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>emergency fund

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what the fuck is emergency fund?

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>do not invest what you cannot afford to lose

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its when you save up 10k or so and just store it all in a bank account in case of "emergencies"

reddit thinks you should wagecuck for a year or two until you have an emergency fund saved up before doing anything else with your money

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oh it's this thread again. Why do you post this everyday so many times?

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you posted this exact thread with this exact image 48 hours ago. what do you gain from this?

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>only invest what you are able to lose

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>hi im new here, i take everything too seriously

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>you posted this exact thread with this exact image 48 hours ago. what do you gain from this?

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>oh look my house caught on fire and I need a quick $3000 deposit for a new apartment, I hope this new landlord accepts ETH because my bank hasnt cleared the transfer from cuckbase yet

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This is good advice though. It's what prevents you from panic selling

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>implying you would instantly move only a new flat in this case

You’d just get a hotel or stay somewhere with family and wait for insurance and shit to sort it out

You can use a credit card for this stuff

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>he unironically holds usd
>he doesn't use a credit card to cover everyday expenses

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Dave Ramsey is a financial pariah and became a millionaire twice because no one ever went broke underestimating the stupidity of consumers.

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>buy when there's blood in the street, even if the blood is your own

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Why are so many retards scared of credit cards? Don't they know you're suppose to treat them as an interest free 30 day loan? I'm going to Hawaii next week entirely from travel points from normal spending the past year.

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>he doesnt know people in his area that pay cash money for crypto


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do people actually do this? how would they expect to make it?

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what kind of retard actually willingly holds fiat

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Retards don’t have self control
t. Have about 100k in revolving credit and have never paid any interest or had a combined balance of over a few k any given month
Also haven’t swiped a debit card in over a year.
It’s free money if you aren’t retarded.

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the alpha of /biz/ has spoken

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Most people are too stupid to know how to use a credit card responsibly. You say they're "free", but if banks didn't make big money off them they wouldn't provide them for "free". For every person who pays their card off in time, every time, and spends their points resulting in a net loss for their bank, there are 10 retards who accumulate debt and end up giving the kikes slavebux every month.

It does feel good though knowing that I'm out-Jewing the Jew every time I spend my points.

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Only complete poorfags need an emergency fund. If a "big" emergency happens I'll just sell 0.5% of my portfolio lmao.

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I've got a credit card to cover immediate expenses and can sell something to cover the card balance because fuck giving credit card jews those absurd interest payments.

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What poorfags believe is being good with your money

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I can’t imagine a reason to ever have more than like 10k in a bank account unless you are mega rich or saving for a down payment.
Even then just build it up as you go. Fuck missing out on compounding waiting to build up cash.
If I was a billionaire I’d have a savings with 250k in it because that’s FDIC limit but at that point you are just looking for places to put money because you have so much.

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Most normies are completely retarded when it comes to saving, spending, investing and finance in general. That's why most of them are poor and stay poor for life.

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I would rather die than not invest every single cent I have into the market at a shot to have the ceo of my company eat my shit

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>saving for a down payment
Just throw it in some boomer etf like spy anyway instead of holding fiat unless you only need like a month or two to save up for it.

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I keep abiut 25k in the bank bc I like have some instant liquidity (ach takes a day or two and wires can be a pain in the ass to set up)

Most “”””emergency fund”””” mongoloids are just ultra risk averse idiots. If the money is in crypto / stocks it’s pretty liquid. The risk is you have to sell at low point to cover an emergency. The upside is what you stated. If you don’t have an emergency early on compounding has made you untouchable

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the markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent

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All depends on if you have dependents OP. If you're a 21 yoe NEET then do whatever the fuck you want.

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>This is good advice though. It's what prevents you from panic selling

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Its supposed to be 1k liquid and accesible.

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Yes, I did read the Bogleheads wiki.

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Post portfolio

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Agree. There are times I have more than 10k in an account too but I’m immediately stressing looking for somewhere else to put it.
I’m either buying another rental or putting a chunk in stocks/crypto (or hell even consooooming a little). I’d rather buy some consumer goods I can enjoy rather than be too cash heavy in this environment.

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I have a $12k emergency fund (6 months of expenses). It gets a pretty low 2.3% annual return but it's there if I need it and gives me peace of mind so I can throw money at shitcoin scams.

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Pizza is better than letting the Jew loan your money out while giving you .01%

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Kek exactly. Fortune favors the brave!!