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Ah another day working from home doing absolutely nothing. How are we doing this find Thursday gents? Not working too hard I hope

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These threads are normally the comfiest on /biz/ - where are you boys? Not working are you?

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>Company has 3 main teams with 3 big projects
>productivity hits near zero and only 1 project barely makes it across the line
>managers are furious
>Zooms now regularly turn into screaming shitshows
>They openly threatning us with outsourcing to Singapore
fun while it lasted bros, I'm in devops so I don't look so bad, it was the devs who failed to deliver making my life a breeze.

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Also, shoutout to last years most MVP script

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>implying devops ever do anything but jack off while talking about kubernetes

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Ahhh my favorite thread. I personally started having wine glasses during my wfh hours, highly recommend it

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Coming up on one full year WFH. Gotta say, attending token meetings, playing vidya, and gambling away my stimulus checks on the stock market is comfy af.

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I'm having a meeting right now.
Turn mic and cam off.
Go on /biz/.

I should be lifting instead, tho

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woke up at half 8 logged in and put a mug on my keyboard so my skype status doesn't turn on to away

went back to bed for another hour, woke up, had some breakfast and browsing /biz/ + looking at mortgages to buy my first deanobox

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I get too sleepy, I only do that after I've done my /fit/ protocol for the day, can't let the kikes decay us TOO much.

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Constantly told i am a great employee however i get sidelined ALL the time by half ass work types. Really upsetting, wfh take naps eases the pain. Anyone else deal w this?

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How do I stop spending all my time wanking and drinking?

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wank only 1 to 2 times a day

drink only 1/16th to 1/8th of wine

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I don't drink until an hour before the end of office hours. Don't be a coomer.

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I've got a confession bros.... I've been working this week. Please absolve me of my sins

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comfy cozy here anon
i do more in 2 hrs than the retard boomers can do in a full day from home
I could do this my entire life (gladly) and better yet, all my colleagues are suffering