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it's crabbing idiot

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People still use eth?

get fucked ethkike

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is it really, squidward?

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going to 3k within 2 weeks so based

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i apologize

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Hehe yeah man. I made that gif

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can't fuckin wait for gas to go up even more

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ETH is going to be over $5k before the Berlin hard fork. It is unironically going to $10k+ this year.

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this is why I'm never terribly excited when ETH goes up
it's like "nice, I have more money so I can spend more money"

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please i literally cant handle these emotions

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ETH chads, I kneel

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Thread theme

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I'm just a newfag so maybe I'm wrong, but I always thought gas prices were determined by network usage and had nothing to do with the price of ETH. So it's expensive now because shitloads of people are using the network, but rising/falling ETH prices won't change that. Is that wrong?

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yeah I'm a dumb, I couldn't tell ya

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More volume will drive the price up, so you are both right

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No no no, don't pull that one. I want a straight answer. Are gas fees determined solely by usage (volume), or by volume in combination with ETH price? I guess what I'm asking is, are the miners' asking prices set according to dollar price, or gwei price? I'm guessing in practice it's actually the former, since if ETH is higher in value a miner may be satisfied with a smaller ETH share since he's still making good money in $.

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You are correct.

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Good. I'm going to proceed to abuse anyone I see complaining about ETH prices driving gas fees up.

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Yeah, it's the opposite, actually. Demand makes miners raise transaction fees, which increases the demand for ETH to pay said higher fees, which then raises the market price of ETH.

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*unzips dick*

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Well this is exactly what seemed intuitively to make sense to me, but I keep seeing so many people saying "hurr durr ETH expensive so gas expensive" that I started to doubt myself. Guess I shouldn't be overestimating the average intelligence of /biz/.

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When is that?

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I was about to long this shit early yesterday :(

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Bear in mind, a lot of that type of posting is intentionally disingenuous FUD by people trying to shill their "eth-killers" that have low transaction fees (and basically nothing else to boast about).

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checked and etheye-pilled

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It's all moot to me since I'm staking but hot damn it's fun watching charts go up.

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You are incorrect.

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I sold at $1100 after holding since almost two digits :( I was scared

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You're one of these guys >>29060115, huh? What is it, ADA? BSC?