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And people give Sergey shit for being "slow".

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>sharding is coming

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just farded and sgarded thanks faggot

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Maybe the project is beyond fucked and it's just a spaghetti mess you can't add anything to without breaking it in 5 places. Didn't vitalik code it when he was 19 or something kek

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is sharding even possible? so many coins are working on it and none seem to be even close

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>so many coins are working on it and none seem to be even close
This doesn't just apply to sharding; it applies to every single L2 scaling project ever.

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arbitrum trustless rollups have working projects on them right now that you can use on ethereum test nets. It's literally done and has a uniswap clone. We're just waiting for them to finish testing/auditing so it can go live on mainnet. And LN has been live for a while now, with usage growing exponentially

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It is after 8 pints and a dodgy curry.

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Sharding is already finished and working in closed test nets. We could already deploy it but want some additional stress testing before public release.

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What’s the ticker?

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jejjed at this

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(ticker: LINK)

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>arbitrum trustless rollups have working projects on them right now
Two words:


Fuck that shit.

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I’m an insider and I can verify this

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Before deploying this kind of patch you need to be absolutely fucking sure it's bug free. Testing this takes time, a lot of time.

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>3 years

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ETH is a scam

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Why did he post an 8 year old's drawing of a farm?

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It took them less time to release the basic ETH mainnet itself.
Keep in mind that back in 2018 they had already been working on sharding for a long time.

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Ah fuck bakboozled by the stinky linkies

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>I do not have the ability to plan 90 days into the future

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Arbitrum themselves know very well they're never actually going to release anything.
Why do you think they have to try so hard to hype?
They know that as soon as people's attentions wane, they have nothing left.

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this is worse fud than jason parser

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Not really, we say he's about as incompetent and unmotivated as Vitalik.

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Remember a few weeks ago when they launched the new @Arbitrum twitter handle, and said "watch this space"?
The only reason they would do this if they were about to launch Arbitrum mainnet.
Turns out it was just to announce another testnet.

All Arbitrum has is empty hype.

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does he even know how to code?

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>just another testnet
>public beta of the mvp
why are you even fudding a project with a $13 billion marketcap? You're not going to impact the price

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Ethercuc.ks are deluded as fuck
Paying $2,000 for an imaginary token with an unlimited supply

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Yeah I did not say the 21st century

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honestly, sharding is so hilariously close to sharting whoever thought it was a good term made a huge mistake lmfao

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>public beta of the mvp
You can call a pig "Céline de Montreuil" but it's still a pig.

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