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I have made great returns in this market compared to what's possible normally but I can't stand the feeling that I could have made enough to never work again if I was more aggressive.
I try to cope by telling myself that for every shitcoin 20x winner there are probably 10 losers that got wiped the fuck out, and that the fact that I'm investing at all puts me way ahead of most people but I can't fucking cope please how do I cope

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you should do work that glorifies God

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I'm the same as you basically. I SHOULD feel happy with my ludicrous gains, however I do not. I only feel bitter and wish I had bought more.

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Based and redpilled

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accept the fact that you'll never be able to cope. Sounds contradictory but most negative thoughts are the result of feedback loops

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Imagine this. You invested just as much, but ended up losing 50% or more of your money. Instead of kicking yourself for buying more, you'd be kicking yourself for buying any at all. Going all-in YOLO retardation is a really easy way to financially fuck yourself for years. You cam still make it, it'll just take longer. Seriously, don't let 20/20 hindsight rob you of joy right now

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*for NOT buying more
I need to sleep

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Thank you. I was telling myself this in my head over and over but I think I needed to hear it externally.

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You need a reason to go all in. Here's my story anon.

> Divorced 37 year old single dad.
> Meme of wife being whore and taking kids and money? Yeah, other than the blacked (but fucking executive boss douchbag from her work).
> Ex-wife basically wants to start new life (while ignoring her son)
> I'm a struggling guy in entertainment industry. Had success before, but getting burned out.
> I need to make it so that my kid doesn't go to some public school. I need to be able to create a stable life
> Take my remaining $25,000 I have to my name and invest it into crypto (ETH, LINK, and XRP) in March after market crashed. I was ALL IN. Go broke or go home.
> I need to make it, the world is ending. And I can't work 10 hour+ days anymore. It's me and my blood.
> That $25K is now at $400,000. Still working and buying here and there. But $2 million+ is the goal.

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You're welcome anon. I've been on both sides of the same coping issues before so I know exactly how you feel. Just don't make retarded decisions with your profits and you'll make it in no time

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>missed cheap btc, eth and link
>only done 2x in a bull market so far
What should I be doing to make it? Feels like I've completely missed the crypto boat