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I've missed the bullrun holding LINK while piece of shit chink scams named after food are doing 10x left and right

I feel sick, I feel angry, I feel sad. I wish I've never bought LINK

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sergay dumping another 700k tonight pal, big macs dont pay for themselves

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>up over 50% from 1 month ago
It's a large cap coin you fucking retard. Obviously it's not going to do a 10x overnight like some foodcoin with $5m cap, but it's not getting rugged either. You faggots have the patience of hamsters. You unironically pink wojak when the price isn't up 10% every damn day. You are not going to make it.

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don't worry. rode the bsc pump since October, and all I will use my capital for is killing more Link spammers and whales

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