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Honestly, you faggots who go on about how BNB is not 'real crypto' and about how it's 'centralized', really need to take a good look at yourselves and possibly also a shower.

No-one gives a fuck, you are not a fucking cyber-punk, this isn't an idealogical movement, it's a way to make money, nothing more.

Holy fuck, you don't even realize that most people on here would fucking kill for their shitcoin to be announced as the Visa / Mastercard official crypto partner.

tl;dr you're not in a William Gibson novel, act accordingly

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All I care about is making money. I don't even know what half this shit does, read the white paper? kek all I see is green baby.

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The /biz/ of posts right now.

this place is beyond cucked

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Agreed, nobody gives a fuck about privacy anymore, hence XMR not fucking moving for the longest time.

It's all about what is most likely to make me money, be it good projects or PnDs

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Who cares? They're just coping

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You piece of shit have to go BACK. You will never make it, you will ever be a poorfaggot wageslave.
I've been on crypto since 2011 like many on this board for the pleasure of fucking kikes. I'd prefer to ride my ETH straight to 0 than buying a CENTRALIZED CHINK COIN. YOU HAVE TO GO BACK

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Jokes on you, the people that read white papers and believe in crypto as a movement bought during the bear market for 5% of current prices.

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>this isn't an ideological movement


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While I agree, can you explain why previous centralized token economies haven't flipped ETH by now, for example EOS.

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>you are not a fucking cyberpunk

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>While I agree, can you explain why previous centralized token economies haven't flipped ETH by now, for example EOS.
They've been largely useless, and lacked adoption.
BNB does everything that ETH does, better.

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if you knew what you were saying, you'd know that BNC is limited to purely shitcoins at the best

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Dangerously based

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>You will never make it
>ride my ETH straight to 0

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Baste post fren but your lying. The second ETH crashes down to 1200 youre gonna sell everything you have cause youre probably not completely retarded

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Dubs of blackness will send this token to the moon

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Either ETH is the future or I will live like a monk for the rest of my life (which I'm already doing since 2015). I'd prefer to use boomer rocks rather than centralized digital currency. Fuck all newfags who came here for the money.

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>Either ETH is the future or I will live like a monk for the rest of my life

If I were you, I'd begin to reasearch if you're still allowed to post on 4chan during a vow of silence.

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Crypto bulls just do not understand that this entire meme is a liquidity trap to erase all the stimulus and potential inflation from 2008 onwards.
I wouldn't be surprised if Satoshi is Goldman Sachs or Blackrock.

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>fuck all the new fags who came to business & finance to make money
Bretty gud desu

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kek based sakuraposting

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This post just means that the best FUD against BSC is the fact it's centralized

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