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Wtf?! I made like $1000 in my sleep off yield farming this EGG thing. Fuck yeah

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you shills have no fucking shame

there is a place in hell waiting for you


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Not a shill, I seriously just started doing yield farming last night after seeing it shilled here over and over. Honestly if you're not doing some passive yeild farming you'll be a poor fag forever

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just wait anon, that 1000 will be peanuts soon

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My body is ready

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how can i start hatching eggs?

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click on nest to stake
click on farm to LP
I am staking.

You can compound (add to nest) or harvest(add to wallet) at any time. fees are minimal

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How does that even work?

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thanks, but i know nothing about this EGG.. Is there a noob guide?

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Hit up Binance. If you're in the US use a VPN.
Install the chrome browser extension for BSC
When you go to withdraw select BSC
Go to the Goose Egg site
Exchange half of your BNB for EGG
Select Farm
Deposit equal parts EGG and BNB.
Sleep and enjoy passive income

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wtf is this? can someone give me a quick rundown

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Too bad your money will get rugged

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thanks, is it good anon? do u rike?

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It sounds harder than it is. Read my post above

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put your gains on BURGER before you get rug pulled

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Its a pancakeswap copy without the rugpull code.

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I set it up last night at like 10pm. Woke up this morning to see I made $100 off yield farming and $600 off the price increase of EGG.
Yeah gotta say, better than what I'd be making in a wage cage.

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Guys you know that shit can`t work for much time... I don`t even know the tokenomics, but that looks like a ponzi.I don`t even know if there is a stop loss to that shit, but if there is use it or you will lose it all.

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Why are you not harvesting?

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They're currently undergoing a 3rd party smart contract security audit.

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Ehh scared money don't make money. Stay poor fag

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Yeah sure Ranish, been here since 2017 making money... Protect your capital, cash out part of you earnings so you don't have any loss. It is seriously advisable to cash out your initial investment after having high gains.

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initial investment?

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Lol $700-1000 isn't a "high gain".
Maybe in Pajeet land.

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Be advised, you guys will be lucky if you cash out more than you initial investment when it crash.