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>Live in Slovenia
>Crypto is not taxed

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>income taxed
>products taxed
>land taxed
Yeah sure nigger

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wagmi prijatelj :^)

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sLoveTards unite

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cope fag

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kdaj bom loh na woltu s shitcoini meka placov?

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I live in Slovenia too Op

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He said crypto you dumb cunt

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Same here in Portugal.

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yo is this for real? how do I slovenia

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How is Slovenia and how does it compare to for example Portugal?
Is the language hard to learn? I speak Polish and some Russian so I figure Slovenian would be easier to learn than Portugese.
What about other taxes?
What about possibility to home school your children (I've heard it's possible in Portugal for foreigners).
How hard is the globohomo infection?
What about gun rights?

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in kjri je kak vredu kriptomenjalnik?

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>i already speak a slavic language will it be easier to learn another slavic language or portugese which is entirely different
jacek lay off the alcohol

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im from EU, so if I drive over to slovenia and just open a bank account tthere, I can withdraw for free?

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People only leave this country nobody comes in. It's shit.

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I believe no, I think you're still obligated to pay taxes in your country of origin unless you specifically made that money in Slovenia.

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you pay your taxes in the country in which you have a tax residency, so that wouldnt work.

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yeah I guess it cant be this easy

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>jacek lay off the alcohol
Lent started yesterday so I'll work on it
This could describe most european countries.

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it's not that easy, you need to have tax residence there at least, I think

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Bitch I Just want. A white waifu. I'm white let's make it work

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>t. brainlet

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ok Kumar, go back to shitting in the street

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>What about other taxes?
>How hard is the globohomo infection?
is super bad
>What about gun rights?
dont know and dont give a shit because i am not a man child that needs toys
>Is the language hard to learn?
Yes, but most people speak English here besides the Balkan immigrants like my parents
>How is Slovenia and how does it compare to for example Portugal?
is fucking corrupt piece of shit commie country but better than Bosnia where I was born, that shit is like Africa

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>live in croatia
>crypto is taxed
>don't pay taxes

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stay away, it's a shithole

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>live in Serbia
>nobody knows what crypto is except some neets and mafia mining it for free in Kosovska Mitrovica

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the GOATS!!!!

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>everything is taxed to shit
>except crypto, which is 95% of my net worth

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>that shit is like Africa
because of your people. and you are spreading your shit over to slovenia. go back you retard

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>live in slovenia
>invest in avalanche
or you are a loser

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that man looks like a fucking clown lmao

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lmao wrong
keep your (((military))) out of our countries and see how quickly things improve.

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I'm Sloveniana and its easier for me to learn French than Russian.

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are there actually countries in which crypto is taxed? dafuq? I live in eastern europe, never heard of anything like that

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live in Italy, evasion is easy af, nothing personal slavboy

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tax residence + one year, something like that

I mean, it is tax free, but it's not a money laundering mechanism

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That's the point though. He also ranked 3rd in the presidential elections cause we've hit clown world levels you guys wouldn't believe.

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>look at crime stats
>95% of violent criminals have surname ending in -ić
I do wonder why your country is shithole...

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aren't the women hot as fuck over there?

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Any of you bros cached out in croatia?
What do?

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heres a shitty google translate for all the seething tax pigs

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They know now, buy will it be enforced.
Guess not

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My country does a 30% tax on crypto. A bit less than stocks/options to incite investments. Still, I could so without and earn 100% of my gains.

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you are retarded and islam is a plague upon the world

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well yeah they are no niggers/mexicans/indians to ruin the genes

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slavs are not white, they never were. Slovenes are a bit better because Austrians raped their ancestors

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I am not from Slovenia, but from east euro. Even if women are hot here, it doesn't mean their standards are low. They just get rich foreigners or go to Saudi Arabia to get shit on

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You could open it in someone else's name and give them a cut, or see if corporates are taxed on crypto.
>Open company
>Invest in crypto
>Pay yourself profits as dividends
There are many many workarounds to avoiding tax on crypto primarily because gubmints are still learning how to track it.

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>dont know and dont give a shit because i am not a man child that needs toys
that's ngmi mentality

I'd love to have me a good boomstick of some sort. Yes,I like it cause it's fun and loud and bangy. Yes it's a toy, so what?!

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>Yugochads steeling from the world once again
Never change

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I'm not a retarded Boshnjak, I still think this entire region would unfuck itself if NATO left it alone. But of course that's not (((allowed))).
There wouldn't be a term as retarded as "Boshnjak" if not for the eternal goylem.

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>dont know and dont give a shit because i am not a man child that needs toys
Truly white niggers, you are.
Should have bombed you harder

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15% on profits in Serbia.
Till this year it was 0%
Also enforcement is very weak so might as well not pay a dime.

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you can become a hunter and get a loicense then

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you can get all kinds of semiautomatic guns as long as you get your papers and join a hunting/shooting club as far as my limited knowledge on gun rights goes

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well I live in Slovakia so I know quite a lot about clown world too
stay safe and strong bro

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>in connection with the performance of activities
should read "so long as this is not professional", so it's ok if you're freelance but not if you're employed to trade it

In Slovenia there is a fuckload of crypto payment options so they can't really tax you. You can keep crypto and literally buy stuff with it. Ofc, behind the scenes, they charge you for what their market price is, then go ans sell it instantly.
These guys:
are present in our largest shopping complex, conveniently called BTC city.

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That's the influencer/online workers tax right?
It doesn't get enforced or even attempted to be enforced on crypto from what I've seen. Just cash out BTC in Belgrade and don't connect anything to your bank accounts.

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Idk about Slovenia, but Portugal is amazing for anyone that's not planning on being a wagie, salaries and the economy in general are dogshit here, but with cryptobux you can live like a king

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Feels good to be EU. Even if crypto is taxed in your country you can just move to another country and cash out. Don't even have to stay very long if you don't like it.

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I have some profit in tsla, so i have to pay turbo davek, fuck this piece of shit government
but Croatia is doing fine, what are you on about? The country is poor because is artificially made.
Go back where, I have a home here retard, should have kicked my parents when you had a chance. but then who would work construction and sanitary jobs...

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Austrians have Slovene haplotypes, it's basically Slovenes that were germanised but not genetically.

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>"live" in slovenia
>earn 400$ a month
>everyone is a slavic scammer with a knife and gun
>government corrupt by default
>Russia invasio nay second now

lmao just kys

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its a really shitty translation, i know. the fact that our bureaucratic shitposting is top notch doesnt help.

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minimal paycheck here is 750 euros, faggot.

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Slovenia is the libshit incarnate. This is what every adult Slovenian is like:

go 2 Portugal, trust me.

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Shillajte mi ksn kovanc, fantini. Mam par sto evrov, tko da kak 10x prosm.

>> No.29028735

you have to convert btc to fiat somehow though

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>>"live" in slovenia
>>earn 400$ a month
you literally don't know anything about slovenia

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Canadian maple leaf 1 oz 999 silver.

Pa mogoooooče GYSR

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don't know, i went in all boys school

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I honestly prefer paying taxes than living with European niggers no ty

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fukn vse na coinmetro, kup XCM

boysi, a je ksn bol comfy option za fiat>crypto kot pa na bitstampu kupt XLM pa poslt naprej skor zaston?

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thread theme song


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cope, they are of the bavarian tribe slavboy

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cope, krauts are our rapebabies

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Any bros in Croatia with experience caching into fiat?

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It is amazing how a few letters can do such a big difference:
>tax free crypto
>25% income tax from crypto + 14 % mandatory health insurance from crypto

Ah... I am living in the wrong one.

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ostsiedlung will happen again soon slavboy

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when I hit 7 figures I will have sex

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That's probably why I never liked Austrians. They're shitskins.

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Če si hodu za avtomehanika še ne pomen da je all boys school, čapko.

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>tfw resno razmisljam da bi mal na sloescort pogledov ker so taki nori gaini
s-sej sam gledam ane?

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I just want them to stand in a circle and cheer.
And then I want fluorescent text above their heads to blink "0% tax on our linky gains!"

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Our government doesn't know or care about crypto yet I think, but It would be kick ass if we did it like Slovenes did.

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>needlessly huge tits
>no penis

Heh. Sorry guys, but what is this?

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elektrotehnik, 1 picka in te več ni blo po enem letu, kek.

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I fucking hate it here, taxation up the ass just so a bunch of retards and mobsters in the government can buy new cars and houses

>> No.29029302

a fantasy

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How mutually understandable are slavic languages ?

>> No.29029406

Kaj pa kej borza, a se kdo s tem ukvarja?

Krka je mela letos četrt miljarde profita. Pa dividende.....

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Ma sj ne vem če ni bolj naravno bit obkrožen z boysi k odraščaš. Čeprav jst zase vem, da ne bi nikol dost izumu v lajfu z izključno moško družbo. Kakšen je kej dnar v električarstvu?

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half of austrians literally have slavic names kek either way the difference is only a few hundred years of evolution

>> No.29029459

Why do you wanna know?

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Some sites give the info that its capital gains taxed (12%) depending on profit.
And no tax for the mined coins.

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Thx. What about raising a family in Portugal? Will my future sons and daughters be subject to globohomo indoctrination?

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maybe only carinthians, Tiroler and other Austrians are fully german

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Please stop I can't stop abusing my hog to Overwatch characters

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Which crypto tax free (or cheap tax) countries are the easist to move into? Not gonna pay 24% tax for my faggot country.

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I'd say east of salzburg, but only anecdotally

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Slovene here. Serbian/Croatian/Serbo-Croatian is quite understandable for us, but not so much vice versa. Czech and Slovak very understandable if someone speaks slowly. Russian has some uncommon similarities with Slovene, and more with Serbian, but I can't tell since I studied it in high school so I can't say if it's difficult to understand or not. Macedonian and Bulgarian are not very easy for me to understand. Oh and
Fuck 'em, that is an atrocious "language".

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zelo slab ker sem vajenec, drugac se me zdi da mojster dobi 7-8 eurov. sem mislu da grem v nemčijo ali koncam faks, ker to je scamaz

>> No.29029776

you can understand some words here and there and probably get at least some general idea about what the conversation is about if both of you are west/east/south slavs but I think people abroad overestimate how similar the languages are
except for slovak and czech, those two practically are like dialects of the same language

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>live in Germany
>hold crypto for 1 year
>after 1 year its COMPLETELY taxfree
>mfw been holding huge Link bags since 2017 and its all taxfree for a long time now

>> No.29029926

wondering about this, can you convert to stable coin and then still sell tax free or do you have to put it on an exchange and sell directly?

basically, what is the process of selling after holding 1 year or more?

>> No.29029947

Slovenia would be your best bet, but watch out for rent expenses( high because of immigrants)

>> No.29029993

Fak to je nateg. Ampak ne tak nateg k delat 6-letn faks pa dobit 5,3/uro tko k js.

>> No.29030191

Stable coins are not seen as money/legal tender. Legally seen its like swapping a chair for a table.
>basically, what is the process of selling after holding 1 year or more?
Sell for Euro and move to your bank account. Thats whats considered as selling.

>> No.29030246

They will be brown, that's the point of globohomo anyway.

>> No.29030289

delodajalci imajo podporo od vlade, moj na roko daje denar... lol

>> No.29030376

based Bosnjak

>> No.29030396

>Live in Singapore
>Ching Chong no Capital gains taxes Ling Long

>> No.29030418

How much ARPA or Bella Protocol for this lady to hang out with me tho?

>> No.29030435

cope kraut

>> No.29030446

You need to live at least 6 mounts there. Same for Portugal

>> No.29030532

In the Netherlands they only tax you above 30K net worth. Most normie crypto users are nowhere near that.

>> No.29030539

Would Slovenes accept a Croat family in their community? Would it be easier to accept as being part of community if said Croat family grew up in a western NATO state and isnt damaged by the balkan mentality?

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>> No.29030668

It doesn't matter what you do, as long as it's after 1 year.
If you exchange your LINK for lets say ETH, then it's treated as if you sold LINK for its fiat value and purchased ETH for the same fiat value. As soon as you 'sold' your LINK, your gains were realized and you have to pay taxes on it.
if you exchange it for anything after 1 year, then no taxes, but you also reset the 1 year coutdown, so if you then make huge gains from ETH it would be good to wait again.

>> No.29030745

croats in general I fine. The only ones that cause trouble are second-generation čefurs or albanians

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>live in Czech republic
>idk, is crypto taxed? too lazy to google it lmaoo

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where does a real woman like this live. where can I buy one. and how many PNK will it take to acquire.
asking for a friend

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>damaged by the balkan mentality
you sound gay, so you should fit in
t. slovenian

>> No.29031118

Fuck you kike.

>> No.29031145

Albanians. Ive met one in my life which wasnt into white powder trades. That one was mathematics genius, he is a MVP at Microsoft now. Rare. But happens.

My understanding is that Croats beyond Istra are ultra turbo folk just one rakija away to be Serbs.

>> No.29031403

In romania it's like a 10% tax but only if you convert it to fiat. Feels pretty chill

>> No.29031463

>That one was mathematics genius

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