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>still didn't bought BNB
Lmao. Have fun staying poor.

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Just bought some CAKE. Should I pool it? What should I do with it niggers

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Saw the signs for BNB/CAKE weeks ago and since using BSC for a few days have moved my holding into these two. Biz will catch on over the next couple weeks as they sit down to figure out how to interact with it, then normies will follow. If you're already on Binance Smart Chain, BRY is the most obvious buy at the moment too. Will increase even before a Binance listing.

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How much cake? Anything under 1000 cake isn't worth if. Im staking 500 cake and making about 1 cake a day. Its pretty gay. Look into MEOWTH, they have 25,000% apr farming right now. Im making 100 MEOWTH a day. Was 600,000,000% APR on launch. Still some profit left

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Fuck your rug pull

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LOL cope bud, devs are white as snow and based.

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When it was $3 every single thread was attacked and derailed. It sucks that people on this board are jealous and want bad for others . A real feminine trade.

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It wont pass 200$ enjoy holding your 190$ you paid for

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>it wont pass $200

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Wtf does cake even do? srs

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i will never buy it
the logo looks like a cats anus

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u stake to make cake and bunny, duh!

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Will repost this screenshot in a few hours.

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You can eat a cake for your birthday, for example

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comfy af

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BNB will be $2k by December all you have to do is buy and hold do you hate money?

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BNB is the new ethereum because of BSC, shit is crazy. All your fagots are pumping it buying food/pokemons/tokens

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Nice cope

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>2k by dezember
Impossible, but is funny to imagine
That would be awesome

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also curious, interested in buying, pls anons respond

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800 seems likely next run

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where can i track these tokens?

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Try weeks

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Its like UNI to Uniswap. Except I don't think it has governance, it might. Its just the native token of the pancake DEX and goes up with market cap, pancake is red hot right now and mc will go up thus CAKE will go up.

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it's a clear PnD by CZ

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This. I bought for $0.5 and sold sub $5. Still nice for it's time.

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fellas. the reason people are buying these tokens is that the tokens can generate passive income. the way your bank is supposed to take care of you.

it's a new element of decentralized finance (defi) The fact that the tokens can be staked and give you a return of any possible token, demonstrates a degree of tokenomics that can make bitcoin, in comparison, sound like chuck e cheese tokens.

do yourself a favor and watch finematics videos on decentralized finance, and how yearn.finance works.

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it's doomping as we speak
get out while you still can
xBTC is going to moon soon

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get rekt CZ and china are dumping their BNB

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No need to be upset just buy in now

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People see 600,000,000% and don't see that as a red flag? Maybe it's time to get out of crypto it's that part of the year

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imagine buying a cent's worth of chink coin
wake up tomorrow to sub 100$ bro

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good, you don't deserve money. bought wynaut day one, sold 90% for 10x kept the leftover to farm and make 50 risk-free bucks an hour to click a button. enjoy your 7%

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Yeah years past gigantic hedge funds weren't putting in billions of dollars.. stay poor.

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I wanted to buy BNB but the verification process has taken a week and still hasn't fucking finished. I've missed out on so many fucking gains because of their slowass verification.

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Next run you mean when exactly?

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>It wont pass 200$

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Lol, my verification on Binance took less than 10 minutes

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Not even for the meme, you NGMI.

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It's literally the gateway to the exponentially growing BSC...how will this not break 200. ETH is fucked

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it hit 201 and is literally DUMPING as we speak anon...

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Like uni. Can also buy lotto tickets with your cake.

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Go to 200 you piece of shit

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never again
screencap this

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Me attempting to buy BNB:

In the US, no go

Connect my MetaMask wallet, nothing happens, tried resetting my MetaMask wallet, nothing happens

>Trust wallet
Attempted to send ETH from MetaMask to it, average gas (~$80), transaction timed out after ~30 hours

Min swap amount is 0.7 ETH

I fucking give up and am not going to look at my wallet or 4chan for the entire month of March. I'm officially burnt out on crypto. Imagine a normie attempting this, let alone installing MetaMask, lol.

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>Goes up 30%
>Goes down 5%
>"IT"S DUMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!"
>Goes up 30%
>Goes down 5%
>'IT"S DUMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
>repeat x10

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US or EU? For US verification they want my everything except my birth certificate.

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last chance to buy under $200

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we'll see anon
we'll see

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Rubic.exchange cross chain swap
you need to set up your metamask wallet to have the Binanace smart chain on it

There is a video how to do it on Rubic's youtube channel

This is why people are buying Rubic, but it's nothing compared to what they are about to do.

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>in the us no go

Wat? Im in the us and binance was the first way I bought crypto. If looking for the app, search for binance us in the app store

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God the amount of copium is getting me high

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buy BAKE bros, we're early on this one

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It's a good time to hold stuff that Binance controls, such as BNB and SXP. They're benefiting from all the coin booms.

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it would be a bull trap
if it crosses 200$ I am slicing off my left nut

>> No.29060661

cake bake KEK
this isn't ratatouille anon

>> No.29060677

Agreed, BNB/CAKE will be on a bull run for weeks, CAKE trade volume accelerating as well, will dwarf uniswap.

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lol it started
150$ in an hour or less

>> No.29060825

Should I buy ze dip?

>> No.29060861

Where do you guys stake your BNB for some extra gains? No LP please.

>> No.29060883

fuck no short that bitch

>> No.29060901

Buy the dip, 200 here we come baby!!!

>> No.29060908

Post proff

>> No.29060932

I cant im stuck in Binance verification purgatory

>been 2 weeks now
>still need to do fiat deposit verification after
>miss all the massive bull gains

>> No.29060945

Just shorted BTC thanks anon

>> No.29061075

you asked about BNB not BTC you fool
take my word for it

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anybody know why Goose Finance/ EGG has vanished from CMC

>> No.29061149

Yes, I know

>> No.29061185

how do i get meowth?

>> No.29061285

Meh I only have 25 of them, not that exited

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Bought 0.8 BNB I hope it geos up

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4 more hours and this will never be under $200 again

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Dumping 5 dollars after pumping 40% yesterday

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I used my passport

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I've heard some fud about bsc not being able to deal with congestion. The network seems very laggy today, but I can't tell if its just overloaded APIs or if its the network itself

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Verification takes so long on binance. I wanted to buy 2 days ago when it was literally half the price.

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>broken english
Nice bait.

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What is the correlation between BSC and BNB? Still don't get it

Brazilian chad here, it took 10 minutes, lmao

>> No.29061932

>"still didn't bought BNB"

shut the fuck up you filthy paki

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There is no logic to these exchanges. My coinbase account still isn't verified from 3 weeks ago, but my Binance one was verified within 6 hours. None of it makes any sense

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BNB is BSC's ethereum

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I am sorry, my first language is portuguese, but look at this graph, nocoiner

>> No.29062285

I am brazilian and whiter than you

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Well at least if it goes past 200$ ill know there is an anon out there whitout a left nut. Its a good day

>> No.29062408

>t's literally the gateway to the exponentially growing BSC
>ETH is fucked
retard detected

>> No.29062435

Oh, thanks, that explains a lot
So, when BNB get higher and higher it would increase the fees and make impractical?

>> No.29062545

BNB transaction cost on BSC is a fraction of ETH at the moment, BNB could 100x and still be far cheaper.

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based cz
funds are safu

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Niceeeeee niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


How much BNB can reach? $2000 in 5 years?

based and fundsaresafupilled

>> No.29062954

You coulda just bridged over eth and then traded that for bnb on pancakeswap u goof

>> No.29063057

>didn't bought

>> No.29063170

When I got verified it took less than 30 minutes. There must be a lot of new users coming in.

>> No.29063304


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B-but 'notsofast' hates them because Blocknet blamed their incompetence on Binance allegedly stealing their idea for a dex.
B-b-but all of the cool cryptocurrency influencers on the twitter love Sam but hate CZ :'''''''(

>> No.29063813

more like $2000 in 5 months

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>more like $2000 in 5 months

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you said IF because you are fearful
sell your bags
be free

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Nocoiners are jelous

>> No.29064893

up up up up up

>> No.29064918

In resume, they are PnD coins, you put money and sell at the top, while praying the devs don't exit scam before you sell your tokens.

>> No.29065103

100% true

we are sort of beta testers, until someone figures out how to perfect the trust and economics on these contracts

>> No.29065134

Same line from every shit currency and token that's peddled on this board.

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You are really stupid, aren't you? Comparing shitcoins with one of the biggest coins on the market right now.

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In a few hours, BNB will never be under $200 again.

>> No.29065752

Anyone here use the vault for their BNB? What's the downside and is there a minimum amount to make it worth it?

>> No.29066038

No legit exchange will list this scam piece of shit centralized coin.

>> No.29066071

So despite being a liquidity farm for Ponzi schemes, what else does this do?

>> No.29066085

Lmao, $CAKE and $BURGER are making more than pathetic $BNB

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>is it too late to get in anons

>> No.29066200

Still better than 90 Percent of your shitcoins anon

>> No.29066397

Well yea, i dont really want it over 200$ now, but it seems it goes there

>> No.29066478

it's the backbone. money will flow into bnb before it moves to those projects. profit will be taken out of those project back into bnb before moving to something else on the network.

>> No.29066536

obvious scam its obvious

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You're early.

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Holy shit
We still have 7,36x more to grow? How about eth value?

>> No.29066733

newfag here, should I buy this directly on their website or through crypto.com

>> No.29066745

Just send eth from Coinbase or somthing

>> No.29066757

Centralized coin. No legit exchange will list it.
People are really buying it at 30bn market cap.
People are clowns.

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>> No.29066845

unironically buying more as we speak

>> No.29067021

>listed on binance
>No legit exchange will lisst this scam piece of shit
Whatever makes you sleep at night

>> No.29067139

I don't know if Crypto.com supports the Binance Smart Chain. I would stick with Binance.

>> No.29067215

I tried their app and it sucks ass, had problems logging in every now and then. Never had any problems with binance so far.

>> No.29067872

You know the all US value is flowing into ETH/Link and NOT into BNB? Deep down unless you have a low IQ or are young you know this already... Your best best is if you have a hard on for ladyboy coin then buy VET if that's your jam but the US will not have anything to do with Binance.com. Neither will China. Those are the facts. The only thing you have is a little cuck pump so you come on here and flex?? What are are some skiddie tier day trader that made 5k over the weekend and now thinks he's Queen Shit? Nigger you ain't shit and will find this out in a month or two...

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>> No.29067980

omfg, I sold over 2000 of them for $26

>> No.29068419

>People are clowns.
t. 0 BNB.

>> No.29068532

Didn't read, opinion descarted

>> No.29068727

just bought another 40


>> No.29068875

Based. I have 33.8 staked at BNB Vault. Too late to have 50 BNB.

>> No.29069071

redpill me on the bnb vault

>> No.29069206

How much does CZ pay you per hour to shill this shit?

>> No.29069317

>stake your BNB
>get little rewards every day

Better than nothing

0,00001 BNB per hour.

>> No.29069346

I mean is it locked for a period of time?

>> No.29069409

0.1 bnb

>> No.29069567

No, you can redeem when you want

>> No.29069889

Thanks, just bought 70 bnb will stake them fuck eth

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I was against bnb just because I could have bought it at $2 but didn't. But now has prices are still so cheap and quick, while pancakes volume is passing uniswap.

>> No.29070178 [DELETED] 

there are a few coins that just get stuck on this screen when i try to buy or sell them. any idea what that means?

>> No.29070274

I bought 1 BNB a while ago just for shits and giggles

>> No.29070297

should have got 69 bnb, and 888 post number

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If someone profits from BNB and wants to repay me for the tip:


MEMO: 105489860

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File: 12 KB, 502x281, 1584301663073.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there are some coins that stay stuck on this screen when i try to buy/sell them. any idea why?

>> No.29070436

How does $1500 sound?

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File: 216 KB, 521x937, 5f0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrong reaction

The right is this.

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File: 29 KB, 334x506, 1604781585714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is fud actually, I'm beggining to think that bnb will flip bitcoin unironically, it is so fucking strong rn.

>> No.29070650

eh, I'll take it

>> No.29070673

Ban this faggot

>> No.29070729

suck my dick glub glub

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File: 1.62 MB, 445x264, 55c (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No joke this actually helped a lot, once I set this up ill send some funds over as a thank you in 30 minutes

>> No.29070927

>set up BSC browser extension
>connect to BSC testnet
>request BNB from the BSC testnet faucet
>txn from faucet to wallet shows up in BSCscan testnet tracker
>no change in testnet wallet balance even 15 mins later
How long is this supposed to take or am I just retarded?

>> No.29071132

Most obvious imposters ever in this thread.



>> No.29071326

I made a bnb thread literally 24 hours ago and I'm up 20%...

I understand why you would be upset too

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t. eth bagholder

>> No.29071398

Thank you, if this is true
I told people here to buy when it was 40% cheaper, but they said it was a scam and I was a pajeet just because my english is bad, lmao
English isn't my first language, but I happy to see that the faggot who called me a pajeet lost 40% of appreciation on a day

>> No.29071599

when I try to add BSC to my metamask it says:
>'Could not fetch chain ID. Is your RPC URL correct?' even though I put 56/0x38 for the ID.

>> No.29071778

What you said is a literal proof you are a paid shill and a outsider.

You can't be a bagholder if you are holding in a profit.

Eth is at ath.

>> No.29071810

Is bnb vault in the binance site? And is it worth staking 5 BNB ?

>> No.29071872

Almost 1B printed USDT transferred to Binance today. 24h volume up by 1B USDT.

>> No.29071887

>Eth is at ath.
So is BNB every day

>> No.29071942

lol schizo, just try pancakeswap anyone with half a brain would switch from uni

>> No.29071947

I never claimed bnb wasn't at ath.

Just called out your pajeet shill friend.

>> No.29071993

Binance app, don't know about the site
Yes, it is worth because its free and you can redeem whenever you want

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pssst have the next BNB for you right here except we haven't mooned yet

>> No.29072114

>bnb up far more than 5x just by the end of 2020 to now
Shut ut, stupid

>> No.29072197

Just bought 7bnb, what should I expect?

>> No.29072212


I also hold 59k xcm and 15k prq so not a fucking binance shill

>> No.29072258

A drop

>> No.29072421

Nocoiners are funny

>> No.29072532

Then what?

>> No.29072634

A pump.

>> No.29072783

sold all my uniswap shitcoins and converted the eth to bnb

>> No.29072934


>> No.29073001

show wallet and ill buy right now

>> No.29073137
File: 53 KB, 540x1170, f114e184-d5bc-48af-8325-bce27f1019cb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not this guy, but OP here

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File: 114 KB, 680x680, gotta_go_fast.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Look into MEOWTH, they have 25,000% apr farming right now.

>> No.29073277

Based, whats the catch with staking? can't be just free money

>> No.29073322

ill buy too

>> No.29073376

>can't be just free money
But it is
A small percentage, of course

>> No.29073500


chink scammer driving up eth gas fees

jail soon

>> No.29073561

I'm not showing you anything

have fun paying 100$ for a measly transaction
I want to choke and torture every lolbertarian larper thinking I give a shit about this when I swap digital food tokens

>> No.29073572




>> No.29073588

BNB is at ATH. Should I buy now or wait for a dip?

>> No.29073716


Look at the graph


>> No.29073811

If it's on the internet, it's true.

>> No.29073876
File: 568 KB, 1080x1288, A4766DBE-7153-454A-86FB-5CF454758387.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have fun paying 100$ for a measly transaction
Eth rly be fucking with people

>> No.29073935
File: 480 KB, 750x1334, 1B45259A-B0CC-43EF-B3CC-323D0DEB3E66.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chink scammer

>> No.29073939

CT - "Ethereum devs grumble as Harvest Finance and Value Defi eye Binance Smart Chain"

the winds of changes are upon us

>> No.29074049
File: 195 KB, 750x1024, 1AB947F6-6B75-4E78-93B0-F7737340CE76.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cz. Binance only lets withdraws to eth at highest gas setting only. Scammer driving up prices

>> No.29074141
File: 171 KB, 750x1036, FB7F088B-A378-4DD8-B840-F0D67CD86B96.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29074167

>it's the chink's fault for how dogshit ETH is




>> No.29074237
File: 181 KB, 750x1081, 37D5C476-9A17-42B2-BBBC-4AA32EBEF4AC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cz binance scammer

>> No.29074355
File: 205 KB, 2047x1026, F00FD882-B9EA-4C6C-9575-924F9A76F1AA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29074373

Anyone else experiencing problems witch came swap? My trade just won't go through. Marked as pending. Any one any idea what this could be?

>> No.29074447

Dillate. You will never have BNB. You will never pay low fees.

You will never see 100x gains.

>> No.29074748

bros... the BNB FUD is starting to get to me
I feel like I should sell while it's ahead...

>> No.29074898

You can't sell what you don't have

>> No.29075786

You don't even understand what he's saying yet call him stupid. Delicious, you may stay.

>> No.29076459

Feels a bit sketchy ITT'S especially with all the broken English stupid chinks

>> No.29076664
File: 10 KB, 258x195, images (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this shit aint going over 200 is it?

>> No.29076752
File: 24 KB, 400x400, VlUYQs52_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hell naww nigga

>> No.29077675
File: 32 KB, 954x689, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Imagine thinking a coin that held goot ratio to BTC for over 3 years is a pump and dump.
>Imagine not comprehending the effect that burning half of the BNB supply will have.

>> No.29078159

>people on this board

>> No.29078280

Lmao, do you unironicaly expect an appreciation of 40% every day?

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