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>Current Price: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/binance-coin/

>BSC for dummies:

>Getting started on BSC with MetaMask:

>Pancake Swap exchange:

>Yield farming on Pancake Swap

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what do i buy

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farm/pool some cale

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all of it

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is it worth yield farming with a poorfag amount?

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doest anyone feel like we don't need BSC generals soon because the whole board will be about BSC lmao?

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Buy my Tenet bags please.
I need it to hit $3 to make up for the impermanent loss in my BNB-TEN pool.

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200 buck EOD

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stay away from high apy ama's. XVS, BAKE,BURGER

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honestly, not really. just hunt for 10-100x coins if you're poorfagging, stay liquid and swing trade. no reason to get 100% returns on a few hundred bucks

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that's what I was thinking, thanks for the advice anon.

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lmao, you have no idea what's normal for bsc yield returns.

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yes, why not, thats what i'm doing.

APR on pooling is 137%, and thats before compounding

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What are some good suggestions? Wynaut will be big, ok, but what are other lesser known p&d?

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what about EXF? got a comfy stack of it

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300% apy if you do daily compounding

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Keep an eye on yield optimizers twitter and telegram groups. Get in early when they announce a new pool. They always do a 2-5x in the first 2 days and the APYs are crazy. If you can get in when the admins confirm/hint one is coming on telegram before the official announcement you can do even better, but you have to read a bunch of inane shit several times a day...

Some optimizers to keep an eye on:

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any BAKEbros here?

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anyone else holding bunny and watching it crab 115-160 every other day? about to just sell next time it comes near ATH. got in at 55 but i feel like i would be better off in BNB at this point

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I forgot:

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Sorry, Cream is not a yield optimizer. Its a money market like Venus.

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Auto is growing fast as fuck, they reached 1bil tvl

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does beefy auto-compound CAKE?

got an insane apy

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I'm set up. What do I ape into?

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Yeah. They compound rewards on all pools every few minutes. That's basically all these yield optimizers do.

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back to twitter faggot. Go monkey yourself there you slant eyed piece of shit

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Bros someone tell me how high BNB is going I'm ready to ape

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Ok this is the actual list of yield optimizers that I've used:

They compound the rewards every few minutes, which is why you get a higher APY than on a regular farm. I added tenet by mistake.

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is there a minimum stake on these?

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I don't think so.

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hmmm, im trying to stake, but keep getting insuffcient fund errors with metamask

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Why do people want to buy any of these tokens? What do they actually do for you?

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very easy 2-3x and high yields. free money, gold rush

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just realised i have no BNB in my wallet lmao

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Jump into EGG once it dips. This shit is primed to take the number 2 slot after Pancake.

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Why will it be so valuable?

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This shit's gonna moon. Buy now or get lost.

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BTS, most comfy hold ever