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How do I 'get into' this shit? What whitepapers, reading materials, videos, podcasts do I need to watch to get an understanding of this space? It's so overwhelming for a midwit like me.

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fuck off kys
or lurk never make another thread pajeet

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Lurk more you faggot redditor.

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I am not him but I have been lurking in 4chan now for 2 years and got interested in /biz/ the last 3 months and still don’t know how to do shit

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Don't bother, a retard like you will quickly lose all your money or whatever you decide to throw in.

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True but I hope not

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It's too late. You missed the boat. All the huge gains in crypto have already happened. You missed them.

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Start with 1 or 2 coins until you have 10k or more invested.

Lurk /biz/ daily. Get to notice patterns. Notice which coins are talked about regularly but not hyper-shilled.

Avoid food tokens, animal tokens, or meme tokens. They are all scams and everybody shilling them knows this, they just want to get out before the rug pull.

Avoid tokens that try to do everything and/or compete with ETH or BTC. Look for tokens that fill a niche with little or no competition.

Personal holdings:

High Marketcap

Mid Marketcap

Low Marketcap

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ur not gonna learn by reading an image board for people who already know what to do

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Also newfag here. I think DYOR is about to moon because people keep talking about it, but I can't find it on any exchange.

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All of this except for 'lurk /biz/ daily', you have to be retarded to think that this board will lead you to financial freedom

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/biz/ is like a landfill, 95% trash but you can pick up gems, and get a feeling for what direction the market is heading. The longer you lurk, the easier it is to sift out retards and shills from actual discussion.

If you see a coin being talked about, and there's genuine discussion of fundamentals, it's a good sign.

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I'm saying this 100% unironically, this board is probably the best place on the internet if you want to make a lot of money extremely fast. You have to be above average intelligence and that's it, lurk here for a while and you will make lots of free money.

t. poorfag who 10x'd his invesment in 2 weeks with 0 crypto knowledge

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read about basic concepts
sort by new on coingecko and sift through shitcoins

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Don't "try", just accumulate BTC and ETH and sell calls on them using LedgerX

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Literally just buy all the GRT you can afford and then forget about it for two years

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buy eth on binance
move it into metamask
swap it on uniswap for shitcoins

thats it, except there is panckace swap now and shit, but basically ive told you how to technically gamble on shitcoins

study eth gas fees, ur gonna get destroyed with that if you go in now

TA doesnt work in crypto, so do your research on coingecko and coinmarketcap, also there is dexxtools now

do the charting on tradingview

if you`re into stonks, you better go to /smg/ thread and tell them you`re a clinical retard and need help buying stonks, just like that. thats how i bought gme for about 22$ in october 2020

bogdanoffs are the Evil, and sminem is there to save us

majority of the board believes in crypto adoption

blue chip coins -
BTC, ETH, LINK. XRP is a schizo-coin, LTC is a boomer-coin, UNI is a tranny-coin, polka-what??

HODL - hold on dear`s life
DYOR - do ur own research
TA - technical analysis
scam - shit that dumps lol
rugpull - when devs "pull out" liquidity and leave you with worthless bags running away with ETH suitcase in sunglasses
pajeet - indian scamcoin shill

yes im reddit spacing now fuck off

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try opening an account in a exchange or a wallet and you will realize how fucking hard is to give your money to crypto

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5 mins for binance advanced verification, then buy tether with credit card, done. what are you on?

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>5 mins for binance advanced verification
nice troll

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ok, 15 min. i`ve registered an account for my gf just about a month ago. but im powerless here if you cant even complete a simple KYC. "Armer Junge, dir ist nicht zu helfen."

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>yes im reddit spacing now fuck off
that is not what reddit spacing means newfag

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3 months isn't enough lurking, don't post again for another two years

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>5 mins
[laughs in 1.5 months]

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ive never been on reddit to know what that means, oldfag
now fuck off

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Get a Nexo account, earn 12% interest paid out daily on fiat and like 8% on crypto, might as well get the extra income

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when you say advanced verification I think of the verification needed for certain amount of investment, read, sending your ID etc, it takes like 48 to get an answer, some people simply never get an answer

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reddit spacing means giving 2 lines of space in between lines because old reddit required you to do that in order to give 1 line of space...

^this is normal spacing for comprehension

^this would be reddit spacing because they are used to giving 2 lines of space

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>12% interest paid out daily
let me guess, then you never get to be able to withdraw your money...

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are you guys from US? binance US is surely fucked im sorry then

>when you say advanced verification
i mean instant verification, did it with a phone, something like a video of your face


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On Reddit you need to put two Enters to get a newline. So they come here and think they think it works the same here.

This is Reddit spacing.

This is not.

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buy statera

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watch out for pic related

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Poorfag doesn't have at least 10k DYOR

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Same with NGMI, it's talked about a lot but I can't find it on coinbase

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this shit is not even in exchange, clearly a pajeet coin

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>using coinbase in 2021
its on uniswap btw

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add metamask to brave
it can:
>read and change all your data on the websites you visit
>display notifications
>modify data you copy and paste

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I’ve been waiting 3 days for verification

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>add to brave
all hot wallets are insecure, just use metamask with a different browser, without logging into anything or going to any sites
im a faggot but not redditor, maybe a cup of coffe to get to know each other better?
ive been doing verification with a phone app, there is an advanced verification option
3 days is still long, it used to be not more than 2

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Just go to Binance and buy some newfag

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I meant to say its 12% a year, paid daily and compounding

Now that you mention it. . . .
Can I actually withdraw?!?!?!

Deposits are literally instant,

>Withdrawal pending