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1 billion Tether printed every day for the past week
Tomorrow is the day of the rug

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they're not even trying to be subtle anymore

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I really want to see a 10bi print in this run, it would be amazing.

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1 trillion print is needed !!!


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"hello, binance?"

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People will just scream fud. They are in denial. Make your money while you can guys.

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1/2,000 of the money the fed is shitting out every couple months.

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What happens if the SEC shut them down and bans tether from minting tether?

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You guys always point back to the fed. JEWS RUN THE FUCKING FED. They couldnt care less about bitcoin and tether is going to cause the dummies who hold to long to rope it up

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Bitcoin crashes back to 1k because there's no more fake usd being printed to artificially inflate BTC

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Nocoiner seethe

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They don’t even give a fuck anymore

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Sad little retard. Enjoy the upcoming show! I actually pray God has mercy on you

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Maxi delusion
Tether is dying, this is the rug, enjoy the triple backflip this sends you flying on.

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>It's all backed 1:1 by USD!!

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Yeah and they're also buying Bitcoin.

Tether fud is overblown. Bitcoin will probably retrace to 20k at some point but it will also hit 100k plus easily. It's definitely much more valuable than goybucks.

If you were here in 2017 tether fud was all over the place for the year run from 5-20k Bitcoin. Now those prices look like a dream and even if it becomes a reality this time we'll be lucky to see 10k ever again. That's why people are so easy and quick to write you off.

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Right on man, have at it

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>it dumped?
>plint mole tetel

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Someday, the meme will be reality

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Absolutely based. Let the numbers go up.

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Actually they're printing at over 10% of the current rate of the US Fed. It's insane.

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oh no i better sell all my tether for us dollars.

oh wait...

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>He thinks ze Tether FUD has begun

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I used to take this Tether stuff quite seriously until I went on reddit and saw they have been complaining about the exact same thing for nearly three years now, probably longer.

No coiners are just pre-destined to not make it, no matter how much opportunity the universe hands to them on a silver platter, they will just never ever EVER make it. A no-coiner could pick up a winning lottery ticket in the street and they would say to themselves "hmm it's probably a scam" and even as they opened up the news two days later and saw the headline "family loses winning lottery ticket during windy day" they would still think to themselves "wow this is a really elaborate scam but I'm glad I didn't fall for it", they would then carry on with their lives as if nothing had happened.

I take pity on nocoiners, I'll admit, they are sad little creatures and their lives will always be dull and bland and mediocre, they will marry fat women and have underachieving, slightly-retarded children, and then in their old age they will die in a nursing home surrounded by niggers. And of course the very last thing they will see on the television before their heart gives out is the news "Bitcoin reaches $1,000,000", phew they will think, I'm glad I didn't fall for that one.

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after tomorrow two more weeks......

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pure coincidence

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you have literally used the Tether FUD for 5 fucking years now.

Every day u post something like this FOR 5 YEARS.
Noone is falling for it anymore

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I'm trying to keep my savings in USDT since I was told it's not volatile. Is there a non shitcoin alternative that I can exchange my 3rd world fiat currency with?

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I pray to God that btc retraces back to 20k so I can accumulate at least bet closer to my goal of becoming /fullcoin/...

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If the fed prints a trilli doesn’t tether have to print a trilli ?

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So you’re saying I could buy BTC really really cheap again? :)

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They also run Tether

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its called tether because you'll be attached to your bag

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You people really don't understand momentum.

Soon tether will be pumping 100B in one go, then 1T. These things go to unimaginable levels before implosion.

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You missed the point, Binance replaced collateral used for derivatives from BTC to USDT in March 2020. They are printing USDT to provide liquidity in the exchange to keep the prices up, this was impossible when BTC was the collateral for BTC speculation before March 2020. Why do you think it's been on a straight upward trajectory since then?

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So to build on this point, people back then were bitching that "Hey bad shit like X can happen, BTC will crash" but that actually became a reality when Binance did their clever little swap, and has been an issue ever since

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I'm willing to part with my BTC for 1K a piece. Anyone want to make a deal?

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No thanks ranjeet, the curry stench is unbearable

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0.75 to 1

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when is the audit result?

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Explain this more for me plz
I’m a seething low coiner with 200k in defi shitcoins

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What if US Government is allowing Tether to do this to undermine the whole market.

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I waiting for 100 billion print, then I'm cashing out kek

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That would be glorious

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How did tether become accepted in the first place?

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>Crashing the US Economy is the easiest way to crash China's economy, thereby delaying their aircraft carrier/force projection production by years. Long enough to collar the dragon.

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>collar the dragon.
It's not in the cards.

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>hurrrrrr crypto is better than fiat
>*copy/pastes some more tokens*
Y'all negroes dumb, unless you exiting at the ATH then you negroes rich

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Fuck man I felt this
I used to be that guy
Thank you biz lol

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What if Tether is a puppet of the US government.