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This is my 23rd day of staking.
I am now making more than my yearly salary with one month of staking.

The multipliers haven't kicked in yet, the 10x in price appreciation hasn't as well.

Why don't you like money fren?

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I am anon. I have to thank the based blue chip poster in the past month for promoting the project. Reading any of those threads and looking into the project made it a no brainer winner of this bullrun for me.

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Give me the lowdown OP.

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The best part is this isn’t even bull market/bear market shit. These gains will happen as long as there is volume. Look at us, we’re the CZ now

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i dont feel safe staking in a centralised shit, especially the joo centralised version

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Why did you withdraw before the 2x multiplier?

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You can restake your rewards and keep the multiplier

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Give me information OP.

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Is it too late for me to jump in Anon?

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>as long as there is volume
>unaffected by bear market
>he thinks volume volume will stay the same during a bear market

Anon... I....
You didn't experience a bear market yet, have you?

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He didn't restake

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I remember people saying its too late to stake with sub 1k stacks. Well the price has 2x since then with 100% APY its clearly very profitable

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Explain what?
Buy bnt, stake it , be rich.
Leverage bnt, to buy the dips.
Bnt will never leave the system.

Smart one here.
But can do better. Zoom out even more.

It’s just beginning.
Cozy betwern aave and snx is where it belongs.

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>These gains will happen as long as there is volume. Look at us, we’re the CZ now

no you know what it's like to be a miner
the more transactions the more revenue

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I don't like the taxes

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How much is a good amount to make it?

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No you're literally still early. Biz had not paid attention to this and it's only been under a day that Vortex has been live. TVL will shoot to a billion pretty quick and the liquidity mining rewards last till the next year.

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>me thinkin bout Arbitrum n Polkadot bridge amongst other things

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Are you locked in for a certain amount of time? How long until you can remove your initial stake amount?

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You are not locked in.
Only a 24 h vesting period after unstaking before you can withdraw.

If you want to be protected against IL, everyday you stake it’s 1% insurance

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Hmm sounds like the buy pressure will be immense as once this gets more popular people will be clamoring to accumulate a decent staking stack and up the price and up the barrier to entry

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Kyc. Harvest.finance is better

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There is no kyc

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where do we stake? I have 10k to slap somewhere

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Anon I have 560 bancor is it worth the gas fees to stake? Can I stake bancor alone and not provide a pairing with gas fees?

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Can I stake if I have 2 BNT? And is it worth it at such low numbers? I'm legit poor.

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Gas fees are gonna be 150-200 usd no Anon so not worth it if you have 2 tokens,

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Because for some reason my ledger is not working together with their website..

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how much could I make passive revenue (monthly) from say 40k worth of BNT @ going market rate ~4.90

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Well shit. Anways, I'm liking how my pocket change is getting bigger.

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I won’t experience another one ever

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With 560 bnt, that is 260$ a month in staking rewards, after a month its pure profit.


You make 100$ a day and 3 k a month from staking with 40 k usd.

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So honestly, why would anyone choose GRT or ALGO over this coin? Seems like you can make money on rewards + assume Bancor has room to grow from a coin perspective.

Or is this some deflationary pressure to prevent Bancor from being worth more than say 100 bucks a pop?

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What pool should I stake in with 300 BNT?

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Anon...staking costs 150$

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>You make 100$ a day and 3 k a month from staking with 40 k usd.
explain how

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this is mind blowing-

Is it really this stupid easy? What's to keep BNT coin from going down the tubes?

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>>try to short sell this
stupid fucker, don’t shill on /biz/ with this shitty shitoptions u dumb
trading with best analytics and various bots is on Bot Ocean now
but still you can find a fucker who will buy your shitbot

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i fucking missed out on buying bnt for pennies. why the fuck am i such a fucking idiot

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Cuz youre a genius

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was it you that posted here about vBNT going live before announce?

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Can you stake bnt on binance?

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Is it still worth it to stake link on Bancor?

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this bullrun has to be near its peak, look at this shit. What possible dumber money is still yet to come in?

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Why are bobos this retarded? Is it near its end because you feel like it? Every single btc indicator shows it will end somewhere in late summer/early autumn, but yet you faggots screech for the last six months that it will end any day now

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its not over but we are due for a 30-40% correction

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At least this. There is so much room to shake out these useless faggots before we go bull again. Literally free money from these newfags.

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you can ask the same question for every fucking coin in the market

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something like 5-10% of internet users have a crypto wallet

there are a lot of dumb monkeys

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based af

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>3 k a month from staking with 40 k usd
yeah this sounds legit, Pajeet

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U realize u have A MILLION FUCKIGN DOLALRS in the staking right ?

Literally noone has that here, fuck off retard lmao.

also u are not staking in your wallet u are getting rugpulled or techfucked by a bug any second

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Which pool?

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>311k BNT
lOoK hOw MuCh MoNeY iM mAkInG

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none. get to 1k and try again. not that you can't, but at least try to make it worth your while

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too busy waiting for APOLLO to finally launch

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Sounds about right though, probably even underestimated
I made 3.7k in 20 days with 14k bnt and 25 eth staked

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I love my fuckin rich bancie brothers

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because making 8% or less a year on $70k is fucking nothing

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too bad I am making 20% on LINK and and 90% on BNT

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The rewards are around 100% if you stake BNT. OP will make 1.5mil just in interest in 1 year.

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What's this going to hit bois?

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20-30$ conservatively

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My initial stake was 11k bnt. At 50 days the reward was 6900 bnt.

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fuck off with this centralised garbage, I will be waiting for ACTUAL staking even if I have to wait 5 more years

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Go to their website

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>Why are you not staking on Bancor?

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If you stake, do you have to restake every 90 days? Or does it just stay staked forever until you decide to take it out? I just don't want to get fucked by gas fees. And the time limits on the liquidity pools confuse me a little.

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kinda want to swap my SNX for more bancies since it hasn't been doing much lately. will i regret this in the future?

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There's no way these rewards can last more than a month or two

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Both are bluechip.

SNX is a cornerstone of Defi going forward. In the short term, probably BNT but can't go wrong.

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These rewards have been going on for about three months already. Bancor has said the program will last around 60 more weeks. Some pools will lose the rewards and others will gain them through governance voting.

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based af

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So where is the price going this year?

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This.. I'm worried we are too late and can't get enough to make it

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Retard here, I have multiple different protected positions and i dont know how to get my true total BNT value
Do I just go down the line on my BNT positions and add up the values under "Protected" then go down the line on my TKN positions and add the BNT values under Rewards?

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i realize now my autism might make this question confusing.
The goal: figure out # of BNT tokens

I just want to know how much BNT i own, including my staking rewards.

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waves staking apy more higher and for liquidity swop.fi is the best

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>300k BNT
You were the one that heroically killed the AIP3 whitelist weren't you?

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We are

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whats the apy there?

i'm getting 15% on usdc in aave

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on USDC its currently 8.4% from swap fees and 110% from LM rewards. So 118.4%, call it 120%

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I think it's about 100% atm for stablecoins
But just look it up urself on bancor site

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In the past couple of months I added lots of tiny stacklets, each time like 50 link, 60 link, 45 link, and so on. Gas fees weren't so high back then.

Since gas fees exploded these last few weeks, I'll have to spend litteral 1000s of dollars withdrawing all those individual stacklets from the pool. Basically all my profit will vanish almost completely because of that.

Basically I feel like the only thing left to do is just sit this one out and hope for lower gas fees in the future. Meanwhile my stuff is locked up over there.

Don't be like me anon.

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Hopefully Arbitrum is released soon and the fees will be affordable again

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nobancer cope

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brainlet here.
let's say I have put 1000 BNT into a pool that gives the additional reward. and let's say the reward has ended but there is still 10 days left until the cliff. Can I just move my tokens over to a new bancor pool with additional rewards? does it cost any fees or gas?

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i dont think 1k bnt is worth the 300$ to interreact with the contract

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lol i havent made it yet so not staking just yet

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i dont use the word based but


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I hate all these new BNT threads. I got in super early at like 50 cents yonks ago. I've already got a make it stack and I'm making like 2k a month from staking. Something just feels off about letting all these cunce in on it. I don't feel safe or stable or safe anymore.

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What the fuck?

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So whats the catch, all your staking rewards are in bancor, which nobody may want in 2 weeks time?

Where's the downside?

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>100% a year
Im not saying its not working right now, but it certainly cant last forever. Lerts say you put it 1 million, in 10 years you would have 1000 millions.

This is bitconnect 2.0.

>> No.29036015

I think the eth fees to interact with the contract which is like $200

>> No.29036630

Yes, that was me lmao.
Got flagged and shit for that

>> No.29037052

Make sure you don’t have ledger desktop app open. That was my issue

>> No.29037190

who said it would last forever, as mentioned earlier Bancor has explicitly stated the rewards will last around 60 more weeks.

>> No.29037366

That APR obviously comes down with more people hopping on board, there is a set amount of BNT allocated as LM rewards and you would know all this if you actually looked into what Bancor is doing.

>> No.29037917

because ETH is a piece of shit? i holding bancor though

>> No.29038076

Is bancor the greatest shitcoin redemption arc in crypto?

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this. in the last month alone apr went down by about 20% on most pools. there is a limited amount being minted to attract new liquidity. after lm rewarsa period new tokenomic will replace lm rewards. for example vortex is pretty insane. i've already leveraged my vbnt twice. in 3 months i will have double bnt stack (half of it will be illiquid)

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>7.41 APR from daily
>4.57 APR from weekly
Is that really it? You're in DeFi and staking your link for that APR?

>> No.29038673

The APY went down like 20% in 2 weeks in link pool. In time you will earn enough with fees

>> No.29039326

just hit 1k bnt in rewards, been in since the start of the month with 25k

>> No.29039640

that’s the fee part, the rewards through BNT is like 20% APY right now.

>> No.29039736

when moving ur bnt to a new pool with rewards, do you pay ETH gas fees again, im just wondering since im a brainlet and new to this,

>> No.29039823

yes, any interaction with the contract costs you gas

>> No.29039869

yes because first you have to unstake

>> No.29039918

on-chain* interaction

>> No.29040408

everything will eventually be better in terms of lower fees and 1-click pool swapping, but right now it's manual and costly

>> No.29040515

whats lm rewards?

>> No.29040785

liquidity mining. you get rewards for providing liquidity

>> No.29041056

i see, thats where the bulky of the returns come from them, there is no such thing in avee

how do they deal with impermanent loss?

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He's staking $1.5mil BNT, the reward is 92% + 7% APR lol
With the 2x multiplier after 4 weeks of staking, he is making $4000 PER DAY

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>how do they deal with impermanent loss?
come on anon, you're making this look scripted

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Based on your post I can make 20k per month staking my link...

Yet I'm too scared to do it.

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god dam OP is fucking based af

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Bancor is a scam that provides no value tho

>> No.29041921

>I am now making more than my yearly salary with one month of staking.
>Stakes 1.5M$ worth of BNT

Oh yes fren why didn't I think about putting in some of my millions in the pool, how clumsy of me

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where is the money coming from? New coins being minted? Wouldn´t that cause a huge sell pressure ones people starts selling their huge rewards. No one actually uses bancor for anything else

>> No.29042249

can someone explain why would I get 7% APY here when I can get like 12% APY on USDC on compound?

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wait....are you fucking poor or something?

>> No.29042519

So this is only for whales?

>> No.29043546

If you bothered checking website you would realize APY for USDC is 116%+fees. At least put some effort in if you plan to FUD

>> No.29043706

because of the liquidity pool fees you receive, but you have hold these tokens with half the stack (as far as i know), so you are exposed to more volatility

did i get it right, big brains?

>> No.29044209

Because I don't want to pay 500$ in gas fees

>> No.29044422

nothing will ever take my link from me i dont care about these fucking gains if i dont hold my keys

>> No.29044639

>No one actually uses bancor for anything else
they will though, if it succeeds.
eth will be whats its meant to be, a smart contract computer.
bnt will be the common currency for exchanging between tokens.
this is the vision they are going for.
ether was NEVER meant to be used the way its used for *swap casinos.
ethereum is infrastructure being used wrong way
Get it now?

>> No.29044658

if you're too stupid and scared to actually understand how a smart contract works then yeah, keep missing out. thanks for letting everyone know you're a dumb fucking pussy who hates money i guess

>> No.29045568

so then 60 weeks and then everone leave the pools and dumps the token on the open market?

>> No.29045816

but unishit is the standard now whether you like it or not.

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>but unishit is the standard now whether you like it or not.
no one is arguing its not.
do you think it will stay that way?
uniswap literally forked bancor code and took out all the smart stuff and started a casino. In this respect it was a genius move, they have made a vast fortune doing so.
does it keep going?
BNT devs I think at this point will give away the farm to crush uni, and they are going to do it I think.

>> No.29046190

Pretty much, it's ponzi musical chairs and it's gonna get very ugly

>> No.29046206

Link trade volume btw*

>> No.29046223

If I put 10k link to stake how much can I make a month?

>> No.29046243

Is it worth it to stack say..... 30,000 BNT, 3000 LINK?

>> No.29046295

>Is it really this stupid easy

Do you not see that he has $1,000,000 staked?

>> No.29046386

How much can I make staking around $8k LINK?

>> No.29046619


Lol. In what way? Bittrex was unbeatable, then binance dominated. Uni got btfo by sushi, and now all those IL suffering LPers are looking at other people on Bancor not risking a single fuxking thing. Go look at the liquidity providers Channel on the uniswap discord. Uniswap became popular around 13 months ago, it has been fleeting since. Sure, you’ll have your shitcoins there, but Bancor will be the blue chip dex people trade off. Uni isn’t being deployed with arbitrum or anything like that. They’re tvl is being bled dry, and they distributed a token with no use case. Go over to the uniswap discord and see what a shit show it is.

They stole Bancors amm in 2018, and now in 2020 dropped a useless token despite saying Bancor doesn’t need a token (it’s the only one that does; all the others just give discounted trading fees basically). Keep being late and being poor. Bancors technical resources obliterate pretty much all major devs, including Andre cronje. They have the manpower, the resources to actually develop pioneering solutions and implement them.

Sushi/ uni/ whatever the fuck, even pangolin, are all just rip off AMMs that can’t do shit. Projects are trying to be listed on Bancor now, and it’s the community who decides.

This is 50 USD easily. Vortex alone lol. No other protocol conceptualised and implemented that. Stay poor

>> No.29046810


So retarded. By then, TVL (currently 760 million) will easily be in the billions. Why on earth would you sell when the level of swap fees is tremendous? I get to stay 100% long and get stupid high swap fees? Even more with BNT + vortex?

You guys just join in defi summer was it?

>> No.29046831

>do you think it will stay that way?
i dont know desu. What the next step for uni , L2? loopring does that now right? idk people pretty much figured out how uniswap works and the infrastructure is already there for shitcoin gambling( finding the newest uniswap listings).

people going to chase pumps i just dont wanna hold the shit

people are only on bnt for staking rewards. When that stops are you willing to bet that people will actually use bancor or continue trading on uniswap. People could just be staking on bancor and still trading shitcoins

>> No.29046987

calm down rakesh. Why arnt people using loopring right now when they have a working l2?

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The only thing that's going to get ugly is your sister's assailed once I apply the castor oil chimney sweeper.

>> No.29047182


You keep talking shitcoins lol. Go try to buy LINK now off 1inch or any other aggregator and see where it routes through. You’re just a poor guy playing in the unicircus.

You are aware that the LM are the armbands for the TVL, at which point swap fees will replace the LM but at a similar apy? Tell me where I should go right now with my 100% LINK to earn apy where I have my own keys,they’re not being lent out, there’s no IL, and I can withdraw whenever I want.

Clueless. Screenshot this lol. Guy who lives in uniswap. Lemme guess, 1 million is “I’ll never have to work again” lmao

>> No.29047246

>entrusting your linkies to anyone

>> No.29047279


I will literally buy your family. Don’t need to use pajeet tier loopring and their pajeet roll ups, when Bancor has been audited + approved for arbitrum.

Post poorfolio kek

>> No.29047338

stupid newfag

>> No.29047421

I agree the rewards are pulling in a lot of people but also bancor has other advantages over other swaps such as the fact that after accounting for impermanent loss compensation, BNT holders earn around 25% of total swap fees. This is approximately 50X higher than other AMM protocols: SUSHI holders, for example, earn 0.05% of swap fees, while UNI holders currently earn 0% of swap fees.

>> No.29047656

i had 60k usdc on there and only pulled 9$ for a 24hr period.

like this retard >>29047182
proving my point again. Hes only on their hold is 1k link stack to try and farm more link. I want this to work im just not sure

>> No.29047784

to clarify i mean trading fees

>> No.29048890

I lack the $1.5 million to get started, apparently :3

>> No.29048941

Where does the compensation come from? Less trading fees to LP? I'd rather get more fees directly rather than buy some insurance for making bad decisions.

>> No.29049167 [DELETED] 

What the fuck are you taking about. Trading fees on uniswap are 0.3% of which 100% goes to LP.

You mean the trading fee on bancor is 25%? The hell are you smoking.

>> No.29049476

Because I'm poor

>> No.29049553

Bancor v2.1 Protocol Health Report: January 2021

"Total network liquidity increased almost 1000%, driving $1.12M USD in cumulative swap fees ($4.48M annualized).
The value of swap fees earned by the protocol exceeded the total cost of impermanent loss compensation paid to liquidity providers by a margin of more than 5X.
This indicates protocol revenue is covering the cost of impermanent loss protection, and generating a profit for the protocol and its owners (BNT holders).
The results lend credence to the sustainability of the v2.1 model and largely support our belief that v2.1 offers a compelling answer to the problems of first-generation AMMs."

Bancor Progress Update (February 2021)

"After accounting for impermanent loss compensation, BNT holders earn around 25% of total swap fees. This is approximately 50X higher than other AMM protocols: SUSHI holders, for example, earn 0.05% of swap fees, while UNI holders currently earn 0% of swap fees."

>> No.29049557

They had a pretty bad bug in 2017 and got fucked. I don't trust them.

>> No.29049791

Yeah. It comes from the 25% cut on fees. As a LP I'd rather get 25% more fees and not have IL protection.

>> No.29050136

How am i getting fucked. Tell me how im getting fucked and i will stake.

>> No.29050331

~$200 eth gas fee to interact with the contract

>> No.29051070

OK this is fucking too complicated for me. Do I have a lockup or what? how much is it? how much can I earn if I enter with 100k USDC?

>> No.29051327

This is fucking disgusting. And people tell me money isn't easy to acquire when you got money? Im seething. I genuinely hope a two year bear market comes again and ALL shitcoins goes - 90% in value again. Earning money doing Jack fucking shit except staking and unstaking earning the same salary in a month as normal 99% people strive for in a year. Absolutely disgusting. Humanity and money is a joke, and so are the numbers on your screens

>> No.29051328

Can someone smart please answer me, how do i calculate my total BNT with multiple positions?

Do I just add up the "Protected" column for all my BNT positions and add up the BNT rewards in my non BNT positions?

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File: 8 KB, 318x159, ryan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not fucking you anon
I'm looking deep into your eyes as I make love to your LP vinny
I'm handing you the deal of the bullrun on the fucking platter
What do I get out of it?
Easy, I am barely in the top 100 on cmc
I got uniswappers and street shitters fudding and shilling BSC non stop, they think im a 2017 shitcoin
You stake your bnt, those problems aren't so big anymore
and sure, swaps are a degenerate market, so I set the rewards, whatever price i want
and when you withdrawl your stake, im gonna reset your rewards multiplier to one, and i made a fortune on fees
The good news is anon, your not gonna care because you are gonna make so much fucking BNT, thats what I get out of it.
You get the rewards, the tkn's, the vbnt, the initial stake
I get a cut of the fees
You get all the rewards

>> No.29051897

I have a feeling all the people that knew how to use their times top tech were feeling similar.

>> No.29051902


>> No.29052020

but none is using this shit except to stake bnt. Like i said i provided 60k in usdc and olny got 9$ for a 24hr stake

smart paly is if whatl stake bnt on there. If poor buy bnt and ride the pump to 50$

>> No.29052124

I love money but I don't have that many BNT to stake.

>> No.29052228

Neither do i, meh missed sub 1$ price

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>This is fucking disgusting. And people tell me money isn't easy to acquire when you got money? Im seething.

>> No.29052767

Are you retarded? Bancor is a DEX. Not centralized. You keep your keys, you fucking mongoloid.

You're the newfag, faggot.

>> No.29053247

The bancor team is working to fix this by using Arbitrum. 50x less gas fees and less latency apparently. there is already a testnet

>> No.29053539

im so glad you are working so hard to pump my bags

>> No.29054242

What is max price in your oppinion

>> No.29054319

anything is more enjoyable than this uni lecture I'm in rn haha

>> No.29055066

i dont have 22 eth to stake

>> No.29055369

can anyone who speaks english reply to my question? this guy is ESL

>> No.29055572

This will make you feel better about it all: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accelerationism

>> No.29057229

I only have 500 linkies, and I want to grow my stack. I am fine staking them for 100 days, but I need to wait for room to open up in the pool, correct? I only have 500 bnt, so I would have to buy a lot to do the double sided staking.

>> No.29057646

you're still exposed to bugs which aren't that uncommon in defi, so it's still smarter to get an insurance if you can afford it

>> No.29057814

>whining about not being rich
>whining about spineless risk averse fears
ok s o y b o y... STAY POOR

>> No.29059104

hey guys why are we pumping like this?

>> No.29060171

because we are incredibly undervalued

>> No.29060253

I'm staking on Cardano