking retarded you are.

>> No.29072712


nigger i get 200 a month for doing fuck all but owning one. you might hate free money but I have no objection.
People enjoy what I make just fine you faggot, at lower settings, but because they willingly went along with fucking the economy they now have to pay premiums to get the very best stuff. thats what happens when supply tanks and demand is the same or growing.
if you cant afford to play games, get a better job or a different hobby. You arent entitled to it any more than I am entitled to a GPU for mining at whatever price I feel I should have to pay, you little commie faggot.
it would be good for you play less games. try making them instead, then youd have money for any GPU you want and would be less of a fucking loser to boot.

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havent you heard of things like ebay?

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Very cringe.

>> No.29072815

>nigger i get 200 a month for doing fuck all but owning one
No you do not. Private crypto mining is long over bitch. You're pathetic.

>> No.29072832

Everybody literally hates miners and I don't care to justify it. Assholes are for shitting. If you think they are for fucking, don't get mad when you get shit on your dick.

>> No.29072872

that's the plan, sell a handicapped "gamer" card, and then the miner version for double the price
>hands rubbing intensifies

>> No.29072913

>All you have to do is click 1 button and you'll make the price of your GPU back.

>> No.29072935

why don't gamers just mine crypto during the downtime?
i literally don't see the issue here

>> No.29072955

>lets lose our source of income

>> No.29072995


>> No.29073002

gamers the most low IQ worthless people on the planet

>> No.29073004

do you not use whattomine?
eth mining is insane right now

>> No.29073057
File: 77 KB, 2040x653, btfo_faggot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


you are as dumb as fucking rocks.
wanna buy my 2080 Ti? I will sell it to you for $1,000,000 you little bender

>> No.29073107

You get 200 a month for sucking your mother's boyfriend's dick MAYBE , from mining ? A big fat -0. Cope

>> No.29073186

I knew it. It's literally over.

>> No.29073209

That's like saying
>why don't you rent out your car when you aren't driving it
because I don't want my car fucked up and i don't want the wear and tear

>> No.29073325

Why do we even need new GFX cards for gaming when consoles are already hamstringing performance well below what new cards can do and every game is a console port now

>> No.29073326

How is the power cost? Also does it melt your rig. Interesting to me

>> No.29073363


see the post above yours snipped directly from my PC just now you spastic fuck

>> No.29073369

Let's see the electricity bill you lying POS

>> No.29073393

PR horseshit.
take a basement full of hungry chinks about 45 seconds max to hAx0r bypass this

>> No.29073434

you can't make decent amount of profits with just 1 card
besides mining kills the lifespan of your card

>> No.29073531

Bitch unless you live with ur parenrs and they cover the electricity bill or live in a 3d world country in the middle of nowhere you are still running at a loss . Get a fucking life you retard

>> No.29073754

yeah probably will be included in the driver level tho but in the off chance it's application layer then any middle schooler can disable the monitoring process. if it's in the chips factory firmware you are shit out of luck.

>> No.29073798


about 20 a month. more than worth it in current conditions, and that 200 figure you see pushes to about 220 at certain times. 200 a month with that card all things accounted for is about right in the end, regardless what seething gaymers think.

>> No.29073944

Even homeless beggars make more then that a month lmao

>> No.29073986

>why don't you rent out your car when you aren't driving it
isn't that literally what tesla is working on right now?
you'll make more than your car is worth using it

>> No.29074055


if you think the electricity usage of a 290watt card, even running 24/7 is anything even close to 200, you know fuck all about energy and have probably never paid an electric bill in your life.
I dont mine Monero because it isnt profitable. Mining ETH decidedly is.

>> No.29074083

no dude, eth fees are fucking insane right now
even shit cards make 10 dollars a day

>> No.29074136

literally free passive income
what beats that?

>> No.29074161

Are you salty cause you can't find a card or something? Or just really dumb?

>> No.29074185

to the fucking oven with you

>> No.29074279


>0.2 milliBitcoin

>would have to run the gpu for 5,000,000 days to make one bitcoin


>> No.29074337


its fucking free dude. double click the batch file and then do whatever else I please, why wouldn't I do it?
The card has already paid itself off and if it eventually dies I will just buy a new one and do the same shit until there is no profit in it.
i can afford them at any price because I make the games you cant afford to play at max settings.

>> No.29074370

use the heat to make steam to turn a turbine to provide electricity to power a 3080ti to make 15 dollars a day doing literally nothing

>> No.29074551

sounds worth it, may try it over the weekend

>> No.29074572

great, we AMD now

>> No.29074620

NEET profits >>> onions consoom moments

>> No.29074691

Shut the fuck up

>> No.29074848

>lowering the highly profitable demand instead of producing even more
Who the fuck thought this was a good financial idea?

>> No.29074861


as things stand right now I cant imagine it wouldnt turn a net profit even if you have higher energy cost per kWh than I do.
Also I dont overclock, it runs at a pretty consistent 69 - 72 degrees.
Keep an eye on it for a couple days and track what its doing, and if youre happy with what youre seeing just let it run for as long as its profitable in my opinion

>> No.29074997

I'm running Ac Valhalla at 3440x1440p on ultra settings , pretty sure I own you in terms of specs.

>> No.29075018

i get 55.7 stable on a 5700, but the wattage is closer to 140W on the wall.

>> No.29075251
File: 95 KB, 798x900, fbd8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No one is selling GPUs, why would they?

>> No.29075296


then why are you so bothered what I use my card to do? normally your sort of pig ignorant spite comes from children whose pocket money isnt going as far as they wish it would. Also

>assassins creed

brainlet detected. did you collect all the imaginary bird feathers yet anon, or do you still have some to go? when you get them all make sure to mention it to girls, they'll be wetter than an otter's pocket

>> No.29075375

what card/hashrate? Using my 3070 atm for about 57MH/s

>> No.29075612


it varies but id say 50 is about the average, maybe a touch more. Card is a 2080 Ti

>> No.29075616

I'm financially set so I can enjoy a long term hobby unlike you , must suck having to keep a pc on 24/7 just to make ends meet . Rest In Piss faggot

>> No.29075827


you got absolutely btfo
keep making shit up about your life but we both know its exactly that - made up.

>> No.29075974

>Even homeless beggars make more then that a month lmao
do homeless beggars make profits in a highly speculative investment while they sleep?
asking for a friend

>> No.29076074

Yeah, that didn't help PS5 availability either. Probably just another attempt to cash in on mining.

>> No.29076132
File: 212 KB, 1440x1080, Yu Yu Hakusho 15 Genbu The Stone Beast.mkv_snapshot_20.03_[2017.06.18_20.47.27].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People still mine? Lmao.
I made $50k so far this year just by buying GRT at 30c on my 4 year old android.

Keep buying overpriced hardware and eat the huge electricity cost for peanuts kek.

>> No.29076145

>t. Nvidia ceo

>> No.29076181
File: 299 KB, 1440x900, Baiiley yellow kitchen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Going to set up a mining rig at my friends apartment. He doesn't pay utilites so I'll make bank. What devices do you suggest I can setup for under $400

>> No.29076303

So invest in AMD stock? LOL.

We all know that the chinese are the ones mining most of the coins anyway. They make the fucking chips.

>> No.29076337

How to lower watts on 5700?

>> No.29076534

Based, nice one bro

>> No.29076545

Lol this.
Bought a 3070 for $529 back in November.
Currently doing 59 MH/s at 112W.

And eth keeps going up.

>> No.29076703

Open any overclocking software. Set power limit to as low as possible without dropping MHs or corrupt shares.

>> No.29076775

You're not even getting a single gpu for $400 right now.

>> No.29076776


>> No.29076863

Guys wouldn't ETH 2.0 make mining RIP anyway?

>> No.29076912

Because they know the miners will dump their burnt out cards on the used market in 6 months when crypto takes a shit again, and Nvidia will be taking it in the ass, losing money to the used market for cheap high end cards.

So if they create cards that will not mine well, and sell them for a slightly lower price point than the older cards (because they can take a small hit now due to the huge amount of money they made from miners) they can shore themselves up from a slow quarter due to people buying up used miner cards.

I know a few people who were able to buy up cards cheap as fuck in 2018, and would buy two for the cost of one new. both still work in 2021 for their games.

nvidia doesn't want that happening again. retards will still buy old mining cards on the cheap, but if they can get a newer card that isnt mined on and it's not overvalued because stores cant pinch the miners anymore, nvidia wins.

>> No.29076984

as much as it pains me to say it, check out mining subr*eddits

>> No.29077019
File: 85 KB, 1200x630, Landing_Page-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You have no idea...

>> No.29077042

>/g/ kicks bitcoiners off to form biz
>10 years later they can't buy graphics cards because we are mining and making millions

absolutely cucked

>> No.29077163


It blows my mind that people make claims so easily disproved about mining.
Obviously it wont be like this forever, but while it is, why let the big time chinks have 100% of the fun when we can snag 1% of it for ourselves for basically zero effort?

>> No.29077174

All this trouble to not even make a thousand dollars. Absolute state of miners

>> No.29077288

70 degrees mining is probably danger zone already no?
Remember the memory doesn't have temperature monitors and it's probably running hotter than that.

>> No.29077340

no sane person would buy a used card now

>> No.29077369

You sound like a screeching faggot

>> No.29077396

mining ETH is less risky than all in into a shitcoin fuck you nigger

>> No.29077451
File: 1.12 MB, 1052x1444, 1583696259785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

igpus are enough for gentoo. /v/ is the board that cares about gpus

>> No.29077578

Look at this seething miner. One trade and I probably made more than one year of your mining

>> No.29077703

What this?

>> No.29077740

Tell me you make 200k and not only 200 dollars otherwise that's probably the most pathetic thing I have ever seen on /biz/

>> No.29077767

Mining on nicehash, should I try to switch to direct Eth mining? 5700xt here

>> No.29077989


nah you need to get a bit hotter than that before youre in the danger zone so far as I'm aware. if it crept towards 80 i might think twice, but its never passed 72 so i dont worry too much.

>> No.29078045

you could get more than one of the gpus.. seems like a much better option than getting a low pay physically demanding job

>> No.29078070


I truly value your opinion, anon
did you feel a bit targeted? did i touch on that pa

>> No.29078124
File: 290 KB, 1440x900, Bailey sword.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol triggered a retart

I see Asic miners with decent hashrates on amazon for under $400. are those not workable? I also have a 2070s in my current gaming rig. But I would be willing to use it to mine.

>> No.29078269

I read your ID as Mr. Fagit kek

>> No.29078283

trannys are some of the most retarded people i have seen. those people get offended by the smallest thing and want to make even words illegal

>> No.29078302

You are non-white, I understand this by how you get offended and how much you value some pocket lunch money.
I don't even play games but I find hilarious your excitement for making some little bucks.

>> No.29078384

Right now it all depends on the price of ETH, not really reliable long term. Maybe after Eth 2.0 another coin like ravencoin or something will go up in price to make it worth it but I don't know.

>> No.29078405

Go outside

>> No.29078440
File: 206 KB, 1200x900, 1605157386497.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah not all trans people are like that. Gives the rest a bad name. I'm not an sjw or care what people say.

>> No.29078504

you just move to the next thing when it stops being profitable

>> No.29078509
File: 23 KB, 306x389, 1238536345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That would be a hilariously bad idea because content creators also easily have 100% GPU usage over night when rendering shit.

>> No.29078589

They don't have the supply for any of them, so doing that would probably be kinda stupid.

>> No.29078664

desperate people will in a down economy.

>> No.29078811

What about people who use high end cards for rendering? You're fucking them too.

>> No.29079111

Its just another way to force their workstation series gpus that haven't gotten a lot of love the past couple years.

>> No.29079196

I don't know too many miners that didn't just sell their take month to month.

>> No.29079297


>> No.29079390


All I have done in this thread is point out that I personally make a profit doing this with no effort or risk. Its not a salary, its not selling a moonshot shitcoin, it doesnt sustain my life. I do other things for that, and I'm aware the day is coming where its no longer profitable and I will stop on that day.
But until then its 200 effortless bucks a month and I see no reason at all not to take it considering I'm not using my personal GPU for anything else at the moment.

>> No.29079535

> t. I fall for easy bait

>> No.29079620

yeah you can make $1000 a month now with a few 3080s

>> No.29079843

Is that really convenient? Maybe if you have a large capital to invest but as a single individual sounds a bit retarded if the profits are just 200 bucks per GPU minus the electricity.
Doesn't care though. Trading for me is very profitable and doesn't require the skill for mining.

>> No.29079871
File: 3.02 MB, 1560x9600, hotel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hotelanon BTFO

>> No.29079923
File: 30 KB, 370x370, 1532913714688.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

too many retarded newfags about I'm afraid
also sorry to say your bait was not good bait. good bait would go something like 'REEEE STOP TAKING CARDS AWAY FROM GAMERS'

>> No.29079975

i think i am with /v/ on this one, fuck you miners im sick of slumming it on my 970

>> No.29080128

Then do it but you really sound retarded when you brag as if you discovered the source of free money. It doesn't seem that profitable even considering thousand of GPUs if it's only 200 usd per One.

>> No.29080465
File: 429 KB, 1000x1000, EtPRvw1XUAANjoS.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>JUST THE 3060
gaymers rekt again

>> No.29080575
File: 290 KB, 373x424, yikes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy shit /biz/ can't fucking read

>> No.29080989

It seems like they are going to make specialty miner cards, and will probably sell them direct in bulk to big time miners. They will probably release some retarded expensive card for mining-only for retail, gimp the 3050/3060/3070 drivers, and leave their flagship 3080/3090 unmolested. The question is, if these aren't just the same cards with different drivers, where do they plan on sourcing the additional production? Could you mine on an ARM cluster?

>> No.29081036
File: 71 KB, 750x421, 1613418714069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29081229


Profitability is a factor of time and capital investment against returns. Raw numbers don't mean a thing if it is purely in addition to, and not instead of something else.
Also imagine calling me a non-white while you butcher the English language this way, you probable Slavic cunt.
Is there not a board in whatever language your shit country uses that you can go and shit up?

>> No.29081251

Jesus that is a sexy gargoyle

>> No.29081387

Imagine believing nvidia gives a fuck about gamers when they can sell for cash, no distribution, every card they make to miners.
Fucking liars, holy shit.

>> No.29081464
File: 115 KB, 1349x608, 45E2346E-0928-4AA8-BE37-0FA3F50E4213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That feeling flying around the Capital Building in MSFS 2020 in VR with a 3070, then crashing into it with no survivors!

>> No.29081489

trading sounds way more risky to me. you cant just sit down and push random buttons there. these miners you just put cards in machine, install app and start mining

>> No.29081492

I said fuck it and bought a 3070 for 800 bucks because the 5700xt I had for my new build a crash-y POS. I thought I was retarded then, but now they're even more retardedly priced at regular retail outlets.

>> No.29081611


if that game had proper metal-mangling crashes and building destruction, I would load it up a lot more often.
I realize thats not the crowd theyre going for but it would be a fantastic and politically spicy bit of DLC

>> No.29081659

If I was able to use nvidia explorer to fix MH: World on launch, there’s no fucking way a retard like me couldn’t get around this if money’s on the line

>> No.29081738

You have things backwards.

>> No.29081808
File: 1.98 MB, 640x360, sneed.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I said fuck it and bought a 3070 for 800 bucks
should have grabbed as many as you could bro
modern gaymes are gay anyway

>> No.29081848

Holy fucking based

>> No.29081917

That's literally Trading

>> No.29082018

Poorfag rage. Yes, I live in Western Europe, not in the iberian poor peninsula though.

>> No.29082168


There will always be PoW networks. Conflux is paying pretty well right now, it or Ravencoin is the heir apparent at the moment. But yes, losing Eth to PoS will cut profits noticeably.

>> No.29082258
File: 22 KB, 877x365, thanksgamers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i just want to thank all the gamers for bothering nvidia so they keep pumping out more cards for my rigs

>> No.29082311
File: 208 KB, 1024x456, image-30-1024x456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's how easy it'll be to if not kill, then significantly pullback Crypto from public use. Built in hardware restrictions.

>> No.29082473

I bought it beginning of December off Amazon because I could return it until the January 31st. Figured the mania would have died down, and actual MSRP cards would be available at retail. Needless to say, I was wrong. Should have held onto the 5700xt. Got it for 350 and their like 800 bucks now. At least I got a 5600x at retail.

>> No.29082540

Bitcoin does not use GPU miners though.

>> No.29082802

Doesn't stop built in hardware/software to backdoor your keys for government confiscation.

>> No.29083051

The firmware on the card looks for code snippets from the ETH mining algorithm. It's basically like any antivirus disk scanner program.

Unless they've locked the firmware, this is a five minute fix to work around. I guess they could require the firmware to be signed so that only company-provided upgrades can be used.

>> No.29083059

Miners will still buy the gaming card because it has more resale value

>> No.29083078

2070 even go for 1k on some websites in my country

>> No.29083196

bullish for amd

>> No.29083263
File: 611 KB, 2393x1280, Miner.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the reminder, just started mining again with the 3070 - nice little side hustle

>> No.29083422

You could bring the watts down by 5 to 10 and try to up that mem clock a bit. you can get 62 hash out of most of them.

>> No.29083468

Don't make me horny for fuck sake

>> No.29083703

You don't need to pull 130w out of it. Focus on the efficiency, if you get 60mhs with 111W that's better.

>> No.29083722
File: 64 KB, 1200x534, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>using third party software which takes a percentage of your hashrate's profits
imagine being a cuck

>imagine not having an rtx 3090

>> No.29083941
File: 581 KB, 1237x1103, Miner2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is about the cards limit

>> No.29083958

Awww... does the manchild want his toy?

You can wait a few weeks, then. Or you could just buy from us scalpers, no hassle.

>> No.29084184

Why would I want a 3090? ROI is poor for mining and the cost per frame is super shit