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I've been trying to get the money an watched it double, not sure if it's still a good investment. Could just throw it into a small cap. What do you think, bros?

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would use BNT as a launch point desu

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It's the only defi play I'm making.

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Checked. I think BNT will eventually reach $5 Bil market cap. Definitely not too late, especially considering staking.

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not too late get comfy bro

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the bnt 30m chart is a fuckin beauty just look at it

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So just dive in and get my measly 600 BNT? Was hoping for a dip to buy but looks like I might fuck myself - this thing doesn't seem like it's going to dump

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Still undervalued. Cant tell you what it's gonna do on the short term, but this is a top 20 coin long term imo.

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Bro the scale progression on this has been nuts. Just hodl it, sell when it peaks for profits if you want then just wait for the line to be re-established

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Man, i wish i had gotten in at 2.50, though. It's not gonna dip, is it?

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i perosnally wouldn't count on it, but that's your call fren

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Thanks, bros - I got it done - new 650 stacklet here

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I got in with exactly 600 last night and am going to start exiting once it touches its local top vs BTC again. Low risk short term 3x from here, imo.

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Why exit, though? Seems like it could have long term potential for a 10x

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Because I’ve done very little research and am just aping based on short term prospects looking at the charts.

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that's cool
I own a money printer thanks to bnt and im retiring this year

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talk us through it anon, stake bnt, sell vbnt, stake more bnt and repeat. then let your rewards generate you enough bnt to buy back your sold vbnt in a few months?

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Look im a big a bancor maxie as anyone here but the % staked on the platform is down like 6%, since yesterday, so I think you might actually get a dip anon but idk..might be a dip from 6 to 5.50 lol

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dude that's what driving the price right now
it's so in demand that people are buying up that 6%

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ohhh man you should do some research

you're not gonna want to sell

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it takes 24 hours for a stake withdrawal to go through